How To Turn Your Airbnb Into A Tropical Getaway

I love Airbnb, but as anyone who has ever used the service knows, it’s not always a tropical paradise. And that’s okay! But if you want to turn your home into a tropical getaway without breaking the bank, keep reading. In this post, we’re sharing some great additions to creating a tropical vibe in your vacation rental.

Tropical Quote Accent Wall

I love a good beachy quote in any space – especially this accent wall. A pale blue and pink ocean scene with the saying “high tides and good vibes” really brings a tropical state of mind to this space.

high tides good vibes accent wall airbnb
photo credit: airbnb listing

Install a floor mirror

If you want to create a tropical getaway in your home, a floor mirror with stand is a perfect way to do it! It can serve as a decorative accent that brings the beach indoors and as an additional area for guests to get ready.

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If you want to make your own floor mirror, here is how.

  • First, measure the size of your mirror and cut two pieces of plywood at that size. If you want to hang your mirror on nails or hooks instead of glue, drill a hole into each piece of wood where you’d like them placed (this will allow for more flexibility when deciding where exactly they should go).
  • Next, place one piece down on top of another with thick foam under both parts, so no adhesive touches anything besides itself. If desired, you can also use masking tape around all sides, so nothing gets messy while drying!
  • Carefully paint over all surfaces with acrylic or latex primer; let dry overnight before proceeding with final color choices!

Adding a mirror on the wall can also add some tropical flare. I love the way this Airbnb listing added a mirror above the night stand in the bedroom. Paired next to the palm leaf bed frame and light pink accent pillows, you will feel like you’re in a tropical jungle for sure!

tropical bedroom pink and green
photo credit: airbnb listing

Put up some palm trees

Airbnb Bedroom Tropical Palm Tree Decor

Palm trees can add a tropical feel to any room. They can be used as decoration, or they can be used as a focal point. For example, if you have an awkward corner that you would like to hide, placing a palm tree in front of it will accomplish this task.

Palm trees are also good for blocking out views of things you don’t want visible in the background of your photos—such as an unsightly air conditioning unit or water pipes—and creating privacy from neighbors looking into your house.

Hang a hammock

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You can hang a hammock in any number of ways. The simplest option is to attach it to the ceiling on hooks or pipes, but if you want your hammock suspended off the ground, you’ll need a stand.

Most stands are made of metal poles with attached chains and hooks, making them easy to install wherever you have the space (and they come in all different sizes). You could also add some mirrors, such as modern and rustic large mirrors, to add a sophisticated touch.

Hammocks come in many shapes and sizes, too—you’ll want one that’s big enough for two people!

Install a ceiling fan

If you’ve never installed a ceiling fan, don’t worry. It’s a lot easier than it looks. It would be best if you got a small fan to keep the space from looking bulky.

Choose a wall or flush mount model with lights and no remote control for the best results. This kind of fan will blend seamlessly into your tropical theme because of its clean lines and simplicity.

Plus, these do not come with excessive features like remotes or multiple speed settings that can make your room look cluttered with wires hanging down from the ceiling (which could potentially be an eyesore for guests). 

The color scheme should match well with everything else in your home—but not so much! There’s nothing wrong with going bright on one wall as long as it fits within the overall aesthetic of what you’re trying to achieve here: using bold colors sparingly while emphasizing natural tones such as wood grain finishes or white paint; think pastels like pale blue walls mixed in throughout other areas within this space too since they complement each other well when used together appropriately.

Decorate With Seashells

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Adding seashells as a decoration can add a coastal and tropical flair to your Airbnb. They can be used inside and out and are easy to find!

  • To decorate your home: If you have wall space, consider hanging seashells up, so they’re visible from the street. You can also use them as part of a larger decorating scheme for one room, such as on a coffee table or shelf display.
  • To decorate your garden: Seashells look especially good when placed among other elements of nature like plants or flowers. Try using shells in pots along with sand, rocks, and coral pieces for an effect that’s both natural-looking and decorative at once!

If you don’t feel like going out into nature looking for shells yourself (or if you’re afraid of getting stung), don’t worry! There’s no need—you can buy shells from stores or online retailers too!

Paint With A Coastal Blue Color

Ocean Blue Kitchen Wall

Whenever I think of coastal or tropical spaces, there’s definitely some pop of color. Any shade of blue that makes you think of the ocean will fit into a tropical theme.

You can turn your home into a tropical paradise without breaking the bank

You don’t have to go overboard on your tropical decor, but a few essential items can send the message home. Flowers, potted plants, and sea shells are some of my favorites for bringing a bit of the beach into your living room.

A hanging plant is also nice because it will give you an excuse to add more greenery inside your house and brighten the space. If you want to get fancy with curtains, don’t be afraid! I love adding picturesque patterns or colors that reflect the mood outside my window—it inspires me when I’m writing about travel and setting up my Airbnb listing.


As you can see, with just a few simple changes, you can turn your cozy Airbnb into a tropical paradise. For your tropical lover clients, this should be their go to as you apply these tips. These tips are all affordable and easy to implement. Just remember that it’s the little details that bring the most impact!

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