7 Ways To Make Your Airbnb More Luxurious (Appeal To High End Guests!)

With over 6 million Airbnb listings, most Airbnb hosts are looking for a way to make their listings stand out. Adding luxury amenities to your Airbnb rental is the best way to give your listing the edge over another listing in the area. Read below for some great ideas on how to add luxury to your Airbnb properties.

Benefits Of Offering Luxuries In Your Airbnb

Luxuries and unique amenities are what distinguishes an Airbnb property. When making a reservation through a third party, potential guests expect more than just the standard hospitality experience. Improve your Airbnb listing and give your vacation rental a competitive advantage by adding a few upscale extras. Offering luxuries in your rental property will elevate your listing, attract luxury travelers, and make your job as a host fun.

  • Adding luxuries will make your listing stand out – When it comes to short-term rental properties, the market is saturated. That is why Airbnb hosts need to make their listings stand out. Adding a lux vibe will make your listing upstage other listings and potentially lead to bookings by high-end guests.
  • Luxury attracts high-end guests – High-quality amenities, outstanding interior design, and luxurious touches will set your listing apart from other listings, attracting guests looking for a more luxurious experience.
  • Offering luxuries make your job as host FUN – Providing a luxurious experience for your guests can be fun and rewarding! Not only do you get to incorporate lavish amenities in your rental property, but you also get to exceed your guests’ expectations, which should be a top priority.

Marketing Your Luxury Airbnb Property

The way you market your luxury Airbnb can boost your listing potential. Not only is it important to invest in providing premium amenities but it is crucial to invest in marketing your luxury vacation rental.

A high-end Airbnb needs a professional photographer to capture the luxurious vibe of the rental. As first impressions are the most critical, having professional photos on your listing is crucial. To attract prospective guests and increase bookings, showcase your luxurious Airbnb with high-quality photos on your listing, website, and social media outlets.

You can also make your listing stand out even more by joining Airbnb Plus. This program makes sure that a third-party reviewer verifies your property and evaluates it for quality and design. It guarantees that you have everything needed to meet your guests’ needs and make visitors feel at home.

7 Easy Ways To Offer Luxury In Your Airbnb

While adding luxuries adds great benefits, you must be smart about which luxuries are the best to invest in; this is a business after all. There are a few simple things you can do to turn your Airbnb rental into a luxury property.

1. Provide free high-speed Wi-Fi and include the password in a convenient place

2. Offer streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and a Smart TV that can run the apps

3. Gift a bottle of wine from a local vineyard or other welcome gifts from local businesses

4. Stock the kitchen with lots of snacks, such as a cheese plate and non-perishable items, and high-quality coffee and its various fixings

5. Splurge for higher-end appliances and extras like an espresso machine and cocktail maker

6. Have sports equipment readily available. If you have a large yard, soccer balls, footballs, and cornhole are a great addition. Or if your rental has a large enough room or a garage, add a pool table or ping pong table

7. Include indoor entertainment options such as a video gaming console and video games, or board games

8. Hire a reliable professional cleaning service to clean your Airbnb property.

What Extras To Add To Your Short Term Rental For A High End Clientele

Adding fun extras throughout your Airbnb rental can make for an even more luxurious feel for your guests. If you want your guests to feel at home, while also adding some amenities consider including some of the following in your rental.

Streaming Services

Having a big-screen television with a Roku or another streaming device can be a game-changer when it comes to luxury in your Airbnb.

Offering several streaming options including family favorites, sports options, good movie selections, and even local channels can really help your guests to find something they love.

Gaming Systems

retro nintendo for airbnb

Adding some fun gaming entertainment to your Airbnb can make it instantly feel more luxurious!

There are dozens of fun options to choose from, but some that are easier on the pocketbook include options like this retro all-in-one console that is filled with tons of classic favorites!

Other fun options include:

Nintendo Switch




books for your airbnb

Although it could be impossible to know exactly what books your guests may enjoy reading, consider adding a book or small shelf with several fun options for your guests to enjoy.

Leaving a few good books out on an end table could provide the perfect opportunity for your guests to really cozy up and relax!

Board Games

board games for your airbnb

Board games are fun, and offering a wide selection of board games or card games for your guests can really add to the luxurious feeling of their stay.

Finding a new family favorite to play and/or having a family favorite game available can give your guests something to do between their adventures, and make them feel more at home.

