Ultimate Beach Vacation Packing List – Everything You Need to Know

Ready to hit the beach this summer? It’s a great idea to have a packing list for you to prepare. This is the most comprehensive beach vacation packing list you will find – with tons of extras included to make your trip run smoothly!

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How Do You Pack for a Beach Vacation?

Planning a family beach vacation is always a good idea! A beach day is a great way to have a good time and relax. But, before you head out to your tropical destination, it’s important to ensure you have all the essential items on your beach trip packing list.

Having a beach vacation packing list can make the task so much easier. When packing for a beach vacation the first thing on your list should be sun protection.

Make sure to pack reef-safe sunscreen, rash guards, a light jacket, and long-sleeve shirts to protect your body temperature from the salty water. Don’t forget lip balm, aloe vera, and an insulated water bottle to stay hydrated in the sun.

For beach clothing, pack comfortable tank tops, shorts, bathing suits, and water shoes in different colors. Also, make sure to bring an evening wear outfit if you plan on going out for dinner.

Beach essentials include beach towels, a beach bag, a dry bag, and an inflatable float. Remember to pack your phone, memory cards, and a waterproof case to protect your personal items. Additionally, you can bring a small first aid kit in case of any accidents with sharp objects or marine life.

When packing, use packing cubes to keep things organized and easy to find in your day pack. To store cold drinks and snacks, pack an easy-to-carry beach cooler. Remember to bring a beach blanket, beach chair, and a good book for a relaxing day at the beach.

Lastly, don’t forget travel documents, credit cards, and a portable charger for your electronic devices.

Keep reading for even more tips!

Why is a Beach Vacation Packing List Important?

While going on a beach vacation is always a good idea – trying to do so without a beach vacation packing list, can quickly become disastrous.

Forgetting essential items like sun protection, beach towels, and personal items like cell phones and travel documents can quickly ruin a great day at the beach.

A packing list is a great way to ensure that you don’t forget anything important and to make sure that everyone in your family has what they need for a fun and stress-free beach vacation.

By making a packing list and following some favorite travel tips, you’ll be able to pack light and choose the right bag for your next beach vacation or day trip.

With your ultimate beach vacation packing list, you’ll have all the must-have items and be ready to enjoy a good time in a tropical beach destination.

Beach Vacation Packing List – Top Tips & Advice

Packing for a day at the beach can be easy and fun with the right tips and advice! Follow our top tips and advice for an easy and stress-free vacation!

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Getting Started

To get started on your beach vacation packing list, first make a list of the essential things you’ll need such as a bathing suit, beach towel, and reef-safe sunscreen. Then, think about any specific items you may need depending on the beach destination, whether it’s water shoes for rocky beaches or a light jacket for cooler evenings.

Always Check the Weather

It’s important to check the weather forecast before packing for your beach vacation to ensure you bring appropriate clothing and sun protection. You don’t want to show up with only a bathing suit and shorts if cooler evenings are a possibility.

Likewise – being stuck on a vacation with no rain gear during a 3-day rain storm won’t be any fun either.

How long are you staying?

When it comes to packing for a beach vacation, don’t forget to consider how long you’ll be staying. Whether it’s a quick day trip or a week-long getaway, packing the right amount of beach essentials will make all the difference.

After all, you don’t want to be caught without enough sunscreen on day two of a seven-day trip! So, take a minute to think about how long you’ll be soaking up the sun and pack accordingly.

*Beach Life Bliss TOP TIP: As a rule, you should always pack enough clothes to have a fresh pair of underwear and socks every single day, multiple tops, and at least a few pairs of pants or shorts depending on the weather.*

Before You Pack:

Before packing for your beach vacation, take some time to lay out all the items you plan to bring. This will help you visualize what you’re packing and prevent you from forgetting anything important.

Next, go through your pile and remove anything unnecessary, like that fancy dress you know you won’t wear.

Finally, consider if you’ll have access to a washing machine during your trip and pack accordingly. Remember, the lighter your suitcase, the easier it will be to navigate through your travels. Happy packing!

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Must-Have Essentials for Your Beach Vacation

Alright, it’s time to talk about the fun stuff – the must-have essentials for your beach vacation packing list!

We all know that packing can be a little stressful, but once you have a solid list of must-haves, the rest is smooth sailing. So, grab your beach bag, and let’s get started!

Here are some of the essentials you won’t want to forget when you’re heading to the sand and sun.

Sandproof Beach Towel

sandproof beach towel beach vacation packing list

The Dock and Bay beach towel is a must-have for any beach vacation packing list – it’s super lightweight and compact, making it easy to pack in your beach bag without taking up too much space.

