How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests

This year, my entire family is coming to stay for Christmas so I’ll be doing some extra preparations for their arrival! There are a lot of things you can do ahead of time and not have to worry about while your family is in town staying with you. In this post, I’m going to share how to prepare your home for holiday guests! Don’t stress and prepare ahead to save time and stay present when guests are at your home.

I love entertaining friends and family and having house guests stay with me. I live far away from most of my friends and family and have house guests at least a few times a year. When anyone comes to visit, I like to make sure they feel as comfortable as possible and have all of the things they would in their own home.

The Holiday House Guest Checklist!

If you’re like me, I love to have a check list or to-do list so I know I’m not forgetting something. Use this checklist when you’re having houses guests for the holidays…or any time of the year!

Checklist To Prepare For Holiday House Guests

Step 1: Declutter Common Areas

Sometimes when it’s just me around my house, I tend to leave random things on the counters or not fully put things away. If you’re having house guests, make sure you declutter common areas prior to their arrival.

How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests - Declutter Common Areas

Step 2: Make Sure You Have A Coffee Station

I know that when I go to visit family, it’s nice to be able to get my own cup of coffee without having to buy them. If you create a simple coffee area in your kitchen, your house guests can serve themselves! So if they get up in the morning before you, they’re not waiting for you.

How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests - Create A Coffee Station

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Step 3: Stock Up On Common Household Items

You don’t want to waste all of your time going out to the grocery store or Target while you have family or friends visiting. Stocking up on common household items like paper towels, toilet paper, snacks, beverages, etc is a good idea to do ahead of time. This will allow you to spend more time with your family and not waste time going out to the store.

How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests - Stock Up On Common Household Items

Step 4: Deep Clean Your Entire Home

Show some extra attention to those areas that you don’t normally clean – like baseboards, blinds, ceiling fans, and inside of cabinets. It will give you piece of mind to have a completely clean home before having holiday guests arrive.

How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests - Deep Clean Your Entire Home

Step 5: Stock The Guest Bathroom With Toiletries & Cleaning Supplies

When you prepare your home for holiday guests, making them feel at home is so important. I like to create a little basket of extra toiletries in my guests bathroom just in case they forgot something! It’s a nice little extra touch that they will appreciate.

I also will leave some all purpose vinegar cleaner under the cabinet in the bathroom. Just in case makeup or something gets on the counters or in the sink, they’ll be able to easily find a way to wipe up the mess.

How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests - Stock Guest Bathroom With Toiletries and Cleaning Supplies

Step 6: Add Extra Blankets To The Guest Rooms

Add a cute throw blanket on the bed or in a wicker rope basket in the bedroom for guests to use. They may or may not wind up using it, but having an extra blanket available for them will make them feel extra cozy!

How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests - Extra Blankets In The Guest Rooms

Step 7: Clear A Place For Guests Luggage & Closet Space For Hanging Jackets

This is especially important if you have guests coming from the cold weather down to the warm weather for the holidays! Some of my family is up in New Jersey and come down to Florida for the holidays. They will probably have their winter coats with them. Have a place for them to put their jackets so they don’t take up space in the bedroom.

How To Prepare Your Home For Holiday Guests - Clear Closet Space For Luggage and Jackets

We hope you were able to prepare your home for holiday guests this year! Enjoy your time with friends and family :)

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