17+ Beach House Gifts For The New Homeowner (2023)

Did someone you love just buy a new house?? Picking out a housewarming gift for your friends, siblings, parents, or whoever it may be is always so fun. Find something that fits their style and will be functional in their new space. Today we are going through some of the best beach house gifts.

So, your best friend just bought a beach house. She probably wants you to come to visit and take in the glory that is beachfront living. Of course, you don’t want to show up empty-handed!

But what kind of housewarming gift is right for your beach-loving friend?

Buying a beach house is something to be celebrated and a real special occasion. You’ll need to put plenty of thought into the new home gift you bring to the housewarming party!

10 Housewarming Gifts Coastal Style

If you aren’t sure where to start, the following paragraphs provide some cool new home gift ideas that will add to the home’s comfort and décor. I’m pretty sure she’ll love any that you choose!

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Before we get into the actual beach house gift ideas, let’s take a minute to discuss housewarming gift etiquette. There’s a right way and a wrong way to go about giving a gift to the new homeowner, so let’s make sure you do it right!

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Housewarming Gift Giving 101

Housewarming gifts aren’t just for the close friends and family in your life. You may have a new neighbor moving in and want to welcome them to the neighborhood. Whatever the case, the long-time tradition of bringing a gift the first time you visit someone’s new home is intended to make the new abode feel more like a home.

To make sure you do it right, here are a few dos and don’ts for new home gift-giving.

  • Be prompt in your gift-giving – A reasonable timeframe for giving a housewarming gift is 3-6 months after move-in. Whether you’re visiting the new home for a housewarming party or just to see the place, don’t show up empty-handed. If you don’t plan to visit the home in person, you can always send a gift within this timeframe, but it’s not required.
  • Don’t forget to gift renters and downsizers, too – New home gifts aren’t just for new homeowners. Anyone who moves into a new place deserves a housewarming gift. Whether they move into an apartment or are downsizing after the kids have moved out, consider the situation. Gear your choice of gift to the person’s current lifestyle.
  • It’s smart to forgo taste-specific or extravagant gifts – Unless you know without a doubt what the receiver likes or dislikes, avoid choosing gifts that cater to specific tastes such as artwork or furnishings. In that same vein, don’t think your gift needs to be expensive, either. A good housewarming gift idea that most people will appreciate is a candle or a houseplant, although a plant might be too high maintenance for some people.
  • Make it personal – Personal gifts that are sentimental or add warmth to the home are the most fun to give and receive. Monogrammed hand towels, a fabulous picture frame, or any other small but meaningful accessory will be much appreciated and cherished by almost everyone.

What are the Best Housewarming Gifts for Beach Lovers?

Living on the beach is a dream come true for many people. As such, you’ll want to make your gift as special as possible to enhance the experience. The new home gift ideas below are sure to hit the mark for the beach lover in your life.

From practical beach gifts to a thought gift with personalization to something unique and funky for your friends new house, there are many options. Let’s dive in to the best gifts with a beachy flare.

Beach House Decor

If you know your friend or family members style, getting them a piece of decor for their new house would be thoughtful. A vase with beautiful faux flower arrangement or a piece of sea glass.

beach house decor gift

Beach Bag with Hidden Wine Compartment

There’s something super-relaxing about the gentle roll of the ocean waves and enjoying a glass of your favorite wine. With that said, it might look a bit tacky lugging a wine bottle down to the beach. This gift is a practical solution!

For the wine and beach lover in your life, this beach bag with a hidden wine compartment is the perfect housewarming gift.

Fashionable and stylish, this bag lets you pour and tote two bottles of wine discreetly. There is a separate insulated compartment complete with a spouted removable pouch. Plus, this bag is roomy enough to accommodate all your beach essentials, too.

Beach Towel Set

What better way to celebrate a new beach house purchase than some cute towels to take to the beach. High-quality towels are a must have at any coastal home, especially the beach towels.

For our next gift idea, we’ve got something practical. Serena & Lily has some of the best towels for every day use and to bring to lay on the beach in the sand. Maybe you can even go stay at your friends new house for a beach vacation and get to utilize their new towels that you’ve gifted.

Beach House Sign

No home is complete without the proper home décor. This beach house sign is perfect for the new coastal property owner.

Made from high-quality wood, this sign is designed to stand on its own, making it a great addition to any mantel or shelf. It can be hung on the wall, too.


Another beach house sign that not only looks great but also ticks the ‘personal’ aspect listed above is this Custom Canvas Beach House Sign.

This 10×20 canvas print can be customized with quotes, names, and/or dates to create a gift your friend will cherish forever.

I love the idea of giving a custom beach house sign because it is a great way to add to the home decor and design of a new home.

Another great piece for a coastal vibe is to decorate with seashells. This can be as simple as getting a glass jar or container and filling it with shells!

jar of seashells decorating beach house

So, How Much Should You Spend on a Coastal Housewarming Gift?

As mentioned earlier, there’s no need to go wild and spend a ton on a housewarming gift. Most people spend between $25 and $50 when buying a new home gift for someone, which should be more than enough to purchase something nice.

If you would like to splurge something for your beach-loving friend, here is a great option. Consider asking others who are invited to the housewarming festivities if they’d like to go in on a gift with you.

