Top 7+ Airbnb Amenities That Will Boost Bookings Fast

Are you looking to boost your Airbnb bookings? There may be amenities that you are missing! Guests that are searching for an Airbnb look for specific features. Adding one or all of these top Airbnb amenities will help you get more confirmed reservations and be a Rockstar host.

If you’re in a warm weather climate, they may be looking for the perfect outdoor space. If you are a family orientated rental, they may be looking for somewhere with in house laundry to keep up with the kids clothing. Traveling remote workers will be looking for a dedicated workspace.

top airbnb amenities to get more bookings

These are just a few of the things to think about when setting up your Airbnb with certain amenities. In this post, we’re going to dive into the most searched for things that potential guests are looking for… along with some of the pros/cons of each!

# 7: In house washer/dryer

Having a washer and dryer in your house or apartment unit is one of the key amenities to have. Not only for the guest but for you as a host. If you are planning to have same day check out / check ins, having laundry for your Airbnb cleaning services to use is critical.

As a guest that is staying somewhere longer than a few days, laundry is really really nice to have. In most hotels, there is communal laundry facilities. If you have laundry inside your listing, this is just another advantage to boost Airbnb bookings over a hotel for potential guests!

Best Airbnb Amenities Laundry Room Washer Dryer

As a host, if you don’t have a laundry setup big enough to wash all of the linens and towels between check outs, you will wind up paying $$$ to take laundry off site. This will mean more time and more money spent on turnovers.

A laundry room or laundry area is also the perfect place to organize all of your towels and linens for guests to use. By keeping things looking neat, this will definitely help you get compliments in guest reviews and in turn boost Airbnb bookings.

# 6: A fully stocked kitchen

If you offer a kitchen, make sure it is fully stocked with the essentials. Use simple and clean dishware so that it is easily accessible to guests.

If you aren’t sure what the minimal essentials are, download our free Airbnb kitchen checklist. We break down the essentials, must have kitchen items, and upgrades for your Airbnb kitchen.

Fully Stocked Kitchen - An Airbnb Amenity to boost bookings

Make sure that your kitchen is organized so it is easy for guests to find what they need. This will also make them more inclined to put things back where they came form. In turn, it will be easier on your cleaning company!

A stocked kitchen is one of the top Airbnb amenities because this is an advantage over booking a hotel. It allows guests to stay in instead of going out to eat for every meal.

Want A Full Airbnb Inventory Checklist? Check Out This Post.

# 5: An office or workspace with desk

It is becoming more and more common that people bring their work with them to extend a vacation. If someone only has 2 working days that they want to take off, they can work remotely from your Airbnb if there is a space for it!

Home office space for Airbnb

This means more bookings and longer bookings for you. And the guest is happy that they can stay a little longer without disrupting their work life too much.

barefoot bungalow airbnb desk office area

A desk space can be in it’s own room or in a dedicated area in one of the bedrooms. In my latest Airbnb listing, the desk area was a bedroom essential in one of the rooms that had an empty corner.

# 4: A pet friendly space

Offering a pet friendly home will open your listing to more potential guests. I know that there is definitely some risk in accepting pets but you can charge a pet fee and pet deposit just in case.

Allowing pets is a great way to boost Airbnb bookings because there will be less competition! Only a subset of properties will allow pets so you’ll have more of a chance of getting a booking if you do as well.

Some extras that you can include if you decide to accept pets are:

Airbnb just came out with a new feature to be able to charge a pet fee directly on their platform! This makes things a lot easier when trying to collect money from guests. Airbnb will automatically collect your pet fee at the time of booking for you.

pet friendly space with dog bed

The one thing that is not included yet is a nightly pet fee – it is just a flat fee per reservation. Make sure you list your pet rules in your house rules on Airbnb in your listing if you require additional fees or documentation for guests bringing a pet.

For example, I currently only accept small dogs. We charge a nightly fee of $20 per night per dog. There is a pet waiver form that must be filled out prior to check in as well.

Pet friendly space for airbnb vacation rental

# 3: A private patio or outdoor area

Any type of private outdoor space is a great offering for your listing. PRIVACY is the key word here. Renters are choosing to book an Airbnb instead of a hotel to have more amenities and more privacy.

Here are a few things that I have found really work well in an outdoor space to get more interest…

  • A covered area – pergola, patio awning, or anything that provides shade
  • A comfortable outdoor dining table set
  • Somewhere to lounge in the sun – adirondack chairs or lounge chairs are perfect
  • A hammock
  • Landscaping that provides privacy and looks pretty
  • A BBQ grill for when guests want to stay in on a beautiful night
covered patio outdoor space for vacation rental

In addition to an outdoor space, let some more natural light in with a skylight feature!

Here is what I was able to add to Redfin’s article! “A unique way to showcase your skylight is to use a frame color that is opposite of your ceiling paint color. If your walls are white, use a black window frame to create a contrast. This will give your room a unique focal point.”

# 2: A pool / hot tub

A pool can increase your occupancy rate and average daily rate more than any other amenity – in the right location!

In a warmer climate, a larger % of properties offer pools. In a cooler area, this may not matter as much.

Personally, I have one property with a pool and one without. The occupancy rate is very similar but the ADR (average daily rate) for the one with the pool is A LOT higher.

airbnb pool and outdoor couch area
photo credit: airbnb

There are a lot of upsides to having a pool but there are also safety concerns. I have debated weather to add a pool to my Beach Bungalow in Lake Worth Beach but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet!

If you do have a pool, yes you can charge more. But you also need to make sure that you are properly fencing the pool area and posting safety signs. This could be a major lawsuit otherwise.

And don’t forget to add some fun pool accessories for guests to have even more fun.

# 1: Cleaning supplies

This may not have made the top of the list 3 years ago, but in a post-COVID world… guests want to feel clean and healthy during their stay.

First you should make sure that your cleaning company or whoever does your turnover service is disinfecting and sanitizing the correct way.

cleaning supplies for rental property

The second step is to make sure guests have the supplies to do their own cleaning during their trip. If it’s not readily available, chances are they won’t clean at all. This will make it more difficult on your cleaners!

Are there any other top Airbnb amenities that have helped get you more bookings?? Please let us know!

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Thanks for stopping by to check out our list of the best Airbnb amenities to boost your bookings fast. Let us know how your listing is going – leave us a comment below!

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