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7 Amazing Tiny Houses For Your Next Vacation In Florida

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Have you thought about renting a tiny house for your next vacation?? I know I have! It would be cool to experience and see what it’s really like to stay in a small space. A lot of tiny houses that are built for vacations are full of amenities and come with some type of outdoor space. I started searching for some tiny houses in Florida and found the cutest designs! In this post, I’m going to share some of the amazing tiny houses in Florida that you can actually rent for your next vacation!

Flamingo Tiny House – Matlacha, Florida

Rent On AirBnb

A tiny house decorated in a beachy flamingo design theme. White washed woods are a highlight in the entire space. It is bright, vibrant, inviting, clean, and makes me want to stay here!

I love the use of tropical pops of color like the lime green barn door and bright orange exterior color.

Tiny houses in Florida like this one make me want to plan a vacation here right now.

  • Flamingo Tiny House in Florida - Flamingo Bathroom
  • Flamingo Tiny House in Florida - Flamingo Bedroom
  • Bright Orange Tiny House
  • Lime Green Barn Door Airy Tiny Home White Washed Wood Design
  • Airy Tiny Home White Washed Wood Design
  • Flamingo Tiny House in Florida - Bright Wood Washed Living and Kitchen Area

Vintage Airstream – Bradenton, Florida

Rent On AirBnb

Airsteams have become a very popular option for creating a small space to live in. I love when you can actually rent them on AirBnb! This vintage airsteam is tastefully decorated with a bohemian beach vibe.

So much greenery throughout and yellow accents. I love a good design that includes yellow – it’s my favorite color!

This tiny space includes a backyard oasis that you won’t want to leave! But if you do, it’s super close to Anna Maria Island and Bradenton Beach.

Catch your nightly sunset at either of those beaches.

  • Vintage Airstream Tiny House
  • Bohemian Style Interior Design Tiny House
  • Bohemian Style Interior Design Tiny House - Outdoor Table
  • Reading Nook - Bohemian Style Interior Design Tiny House
  • Pallet Bench in Vintage Airsteam - Bohemian Style Interior Design Tiny House
  • Outdoor Patio Table - Bohemian Style Interior Design Tiny House
  • Lantern on Patio Table - Bohemian Style Interior Design Tiny House
  • Yellow and Green Bohemian Style Interior Design Tiny House

Hemingway & Isla Tiny Houses – Big Pine Key, Florida

Book At Sunshine Key Tiny House Village

This is actually a tiny house village! The Sunshine Key Tiny House Village is full of colorful cottages to rent for your next beach vacation. Each one is painted in a key west style color and includes a beautiful ocean view.

  • Ocean Green Tiny House in Florida
  • Lemon Yellow Tiny House
  • Ocean Green Tiny House in Florida
  • Tiny House Village Kitchen
  • Key Lime Green Tiny House

Tiny Houses In Florida With Petite Retreats

Petite Retreats also has a location in Fiesta Key in the Florida Keys! Colorful tiny cottages are directly on the beach and make for a dream vacation.

  • Colorful Tiny Cottage
  • Tiny Houses In Florida On The Beach
  • Beach Front Row Of Tiny Houses in Florida Siesta Key
  • Fiesta Key Florida Tiny House Interior

Camp Cocktail Tiny House – Marco Island, Florida

Rent On AirBnb

Marco Island is a beautiful designation on the west coast of Florida. This tiny house is directly on the intracoastal waterway which makes for easy access to water sports and fishing!

Bay Breeze Bungalow Tiny House – Englewood, Florida

Rent On AirBnb

A simple classic tiny house in Englewood, Florida. It’s got a similar layout as a hotel but the privacy of a single family home. Isn’t the privacy one of the best parts of a tiny house?! Your very own private beach studio with the perfect location.

Luxury Private Island Tiny House – Sarasota, Florida

Rent On AirBnb

Who says staying on a private island has to be expensive?! This is one of the coolest locations for tiny houses in Florida! And it’s only 3 minutes from one of Florida’s best beaches – Siesta Key.

  • Green and Wood Kitchen -Tiny House on private island in Florida
  • Shellmate Island Sign Tiny House on private island in Florida
  • Tiny House on private island in Florida - Fire Pit Area
  • Ariel View Tiny House on private island in Florida
  • Tiny House on private island in Florida - Blue Couch Living Room

Modern Rustic Tiny House – Zephyrhills, Florida

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The interior design of this tiny house in Zephyrhills Florida is what would win me over! They really thought of all the little details when decorating this place. It may be tiny but the kitchen peninsula even has enough space for a few bar stools.

It’s a cool and calm beachy color scheme and I love the mint green front door. It’s painted on both sides so you get that color on the inside too.

I’ve never been to Zephyrhills but this place makes me want to go check it out!

  • Gray and Mint Green Tiny House Exterior
  • Tiny House Coffee Station With Compact Coffee Cup Rack
  • Modern Rustic Tiny House Bedroom
  • Modern Tiny House Gray Couches Living Room
  • Modern Tiny House Bathroom Cool Tile
  • Modern Tiny House In Florida - Mint Green Door Tiny House Sign

Have you stayed at any of these tiny houses in Florida? We’d love to hear your experience in the comments below!

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Kellie Boyce

Saturday 6th of February 2021

I designed the first tiny house you featured here, the Flamingo. I also designed the other tiny houses on the property in Matlacha. Great to see this blog. I was the first to stay in the Flamingo when we had the grand opening. I am pretty proud of them and they are more roomy than you might expect. A few things I did not have a say in with these units, one being the flooring and the hideous surface mounted ceiling light hahahaha. The Flamingo was my first tiny home I ever designed. Just wanted to share, Thanks.


Monday 8th of February 2021

Hi Kellie! That is so cool - I saw the flamingo tiny house and thought it was just so cute and thoughtfully designed. Thank you for sharing!