Top 10 Tips for How to Relax on Vacation

Been looking forward to that summer holiday all year but just can’t relax? Struggling to switch off? Check out these top ten tips and you’ll be on your way to a chilled out vacation in no time. Make sure you find a way to relax on vacation!

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Find Out How To Relax On Vacation With These Tips…

10 Tips For How To Relax On Vacation Holiday - Yoga on the beach

Spend all year counting down to that much earned vacation, crossing the days off the calendar, wishing the hours away, only to find that when you get there you just can’t seem to wind down?

We’ve all been there.

But how DO you relax on vacation?

In this fast-paced digital world we live in it can seem almost impossible to switch your brain into ‘chill’ mode. Do not despair however, with this effortless advice you’ll be snoozing on that lounger before you know it

Don’t Over plan

What’s so relaxing about structuring your holiday to the last millisecond? Over planning almost always ends up in disappointment, frustration and ultimately NOT holiday relaxation.

The less you plan, the more exciting each spontaneous decision will be!

Let’s be honest, planning can be helpful in moderation, but the most liberating thing you can do to relax on holiday is let go and move where the mood takes you! You’re not at your desk anymore – that ‘out of office’ should be firmly on both in your inbox and your mind.

Switch Off

You’re on VACATION.

Everyone knows you’re on holiday. Your social and professional network isn’t going to crumble to dust if you take some time away. Switch off your phones and devices where possible, and limit your time on social media.

As nice as it is to post every ice cream to your 500 strong following, you aren’t fully relaxing if your mind is still thinking about home.

Explore the Great Outdoors

One of the best things about going away is that you are (usually) in a completely unfamiliar environment, with new sites, sounds and smells to invigorate your senses!

As cozy as that cute vacation cottage is, don’t forget to get out into the countryside and embrace nature – especially if you normally live/work in a city.

Do things in Moderation

It’s easy to get a little, well…carried away, when on holiday and overindulge.

‘Why not?’ I hear you cry. ‘We’re on vacation!’

 True, but we all know overdoing it just leaves you feeling sluggish (or worse depending on your indulgence), meaning you won’t fully make the most of your time away. Take it easy and savor that Pinot Grigio!

Treat Your Mind and Body

There is a difference between overindulgence and a treat. Do something relaxing you would never normally allow yourself to do.

Go for a massage, attend a morning yoga class, or try something new like a hydrotherapy pool to calm the nervous system.

So much more rewarding that that 4th glass of Pinot…

Find out the top relaxing activities in Key Largo, Florida!

Manage Expectations

This point goes hand in hand with not over planning. Understand that there may be certain elements that don’t go exactly how you had anticipated. That’s fine!

Had your heart set on that award winning Italian only to find that it’s closed for the summer?

Grey clouds scuppered your beach day plan? No worries.

A negative response will only generate future negativity. Doing nothing is an art form, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.

Eat Local and Eat Well

There is something quite surprisingly lavish about eating freshly caught fish whilst looking out into the very sea it came from, or munching on rich juicy strawberries handpicked in person straight from the field.

We often forget these simple luxuries, so it can be nice to take a step back from our usual urban habits and enjoy fresh quality produce.

Supporting local business is also a fantastic and rewarding way to help boost the economies of these areas.

Don’t Do Too Much

Ever come back from holiday feeling like you need another one? We’re all guilty of trying to cram as much into our holidays as possible.

It’s our only vacation this year!

We might not get to come here again! That’s why you need to try to relax on vacation….

Sometimes however, a rushed itinerary only results in a tired mind and body – the opposite of what we’d planned to achieve. If you really want to see or do something and you run out of time, just see it as a good excuse to return next year.

Be Organized Beforehand

Make sure all of your organizing is out of the way the week before your trip. Many people suffer from anxiety about leaving home for vacation. Any urgent deadlines or correspondence should be passed onto a colleague and any loose ends tied up before you walk out the office on Friday. There’s nothing worse than the chills that come when you’re laying on a sunbed and you remember that crucial email to the CEO you forgot to send the Friday before…

Let it Go

Ever had a holiday ruined by an argument or misunderstanding? Family holidays can be intense and tensions can mount quickly. Learn to let go of the little things and consider if it’s really worth the friction? 9 times out of 10 it won’t be.

Sometimes letting go of your plans and compromising is gentler on the mind and soul – and your relationships.

Follow these top 10 tips for how to relax whilst on holiday and you’ll be on your way to a chilled out get away in no time. Have a relaxing holiday!

10 Tips For How To Relax On Vacation Holiday - Relax in the pool

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10 Tips For How To Relax On Vacation Holiday
10 Tips For How To Relax On Vacation Holiday

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