Smart Home

smart home for you airbnb

Smart home Airbnb products and devices can go a long way in making your Airbnb feel luxurious! Adding products Alexa, home control panels, smart lighting or thermostats, and other wifi enabled products can make your guests feel like they are vacationing in style!

Consider having a tablet that controls the smart home so that your guests are not downloading or connecting to the products on their own devices.

How to Make Your Airbnb Livingroom More Luxurious

how to make your airbnb livingroom more luxurious

The living room of your Airbnb could very well be one of the most important parts of your rental. If you want to know how to make your Airbnb more luxurious – the living room is an excellent place to start! Things like lighting control (think lams and dimmer switches), blankets, pillows, a place to put their feet up, and/or any relaxing touches will go a long way!

Lighting Control

Dimmer Switches

If you are looking for a sleek, modern fixture that is packed with functionality, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the WeMo Smart Dimmer.

Your Airbnb guests will love that they can control this wif-fi connected switch from anywhere using their smartphone, and they can also control it with voice commands if you offer luxurious amenities such as Alexa!

Soft Clean Blankets

soft blankets to make your airbnb more luxurious

Who doesn’t love a soft blanket to snuggle with while they relax after a long day? Offering your guests clean and soft blankets can make their stay seem even more luxurious.

A few things to note would be to make sure the blankets are CLEAN, free of any animal hair, dust, or dander, and also adding a blanket holder vs throwing them on the furniture can add an even more luxurious touch! These blankets are some of the softest I’ve found, and they come in several fun colors!


throw pillows for a luxurious airbnb

Throw pillows can be more than just decoration! Offering some cozy down throw pillows in an oversized chair, can make a perfect reading nook or a relaxing spot for your Airbnb guests.


ottoman for airbnb luxury

Adding somewhere to put your feet up is an excellent way to make your Airbnb more luxurious! Everyone loves a good pouf!

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End Tables


Consider adding the occasional table to your living room layout! Does everyone have a place to put their drinks? Adding stylish and functional end tables can be a game-changer when it comes to luxury!

How to Make Your Airbnb Kitchen More Luxurious

Luxurious Airbnb Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the best places in your rental to include luxury upgrades. The addition of luxuries to your Airbnb kitchen will lead to great reviews and a wonderful experience for your guests.

Upgraded Appliances

Upgraded Airbnb Appliances

Upgraded appliances in the kitchen can do wonders in making your property feel high-end. Upgrading to a newer cook range, refrigerator, microwave, and even toaster can create a sense of luxury in your home.

Create A Coffee Bar

Airbnb Coffee Bar

Who doesn’t like to wake up to a nice cup of coffee? The basic coffee machine is an essential amenity but creating a coffee bar with an espresso machine, coffee beans, and syrups will have your rental guests feeling like they are staying in a luxury hotel resort.

Offer A Way To Make Cocktails

A blender is an easy way for guests to blend up some Pina Coladas but adding a premium cocktail maker like the Bartesian Cocktail Maker will really elevate their experience!

If you’re familiar with the k-cup coffee maker, this is very similar except it’s for cocktails. It’s the perfect upgrade if you’ve got the space in your kitchen or a separate bar area.

Bartesian Cocktail Maker For On Demand Quality Cocktails

Quality Dinnerware

Airbnb Dinnerware

Sometimes luxury comes down to the small design details that some think don’t matter. When it comes to your guest’s dining experience, providing good quality, clean matching dinnerware, and utensils can cement a luxurious experience for your guests.

Good, Sharp Knives

Airbnb Knives

Good sharp knives are an important upgrade. There’s nothing more frustrating than trying to use a dull knife to cut a piece of meat. Providing sharp knives to your guests will add another luxury that they didn’t even know they needed.

Supply An Instant Pot

Airbnb Instant Pot

Everyone loves a good meal. Supplying an Instant Pot for families to use during longer stays is a nice luxury to have and will solicit a good review for sure.

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How to Make Your Airbnb Bedroom More Luxurious

Airbnb Luxury Bedroom

You should have high expectations for bedroom furnishings and accessories in your Airbnb if you want to offer a true luxury rental. The bedroom is where a guest should feel the most comfortable. They should be able to unwind in a location that feels luxurious after a long day of activities and the bedroom should have premium amenities.

Great Quality Mattress

Airbnb Mattress
Nectar Mattress

The quality of your guests’ sleep can directly impact the quality of their night. Sleeping on a lumpy, uncomfortable mattress while away from home can be the worst. Be sure to provide a great quality mattress for your guests to sleep on.

