11+ Kitchen Organization Ideas To Declutter Your Space

An organized kitchen and pantry is the heart of the home! I love looking at other peoples kitchen organization ideas to use for my own. I’ve complied a list of some of the best kitchen organization ideas to update your space. Pretty and functional and help keep your kitchen organized today.

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1. Open Shelving With Spices

I love the idea of open shelving to display some of your kitchen items. The only challenge is keeping things in order!

These spice containers with labels look super cute and are functional.

Organized Kitchen Cabinets - Glass Cabinet Fronts and Open Shelving - Labeled Spice Cabinet Glass Bottles

Photo by Neat Method San DiegoDiscover kitchen design ideas

In This Organized Kitchen…

2. Beautiful Pantry With Containers

This pantry could definitely be in a magazine. It’s like another room off of the kitchen! It’s even got a shelf for all of your cook books.

The best part about using clear containers is that you can see what’s in each of them and how much is left. The labels help too!

Immaculate Pantry With Containers For Organization.  Everything Labeled And In Order.

Photo by Neat Method San DiegoLook for kitchen pictures

The baskets for organization are also a nice touch. You can keep loose items in them and not have them laying all over the place!

If you’re not so lucky to have a large pantry like this one, here are some small pantry organization tips.

In This Organized Pantry…

3. Labels For Your Homemade Cleaners

Adorable waterproof labels for all of your cleaners and pantry items is a must.

Label For Your Homemade Cleaners

4. Floating Shelving

Built in open shelving in your kitchen is a great way to decorate but still keep your counter space.

Floating Shelves Help Keep Your Kitchen Organized

You can also put functional pieces on the ceramic baking pan for dinner? It’s right there on the shelf!

Kitchen Organization With Floating Shelves.  Functional and Cute

5. Hidden Storage Cabinets

A hidden cabinet built in for you mop, broom, and all the cleaning products! So much better than keeping them in a cabinet under the sink or in your hallway closet.

Hidden Storage Cabinets To Put Cleaning Supplies and Broom / Mop

Photo by MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc.Search kitchen design ideas

6. Pull Out Spice Rack

How clever! If only we all could opt in for this built in spice rack before our kitchen was built

Beautiful Kitchen Organization Ideas With Built In Pull Out Spice Rack

Photo by Crosstone Construction & Development, Inc.Browse kitchen photos

7. Cute Dish Drying Rack

Try finding decor that is functional! Trying not to have too many decor pieces that are also functional is hard. But it’s also one of the best tips to keeping your kitchen organized.

Functional Dish Drying Rack In This Organized Kitchen

In This Kitchen…

8. Drawer Pantry Solution

Not enough room for a walk in pantry? No problem, convert one of your cabinets into a set of drawers and use it as your pantry.

Kitchen organization at its finest!

Kitchen Organization Pull Out Pantry Drawers With Storage Bins

Photo by Sicora Design/BuildSearch kitchen pictures

9. Fridge Organization Bins With Labels

Wouldn’t it be nice to open your fridge and look at this??

Organized Fridge  With Clear Bins and Labels

10. Hang Your Pots And Pans

Hanging Pots And Pans To Clean Counter Space

Leather Kitchen Hooks

Leather kitchen hooks are a simple, easy and cheap way to change your interior. They will add a unique character and make the hooks a unique decorative element in your kitchen.

11. Simple White Organized Cabinets

Kitchen shelving organization
organized by: https://www.organizedcalm.org/portfolio

What Are Your Favorite Kitchen Organization Ideas?? Leave us a comment below!

2 thoughts on “11+ Kitchen Organization Ideas To Declutter Your Space”

  1. I like your suggestion to incorporate hidden storage areas for things like brooms and cleaning chemicals. My husband surprised me for my birthday this year by offering to pay for new kitchen cabinets. Thanks for giving me some functional and stylish ideas to discuss when making decisions about the cabinets soon!

  2. I’m glad you explained how to keep pantry drawers organized. I’m planning on having my kitchen cabinets remodeled soon. Thanks for teaching me how to maintain organization after the cabinet upgrade’s complete.

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