Plus, it repels sand like a champ, so you won’t have to worry about bringing half the beach back to your hotel room with you. Trust us, you won’t want to hit the beach without one!


sunscreen for beach vacation

Sun Bum SPF 50 is the way to go – not only is it reef-friendly, but it’s also vegan-friendly. And with all the amazing beach activities in store for you, from surfing to lounging, you don’t want to risk getting sunburned.

Plus, it’s always a good idea to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

So stock up with Sun Bum SPF 50 and enjoy your beach vacation without any worries!


sunglasses beach vacation packing list

Don’t forget to pack a stylish pair of sunglasses for your beach vacation!

Sojo sunglasses offer an affordable and fashionable option to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. With a variety of colors and styles to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect pair to complement your beach wardrobe.

Plus, they won’t break the bank, so you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about your wallet.

TIP: Get regular glasses or sunglass that will block out blue light rays for another level of protection.

Bathing Suit

matching bathing suit beach vacation packing list

Packing a swimsuit for your beach vacation may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s an essential item that’s worth mentioning.

Whether you’re into one-piece suits, bikinis, or swim trunks, make sure to bring at least one that you feel comfortable and confident in.

And if you’re going on a family beach vacation, why not take it up a notch and pack matching swimsuits for some extra fun in the sun?

Which Electronics Should Be on My Beach Vacation Packing List?

Gotta have your tech! While you want to enjoy your time in the sun and sand, we all know how essential it is to have our gadgets with us on vacation.

From snapping photos of the stunning beach scenery to keeping in touch with family and friends, electronics are a crucial part of any beach vacation.

So, here’s a list of must-have gadgets that will make your beach trip more enjoyable and convenient.

Travel Admin

Listen up, beach bums! No matter how light you try to pack, there are some items that you simply cannot leave behind when it comes to travel admin. Here are the must-have essentials for your beach vacation packing list:

First up, your passport!

This is your key to unlocking your tropical destination and soaking up some sun.


Don’t forget to also pack your tickets, so you can start your beach getaway off on the right foot.

Money (Including credit cards and local currency)

Make sure to bring plenty of money, including credit cards and local currency. You never know when you might need some cash for a refreshing cold drink or a tasty beachside snack.


Last but not least, don’t forget to pack some form of ID, like a driver’s license, in case of any unexpected situations.


When it comes to clothing for your beach vacation, it’s all about packing versatile pieces in different colors that can easily mix and match.

Don’t forget to bring a light jacket or a long sleeve shirt for those breezy beach days. And of course, some comfy beach clothing that will keep you feeling cool and stylish all vacation long!

Adult Clothing

adult clothing for beach vacation
  • Pants
  • Tops
  • Underwear and Socks
  • Pajamas
  • Shoes (Try to pack both sturdy shoes, and lighter flip flops or sandals)
  • Accessories
  • Rain Gear
  • Water Shoes
  • Bathing Suit

Kids Clothing

kid clothing for beach vacation
  • Light Jacket
  • T-Shirts
  • Pants/ Leggings
  • Pants and Socks
  • Bathing Suit
  • Shoes
  • Shorts/Skirt
  • Summer Dresses
  • Plenty of changes
  • Bodysuits
  • Rain Gear

Consider a Capsule Wardrobe

capsule wardrobe

Want to know the secret to pack light for your next beach vacation? Consider creating a capsule wardrobe!

A capsule wardrobe is a small collection of clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits.

Think about packing a few different colored tank tops, some light jackets, and a couple of long sleeve shirts.

You’ll be amazed at how many outfits you can create with just a few essential pieces! Plus, you’ll have more space in your suitcase for all those beach essentials.

Sun Protection

We all love soaking up the rays, but it’s crucial to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. So, let’s talk about the essentials you’ll need to keep your skin safe and healthy while you’re enjoying the beach!

Neutrogena Sport Face Oil-Free Lotion SPF 70

This is one of the best broad-spectrum SPF for the beach. This facial sunscreen uses non-comedogenic oil-free ingredients. The best part—it’s sweat and water-resistant for 80 minutes. 

Neutrogena Pure & Free Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50

neutrogena sun screen

Sun protection with a 100% mineral formula, made for delicate skin. It’s hypoallergenic, tear-free, and water-resistant for 80 minutes. 


thinksport sunsreen

Created with athletes and outdoor enthusiasts in mind and uses zinc oxide to block UV rays.

You’ll feel good about wearing this environmentally conscious sunscreen in and out of the water (at least for 80 minutes before needing to reapply).  

Sunshade Tent

sunshade for beach vacation

A must-have for sun protection at the beach! These tents can bloc sun rays, provide a much-needed cool spot, and often offer protection from the wind as well.

Don’t forget to hit the beach for an amazing sunset too! Plan a sunset beach picnic for a date night or the whole family.