High-End Bedding

Airbnb Luxury Bedding

The next best bedroom luxury is high-end, super comfortable bedding. Adding clean white sheets and a quality comforter can make your Airbnb bedroom feel like an expensive retreat.

Luxe Pillows

Airbnb Luxury Pillows

Another lux upgrade for the bedroom is pillows. Be sure to offer at least 2 pillows per guest and pillows with various types of fill, such as memory foam or down.

Blackout Curtains

Airbnb Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a top-notch investment for your Airbnb bedroom. A lot of travelers are expecting some rest and relaxation and blackout curtains will help them get a few extra zzzzzs, even after the sun has come up.

Bedside Tables and Lamps

Airbnb Bedside Tables

Providing a bedside table and lamp for each guest is another way to add convenience and luxury to your Airbnb property. I especially like the side tables that have a built-in USB port for charging electronic devices. Table lamps add additional lighting and high-end design to the room.

How to Make Your Airbnb Bathrooms More Luxurious

Airbnb Luxury Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the more fun rooms to add luxury. Unlike the living room or bedroom, the bathroom isn’t a place where people spend a lot of their time while on vacation so adding extras really pumps up the luxurious feel. There are a few simple things you can do to make your Airbnb bathroom stand out.

Luxury Showerhead

Luxury Airbnb Showerhead

There’s nothing worse than hopping in the shower after a long day of activities and having just a trickle of water. A decent showerhead can make you feel like you’re at a luxury hotel and adding one to your Airbnb bathroom is an easy way to take your bathroom from blah to ahhhh.

Toiletry Basket

Airbnb Toiletry Basket

Gift baskets really add value to your Airbnb rental. When it comes to the bathroom, adding a basket that has toiletries, such as toothpaste, q tips, makeup remover wipes, razors, nice soaps and shampoo, and premium bath salts.

Plush Bathrobes

Airbnb Plush Bathrobes

Plush bathrobes are the definition of luxury! Having these in your Airbnb bathroom will make your guests feel like they’re staying at a high-end resort.

Hair Tools

One thing that I don’t enjoy about vacations is having to transport my hair tools. Providing luxuries from home in your Airbnb will help make your guest’s experience better than they expected. I suggest supplying a blow dryer at the very least and adding in a curling iron or flat iron would be a great idea, too.

Good Toilet Paper

I know this may sound silly but something I hate the most about staying in an Airbnb or hotel is the lack of quality toilet paper. Surprisingly, even luxury hotel rooms have thin, cheap toilet paper so providing soft thick toilet paper will definitely take your Airbnb to the next level.

How to Make Your Airbnb Entryway More Luxurious

Airbnb Luxury Entryway

The entryway to your Airbnb is the first impression that your guests will have. Adding a few things to your entry will make your guests feel special and make their vacation start off in luxury.

Fresh Flowers

Airbnb Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers are a simple addition to any entryway. They add a pop of color and a welcoming touch.

A Place To Sit

Airbnb Entryway Seating

Offering a place to sit for guests to remove their shoes is a great way to make your Airbnb feel like home. We think this simple bench is perfect for any entryway.

Wall Mounted Mirror

Airbnb Wall Mounted Mirror

A wall mounted mirror in the entry makes the space feel bigger and adds to the luxury design aspect.

A Welcome Basket

Airbnb Welcome Basket

A welcome basket is another easy way to add luxury to your Airbnb and make guests feel welcome. Try to include a bottle of wine, snacks, items from a local shop, and a handwritten welcome letter.

How to Make Your Airbnb Outdoor Space More Luxurious

Airbnb Luxury Outdoor Space

Adding luxury to your outdoor space really amplifies your Airbnb property. What to add will depend the size of your space but making the space comfortable is a great way to offer luxury.

Hot Tub

Airbnb Hot Tub

Add a hot tub if you can…I don’t think there’s much more to say.

Seating Area

Airbnb Outdoor Seating

Outdoor seating is key to making your outdoor space feel comfortable and luxurious. I suggest a seating set that comes with a table or a set that has a gas fire pit.

Supply a Grill

Airbnb Grill

A grill brings the indoor kitchen to the outdoors. Many of your guests may want to cook out, especially if the weather is nice so adding a nice grill is a great idea.

Now you have examples of the many ways to make your Airbnb property more luxurious. In the end, however, even the most luxurious Airbnb décor and amenities are useless if you don’t offer a comfortable, clean environment, and top-notch customer service.

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