9 Smart Ways To Organize A Small Bathroom

Are you looking for ways to organize your small bathroom? In this post, I am going to share some ideas and hacks to design and organize your small bathroom for cheap! You can really use these ideas in any bathroom – but since I was working with a very small bathroom in my home, I had to get a little creative with storage and organization.

Does it feel like your bathroom is always a mess? Are your counter tops cluttered because you don’t have enough space?

I’ve come up with some inexpensive and creative ways to organize your bathroom! Use these tips to getting a better organized bathroom overall. Make your morning routine a little less stressful by using some of these ideas.

We’re here to help you create enough room in your tiny bathroom and find the perfect place to put everything you need.

The bathroom in my master bedroom is TINY. I don’t have a medicine cabinet behind my mirror or a linen closet in my house at all. The square footage seems like it’s smaller than a walk in closet!

I really had to get creative when trying to cram everything I needed into the small space.

For some inspiration, I found this small bathroom makeover by Domestic Blonde. I love the design overall and some of the small touches like how she uses vertical space to her advantage!

small bathroom organization by domestic blonde
photo by: domesticblonde.com

Add A Shelf Above The Toilet

My bathroom didn’t have a towel rack or toilet paper holder when I first moved in.

I went to go buy normal size stuff and nothing fit! The first step was realizing that I needed better storage solutions to fit my space.

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas - Add A Shelf Above The Toilet

I started looking for options and found so many cute over the toilet shelves with a towel holder. Just what I needed!

This small bathroom in The Succulent House (800 sq ft total!) does a great job of utilizing the space. They are using shelves on the wall above to toilet to optimize the small space.

There are also little pegs for hand towels or to hang whatever else you need!

Using these or towel bars in this space is one of the best ways to make use of empty bathroom wall space.

Succulent House Bathroom - Small Bathroom Organization

Shelving above to toilet can add a lot of room that you need. A good idea is to use metal wire baskets to separate and organize bathroom essentials on each shelf!

Use Storage Containers To Keep Organized

Especially in a small space, it’s essential to keep things organized. If you don’t one or two things out of place will have the bathroom looking like a mess!

If you don’t have a bathroom cabinet to store things like extra toilet paper, containers or baskets are a great place to put small items.

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas -  Use Storage Containers

Other little things like beauty products would also fit in something like a clear storage organizer.

Use under the counter storage and clear compact storage organizers so that you can see what’s in it.

This has really helped me keep things in place under the bathroom sink.

If you look up Makeup Organizers, these are a great way to keep your cabinet organized.

Vanity With Open & Closed Storage

You can choose for yourself if you like the look of open or closed storage in your small vanity cabinet.

My suggestion is to have both. The open storage gives easy access to things like bath towels that you’ll use every day.

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas -  Vanity With Storage Space

Storage cabinet that you can close the door on are great for putting your hair products, lotions, cotton swabs, hair ties, and any other little things you want out of the way.

A lazy susan would be a great addition to under the bathroom cabinet. One of these with multiple tiers will help create more vertical storage

While open storage is a great spot to put your towels – open shelving always creates the look of more space but is also functional.


The vanity with open shelf and doors that I have is perfect for my small space and could be useful for yours too!

If you have the space under the vanity, you can use baskets to organize and hide items you don’t want out in the open.

Narrow white vanity with cabinet storage and open storage for a tiny bathroom space

Get A Small Trash Can

My bathroom is small enough that I couldn’t fit just any size trash can in there. I literally had to measure the space between my toilet and vanity to make sure something would fit!

This will help save space if you can fit a skinny trash can next to the toilet. You probably won’t be able to fit anything else there so this is the perfect spot.

Clever bathroom organizing - get a small trash can to save space

I have a tiny space next to my toilet and needed something that would fit there.

The small rectangular trash can that I found squeezes right between the toilet and the wall – the only spot that it will fit!

Don’t Overcrowd The Walls With Art

Clean white bathroom with built in shelving over the tub, under vanity storage

If your bathroom is on the small side, you probably don’t have a lot of wall space either. Adding too much wall decor will make it feel cramped.

Hacks for Organizing & Designing Your Small Bathroom

Try to minimize the size of the things that you hang on the wall. Use smaller and daintier wall decor options to make the space feel more airy.

Light Paint Color

A lighter paint color will help the space feel bigger.

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas -  Use A Light Paint Color

It doesn’t have to be completely neutral but a dark color may make it feel closed in.

My bathroom also has this tile accent board that takes up half the wall. This also helps make it feel bright.

Hacks for Organizing & Designing Your Small Bathroom

Use A Suction Cup Toilet Paper Holder

Using a suction cup to hang something like a toilet paper holder is a genius idea!

The one I found and ended up using even has a shelf on it! This really helps maximize the space.

Small Bathroom Organization Ideas -  Suction Cup Toilet Paper Holder

You can use something similar inside your shower too! Using a suction cup shower caddy is perfect if you have a tile surround.

Hang Magnetic Strips Inside The Cabinet

A magnetic strip can be installed anywhere out of sight. This can be used for bobby pins or anything else that has metal.

Another way to use the power of magnets is to have a shelf like the one below. You can attach lidless magnetic storage containers right to it!


Bathroom Door Storage

Don’t forget the back of your bathroom door – it has valuable space! The most common way to utilize this space is to install a towel rack. You can purchase one that goes over the door and not have to drill any holes.

If you really need some extra extra space for every essentials, use an over the door organizer hanger. In additional to towel space, there are shelves at eye level so you’ll always see the things you decide to store here!

How Is Your Small Bathroom Storage Use Coming Along?? Leave Us A Comment Below!

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  1. Johnny Steinbecker

    Tip number #5 is great advice! we try to keep everything in our home here in Hawaii as orderly as we can. Our bathroom is all carpet which gets so messy. How could we ever worry about making our vanity space better with so much dust and dirt on our floor? Luckily we have some close friends that do our carpet cleaning. With that out of the way, we will be able to revamp our bathroom with your great ideas

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