Wearable Sun Protection

wearable sun protection for beach vacation packing list

Sun protection is more than just sunscreen! Packing some essentials such as rash guards for you and your children can go a long way in making your vacation a pleasant one!

Must-Have Items for Kids on A Beach Vacation

We all know that packing for a beach vacation with kids can be a bit of a challenge, but don’t worry!

In addition to the must-have essentials like sunscreen and bathing suits, there are a few other things you may want to consider to make sure your little ones have the best time ever.

So, get ready to pack your bags, and let’s take a look at some must-have items for your kids’ beach vacation packing list!

Beach Blanket

beach blanket for beach vacation packing list

A beach blanket is a must when going to the beach with kids! Having a place to get away from the sand even for just a little bit is so nice!

Don’t forget your travel backpack to store all the beach essentials if you’re hoping from place to place.

Sunscreen Diversion Bottles

sunscreen diversion bottles

If you have kids at the beach, your eyes can’t be everywhere all the time! Having a few of these sunscreen diversion bottles can help keep your valuables safe – while you are having fun with the kids!

Sand Toys

sand toys beach vacation packing list

You can’t head to the beach with kids without sand toys! While you don’t always have to pack them, I would definitely consider adding them to your beach packing list and possibly picking some up on arrival if you don’t already have a few!

Packing Tips:

Going on a beach vacation is always exciting, but packing can be a little overwhelming. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some tips to make sure you’re packing like a pro for your next beach getaway.

Choose How to Fold Your Clothes

When it comes to packing for a beach vacation, the way you fold your clothes can make all the difference. You have a few options, like rolling your clothes to save space or putting them in zip lock baggies to keep them organized. You can even fold them tightly to avoid wrinkles. Whatever method you choose, the key is to make sure everything fits snugly in your luggage so you have plenty of room for all your beach essentials.

Use Packing Cubes

If you’re looking to pack like a pro for your next beach vacation, then you gotta try packing cubes!

These handy little cubes help you organize your clothes and essentials, so you can easily find what you need without making a mess.

Plus, they come in different sizes and colors, so you can color-code your clothes or separate your clean and dirty laundry. Whether you’re a minimalist or an over-packer, packing cubes can help you make the most of your luggage space and keep your suitcase tidy.

Trust me, you won’t regret adding these bad boys to your packing routine!

Secure Liquids

Don’t let your favorite shampoo ruin your beach getaway.

Make sure to secure your liquids in your luggage before your next vacation. You don’t want any unexpected leaks or spills to dampen your trip. Ziploc bags and travel containers are your best friends when it comes to securing your liquids.

And don’t forget to double-check airline regulations on liquid restrictions before you fly.

Stuff Your Shoes

Got shoes you want to bring on your beach vacation but worried they’ll get squished?

Stuff them with your socks or other small items to help maintain their shape and keep them in top condition!

This simple hack will save you from any potential shoe disasters and keep your feet looking stylish all vacation long.

Be sure to Consider Airline Specifications

When it comes to packing for your beach vacation, it’s important to keep in mind the airline’s baggage specifications.

Check the airline’s website to see the weight and size limits for both checked and carry-on luggage. You don’t want to get hit with unexpected fees or have to leave items behind at the airport.

Plus, packing within the specifications can make your journey smoother and more comfortable. So, before you start stuffing everything in your suitcase, take a moment to review the airline’s guidelines.

Apps that Assist in Beach Vacation Packing Lists

Are you the kind of person who always forgets something when you pack for a beach vacation? Don’t worry, we got you covered! In addition to our essential packing list, there are also a variety of apps that can help you keep track of what you need to bring.

From packing checklists to weather forecasts, these apps can help make sure you have everything you need for your trip.

So before you start packing, check out our list of must-have apps to make your beach vacation a breeze!


packpoint app for beach vacation packing list

PackPoint will organize what you need to pack based on the length of travel, the weather at your destination, and any activities planned during your trip.


packr app for beach vacation packing list

Plan your trip and packing list for multiple destinations. Each destination’s weather will be used to make sure you never forget to pack an umbrella. You can also plan lists for several travelers, making a parent’s life a breeze!

Packing Pro

packing pro app for beach vacation packing list

This app is ideal for families who need to create multi-person packing lists. The app sets reminders to pack certain items and encourages uploading photos so you know exactly which items you have in mind.

The Vane

the vane app for beach vacation packing list

Slightly different than the other packing apps, this one’s for the fashionistas and can also be used to shop or categorize your wardrobe. 

Apps that Are Useful for your Beach Vacation

Don’t forget to bring along some useful apps that can help you make the most out of your trip!

From finding the best beaches to tracking the weather and even tracking your sun exposure, these apps can be a lifesaver. So, before you hit the sand, be sure to check out our list of must-have beach vacation apps that will help make your trip a breeze.


qsun app for beach vacation packing list

QSun is your little wearable companion that tracks your sun exposure to help you prevent skin damage while maintaining healthy vitamin D.

