Living Room Color Scheme Ideas For A Fresh Coastal Look

One of the most important questions to ask when designing or re-designing your living room is what color pallet should I use?? I wanted to share some of my favorite living room color scheme ideas to use as inspiration in your beach house.

There is a lot that goes into picking a color scheme or color pallet for your living room. The wall color is one of the main components but choosing the right couch, decor, rugs, coffee tables, etc definitely make just as much of an impact.

Coastal interior design style can be done with so many different color schemes! They can range from neutral shades of whites to bold blues and greens. Create a coastal look in your living room with any of these perfectly paired color pallets.

Living Rooms With Gray and Blue Color Scheme

Gray and shades of ocean blue are one of my favorite ways to incorporate a coastal style into your living room. By picking a color pallet like this for your living room, you’ll get a soothing and calm feel.

Coastal living room with beachy blue walls and gray couch - yellow accents - living room color ideas

Gray is super neutral and can be paired with almost any color in your living room. I personally love a good teal blue or seafoam green to pair with gray! That’s why blue and gray living rooms are my fav.

If you love seafoam green too, check out this beautiful seafoam green master bedroom with shiplap wall.

Beach Bungalow Living Room With Gray Couches and Yellow Pineapple Pillows and bold blue rug

With so many different shades of blue and green, you can play around with combining different variations of each. As displayed in the living room below, a gray couch is paired with shades of blue pillows, a blue green lamp, and neutral window treatments.

Living Room With Boho Colors

Coastal and bohemian style can definitely be paired together. I love this living room design by Black Band Design that incorporates boho decor and coastal elements.

There is a boho color scheme with a beachy touch. The natural wood elements like the floating shelves and floating mantle are a great touch in this living room.

Living Room With Boho Colors - Built in shelf with seaglass, sailboat decor, boho decor pieces
Living Room With Boho Colors and Coastal Elements

A color pallet with a light tan/gray color, natural wood elements, and pops of sea glass and red tones. I love the way that teal and red look together. It’s an unexpected color combination but looks classy.

Boho coastal living room color pallet
design + photo by:

Neutral Colored Coastal Living Room

If you’re not one to use bold colors, your coastal living room can use neutral colors. By using driftwood decor and natural wood furniture, you can create a bright and airy living room area.

The living room below is using a driftwood basket under the coffee table and a natural wood end table – perfect for a neutral colored living room.

The wall color is neutral as well. A muted gray tone and white shutters.

Neutral Living Room Color Scheme Ideas

TIP: When you’re trying to pick a color scheme for your living room, find one piece of decor for inspiration. Play off of the colors in that item and try to incorporate those accent colors into your design.

Neutral Tropical Colors

I love the neutral and natural colors in this living room. And the pillows with a neutral palm tree on them compliment the beige couch.

Neutral Tropical Living Room Color Pallet

Bright Whites and Royal Blue

You can’t go wrong with bright white on white. It’s clean and will never go out of style. If you want to add a coastal flare, pick another color like royal blue and add a few accents with that color set.

This white living room is bright and airy with coastal blue art on the walls and muted blue pillows.

photo by:

White, Teal, and Black Living Room

Black isn’t a typical color you see with coastal design but this living room shows us that it can look awesome! It’s a bold choice to use black on the back wall where the built in shelves are but it looks pretty cool and is very unique.

White, teal, and black as a beachy color pallet – might have to steal this one in the future! I love that they also used a black coffee table to tie into the color behind the shelving.

White teal black living room colors
photo source:

Nautical Navy and White Living Room Colors

Navy blue and white are a classic color combination. When paired together they create that nautical vibe that all of us coastal home lovers go wild for!

If you love nautical decorating, check out our nautical bathroom ideas.

Nautical Navy Blue And White Living Room
photo by:

Vintage Colorful Coastal Living Room

There is an eclectic mix of style, colors, and textures in this living room. Overall, there is a fun coastal vibe. There are a few vintage pieces like the coffee table and the wicker round side table.

This living room color pallet is using tropical greenery and colorful blue accent chair to bring in the beach feel. I just love the shiplap walls all over and the abstract coastal art work on the mantle.

photo credit: southern living

Cream, White, and Navy Cape Cod Feel

A Cape Cod style living room definitely comes with a distinct color scheme. It’s timeless, elegant, and uses subtle muted navy blue accents to incorporate that beach feel.

Livingroom Design
Beach Style Living Room, Cape Cod beach style formal and enclosed dark wood floor living room photo in Cape Cod with a standard fireplace, a stone fireplace, white walls and no tv

Photo by Pastiche of Cape Cod, Inc.Browse living room ideas

Blues, Cream, and White Living Room Colors

This “summer blues” living room is by Sand&Sisal. They are one of my favorite places to go to look for inspiration. I love this coastal living room they posted back in 2017. The color scheme is a beauty with muted blue tones, a nice airy shade of green on the wall, cream colored couch, and blue accent pillows.

Summer blues living room by sand and sisal.   he color scheme is a beauty with muted blue tones, a nice airy shade of green on the wall, cream colored couch, and blue accent pillows.
photo source: sand&sisal

Need help picking a color scheme for your coastal living room? Drop us a comment below!

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