Why StayFi Is The Best Marketing Tool For Your Vacation Rental

So you want to find the best way to market your short term rental to potential and returning guests? Between social media, targeted ads, and emails blasts, the options can be overwhelming. But if you’re going to do one thing to start, I highly recommend StayFi to start increasing your direct bookings!

In this post, I’m going to tell you how StayFi works and what you need to get started. Trust me, it will be worth it! Yes, there are other ways to market your short term rental, but StayFi will really help you scale your business.

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What is StayFi?

StayFi is a user-friendly platform that offers secure internet access for guests while efficiently collecting email addresses from each individual connecting to the Wi-Fi network. By creating an email list, you can engage and retain returning guests at your property.

You can use your email list to send promotion materials and drive traffic to your direct booking site!

How does StayFi work?

StayFi uses an access point to create a separate guest network for Wi-Fi. There will not be a password required but a splash page will come up on each device connecting to this network. Guests will be asked for their name and email address to connect to the Wi-Fi.

Each email address that is entered is logged in your guest list.

StayFi can integrate with your email marketing tool (like ConvertKit or MailerLite) to automatically send each name and email address over.

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What do I need to get started?

Do I need a direct booking website to use StayFi?

Yes! Technically it’s not required but the way to optimize this type of marketing strategy is through a direct booking website.

There are a few vacation rental management tools that can create a direct booking site for you. I am using Hospitable – it’s user friendly and the direct booking site can be customized and include as many of your listings as you want!

How do I setup a direct booking site?

Hospitable is a plug and play option for your direct booking website… you can also purchase your own domain through somewhere like SiteGround to have a customized URL.

For example, here is my direct booking site powered by Hospitable: www.beachlifeblissvacations.com

By using vacation rental management software like Hospitable, every time you update anything on Airbnb, it will automatically sync and update in Hospitable. This will also update your direct booking site.

How do I send the email blasts once I start collection emails?

You’ll need an email marketing tool like ConvertKit. It’s pretty inexpensive to get started. There are also some free ones out there for a limited number of subscribers!

ConvertKit can help you manage your email list and separate them into tags or groups based on the property that the guest stayed at.

You can setup email campaigns to get past guests to book directly through your website instead of on Airbnb or VBRO!

The benefit to the guest is LESS FEES! The benefit to you is that you can charge a little more per night and STILL save the guest money.

Can I also collect phone numbers with StayFi?

Yep! One of the other ways to market your vacation rental is through text marketing. You can add the option for guests to enter their phone number on your splash page.

For a small monthly fee, you can send texts in addition to emails. This is a good idea because people are more likely to open your text than an email.

Hey, I’m Melissa.

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