Water Keeper

waterkeeper app beach vacation packing list

Water Keeper is a simple and easy-to-use application that can help you record your drinking water and remind you to drink water on time. Staying hydrated on the beach is so important!


surfline app for beach vacation

Surfline has been the surf world’s go-to for wave forecasting and surf reports since 1985, helping millions of surfers score better waves, more often.

Prepare Your House Before Leaving

Before you head off on your much-needed beach vacation, it’s important to make sure your house is prepared for your absence.

This means doing things like stopping your mail delivery, setting your thermostat to an appropriate temperature, and arranging for someone to water your plants if necessary.

Taking these steps before you leave can help give you peace of mind and ensure a smooth transition back to your everyday routine when you return.

Packing for a beach vacation can be a lot of fun, but it can also be overwhelming. By following these tips and using the packing list, you’ll be sure to have everything you need for a stress-free and enjoyable vacation.

Remember to pack sun protection, beach clothing, electronics, and travel admin items. Don’t forget to consider your little ones and their needs, and think about ways to make packing and traveling easier, like using packing cubes or rolling your clothes.

With the right mindset and some planning, you’ll be ready for the beach in no time!

Frequently Asked Questions about Beach Vacation Packing Lists

Are you still unsure about what to pack for your upcoming beach vacation? Don’t worry! Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about beach packing lists.

Whether you’re wondering about how many outfits to pack or what type of sunscreen to use, we’ve got you covered. So, read on and get ready to have a stress-free and enjoyable beach vacation!

What should you consider when making a beach vacation packing list?

When creating a beach vacation packing list, it’s important to consider the climate and weather conditions of the destination, the duration of the trip, the activities planned, and the size and weight restrictions of the luggage.

It’s also important to consider the personal preferences and needs of the traveler, such as any specific health concerns, dietary restrictions, or preferred styles of clothing.

Additionally, it’s helpful to make a list of essential items and prioritize them based on importance, to ensure that nothing important is forgotten.

What should you not forget to pack for a beach vacation?

Some essential items that you should not forget to pack for a beach vacation include sun protection (such as sunscreen, hats, and sunglasses), beachwear (such as swimsuits and cover-ups), comfortable walking shoes, a sand-proof towel, a reusable water bottle, and any necessary medications.

It’s also important to consider any electronics you may want to bring, such as a camera or portable charger, as well as travel admin like passports and money.

Additionally, if you have children, don’t forget to pack items like extra clothes, toys, and snacks to keep them entertained on the beach.

Do I need to bring a beach towel if I am going to an all inclusive resort?

It depends on the specific resort you are visiting. Some all-inclusive resorts provide beach towels for guests to use, while others do not.

It’s always a good idea to check with the resort beforehand to see if you need to bring your own beach towel or if they provide them for you. If you’re unsure, it’s always better to bring your own just in case.

What should I pack for a 7 day beach vacation?

For a 7-day beach vacation, you will want to pack clothing, accessories, and toiletries to keep you comfortable and prepared for a variety of activities. Here are some essential items to consider:

  • Swimwear: Pack at least 2 swimsuits to rotate through during your trip.
  • Cover-ups: Bring a few cover-up options, such as a sundress or sarong, to wear over your swimsuits.
  • Sun protection: Include sunscreen, sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed hat to protect yourself from the sun.
  • Clothing: Pack light and breathable clothing, such as shorts, tank tops, and dresses, as well as a few long-sleeve options for cooler evenings.
  • Shoes: Bring comfortable walking shoes, sandals, and water shoes if you plan to participate in water activities.
  • Beach towel: Pack a sand-resistant beach towel to use on the beach or by the pool.
  • Toiletries: Include your usual toiletries, such as shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush, and toothpaste.
  • Electronics: Don’t forget your phone, charger, and any other electronics you may want to use on your trip.
  • Travel admin: Bring your passport, ID, tickets, money, and any other travel documents you may need.

Remember to pack light and only bring what you need to avoid overpacking and lugging around heavy bags.

What is the best sunscreen to pack for a beach vacation?

There are many great sunscreens to choose from, but some popular options for beach vacations include Sun Bum SPF 50, Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70, and Thinksport.

It’s important to choose a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection, water resistance, and an SPF of at least 30.

Additionally, consider choosing a reef-friendly and vegan option like Sun Bum SPF 50 for a more eco-friendly option.

Free Printable Beach Vacation Packing List

If you’re like me, you may want to have a physical copy of a list to help do your shopping and packing. Print this out or download it to save for viewing any time.

Beach Vacation Packing List Simple Free Printable

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