This is a perfect way to get something really nice without spending a ton of money yourself. Just remember to have everyone who chipped in sign the card!

Now that you know what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to giving a housewarming gift, let’s keep going…

More new home gift ideas for the beach lover!

Beach-Themed Tic-Tac-Toe

If you’re looking for a unique gift that’s not only fun to use but also adds a whimsical, nautical touch to any space, this Starfish and Sand Dollar Tic-Tac-Toe board game is it.


The board itself is made of wood, while the playing pieces are white resin. This is a nice contrast that looks great on a coffee table or patio table when not in use.

Patio Table with Hidden Beer Cooler

For the party beach lover in your life is this patio table that cleverly hides a beer cooler. Big enough to hold 40 cans of beer and plenty of ice, this table is weatherproof, making it the perfect addition to any patio or beachfront setting.

Your friend can even take it down to the beach with her to have ice cold drinks within arm’s reach.

Beach-Themed Wine Charm Set

I would be remiss if I didn’t include this beach-themed wine charm set for the beachy wine lovers in the house.

This is something they can use immediately at their housewarming party. The charm set includes 10 beach-themed charms. Each are a different shape for guests to keep track of whose wine glass is whose.

Coastal Style Bottle Opener

How cute is this palm tree bottle opener? For any family member or beach bum friend, this is a great addition to any outdoor kitchen.

Do you have a favorite coastal housewarming gift so far?? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

Lighted Speaker Lamp

What would a beach gathering be without music? This decorative LED Speaker Lamp includes 96 flickering LED lights that mimic the glow of a lighted flame.

One of the best parts, it is Bluetooth-enabled! Bluetooth allows the user to connect to any smartphone or tablet so they can listen to their favorite music.

This is a must-have for the new beach house owner who likes to host parties, as it adds a warm, fun ambiance to any outdoor space.

Waterproof Beach Picnic Blanket

Everyone loves gathering on the beach for some good food, cold drinks, and great conversation. But without the proper equipment, a sandy outing such as this can turn unpleasant in a hurry.

That’s why your beachy friend needs this Outdoor Beach Mat/Picnic Blanket. It’s plenty big enough to accommodate several people, and it has a waterproof backing to keep moisture out.

What’s even better is this beach blanket comes with a built-in carrying strap, making it super-easy to grab on the go.

Beach Glass Lights

A beach party just wouldn’t be a beach party without string lights for ambiance. Since beach glass is typically something every beach has – it’s nature’s gift from the sea.

This Beach Glass Light String makes a perfect housewarming gift.

Including 10 stunning beach glass-inspired lights and running on just three AA batteries, this string of lights even includes a timer that will turn the lights off, so your friend doesn’t have to worry about it.

Beachy Door Mat

No beach house is complete without a good doormat! They help keep away as much sand as possible.

This Beachy Door Mat may be the best new home gift idea yet, as it’s practical and beautiful.


Made from natural coconut coir fiber, this handwoven doormat features a shell theme. It lets visitors know they’ve arrived at the “Beach House.”

What a great addition to any front porch, patio, or outdoor entryway!

Coastal Style Cutting Board or Serving Tray

A cutting board is one of those things that everyone needs and you can always find use for another one! Cutting boards come in so many different shapes and styles. It would be easy to pick one out for your beach lover friend.

Like this blue splash cutting board – it almost looks like a whale and has a wave like epoxy glaze on either end.

If you want to go a little more simplistic, the beachside serving board is one of my favorites from Serena & Lily. The material is a whitewashed mango wood and will pair perfectly in a beach house kitchen. This would make a perfect new home gift for someone who lives by the beach.

There are so many different cutting boards, serving trays, and serving platters out there – you can even get a personalized charcuterie board for the family that just moved into their new home.

Set Of Wine Glasses

Who doesn’t love getting wine glasses as a gift? Buying a new home calls for celebration and of course, wine!

Shop The Look – Coastal Wine Glasses

Coffee Table Book

Another gift idea for the beach lover is a cute coastal inspired coffee table book. Everyone could use another coffee table book in their life!

These can easily be changed out throughout the year to add a different pop of color.

Personalized Beach Scene Sign

If you want to go above a beyond, gifting something personalized is the way to do it! Especially when your friends have just moved into a new home by the each. These Monogramed Coastal Beach Scene Signs are perfect!

Put a last name or combination of first names to make this beach house gift one that stands out! Your family member or friend will really appreciate this thoughtful gift.


Beach Paddle Game Set

This beach paddle and ball set from Serena & Lily is the perfect gift to take to the beach! Since the housewarming is probably at a house near the beach, this is a great gift idea.


Gift Card To A Local Store

If you’re pressed for time or are out of idea, a gift card is always a good idea. You can find a local coastal decor shop or purchase one from a online marketplace like Etsy. That way, the new homeowners can pick out something they would enjoy in their every day life.

In Conclusion….

Giving a housewarming gift is a long-standing tradition that most people adhere to still today. If you’re looking for new home gift ideas for someone that loves the beach, be sure to consider one of the suggestions listed above.

By showing up at your friend’s new beach house with one of these coastal housewarming gifts in hand, they will be so grateful. This is such a nice way to show how appreciative you are to be included in their new home celebration!

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