How To Make A Neutral Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece In Under 5 Minutes

This Thanksgiving season, create a neutral dining room table centerpiece that can look great for months! It’s the end of September right now and I am already putting this out in my beach cottage. I needed something quick and simple – so here is how I made this centerpiece in under 5 minutes!

Coastal Cottage Dining Room In My Beach House - Neutral Fall or Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece With Burlap Runner

Shop This Neutral Fall Centerpiece

How To Make A Neutral Fall Centerpiece In 5 Minutes

Shop This Neutral Fall Centerpiece

I’ve found the key steps to create this look for almost any season. Here is how I get my Neutral Thanksgiving Centerpiece look in my beach home!

Step 1: Find A Large Neutral Tray That Compliments Your Dining Table

My dining room table is a dark reclaims wood material. To compliment the colors here, I added a very light wood / white washed tray with rope handles.

I use this same tray almost all year round and dress it up to fit each season! I do live by the beach so I’m always looking for a way to give it a coastal feel to fit in with the rest of my home décor.

Large White Washed Wood Tray On My Dining Room Table For Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Step 2: Add A Bowl Of Some Kind In The Middle Of The Tray

Add another shape to the table by adding a bowl. This Thanksgiving, I am using a large square shaped tray so I am adding a circular bowl. If you have a different shape tray, use the opposite for your bowl to create a different dimension.

Neutral Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece White Bowl On Square Wood Washed Tray

Step 3: Time For Fall Accents Like Acorns and Pine Cones

You can find a fun assortment of pine cones, acorns, and simple fall pieces like mine in the picture below. They can come in a pack and have a pumpkin/fall scent or you can buy some individually at places like Home Goods.

Potpourri Pack of Acorns and Pine Cone - Filled Bowl For Neutral Thanksgiving Centerpiece
Neutral Potpourri Filled Bowl For Thanksgiving Centerpiece

I got this Potpourri pack of pine cones and acorns in neutral colors like white and tan! They are in a pumpkin spice scent which is perfect for my Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

Neutral Potpourri Filled Bowl For Thanksgiving Centerpiece

Step 4: Neutral Table Runner

You may already have a neutral colored table runner! This will help when you’re trying to decorate for fall or Thanksgiving on a budget.

I like using a neutral table runner and adding colors (if you want) in the actual centerpiece. I do the same thing for Christmas too!

Step 5: Add Seasonal Scents With Candles

I love when the fall comes around so I can start breaking out the pumpkin scented candles. They smell so warm and homey…even at a house near the beach!

Neutral Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece With Fall Scented Candles

A majority of Thanksgiving or fall scented candles will be in the yellow and orange color scheme. I was trying to keep things as neutral as possible but couldn’t resists the smells of these candles!

Neutral Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece With Fall Scented Candles

To offset the red and orange candles, I also used a muted green fig candle to tie it back into my neutral Thanksgiving table centerpiece theme I was going for… with a coastal twist of course!

Bonus: Add A Coastal Flare

Add some sea shells for a more coastal vibe! My entire home is decorated with a beach theme so I am always adding sea shells to my seasonal decor.

Neutral Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece With A Coastal Flare

I always have an extra bag of shells that I’ve collected over the years to use around my home. They’re free and look so cute!

Add Sea Shells To Coastal Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece

Tada, You Now Have An Awesome and Simple Neutral Thanksgiving Table Centerpiece!

Thanksgiving Ready Centerpiece In My Beach House

Thanksgiving Ready Centerpiece In My Beach House

How Did Your Table Centerpiece Turn Out For Thanksgiving??

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