How To Automate Your Airbnb Business: 7 Tools For Efficiency

If you’re launching your first property or your 20th, us Airbnb hosts are always trying to figure out how to automate the business. There are many Airbnb automation tools you can implement to have your property run itself or close to it and be more efficient. The goal is to eliminate repetitive tasks to make our short term rental hosting lives a little easier. Consider using software solutions that have been created for this very reason in the Airbnb, VRBO, short-term rental world.

Some areas you can use technology to automate an Airbnb are things like pricing tools, automated cleaning calendars, and smart home devices. Especially if you are planning to manage a property remotely, these tools are key to being able to do so.

In this post, we’re going to cover some of the key areas of starting an Airbnb business where automation using technology can really take you to the next level.

How To Automate Your Airbnb Business

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So, what exactly is Airbnb automation?

Airbnb automation is using tools and technology to streamline repetitive tasks like guest messaging, nightly pricing, turnover service, and calendar syncing. Doing every step manually is do-able but takes a lot more time. Using Airbnb automation tools that will do a lot of this for you will free up your time for more important things!

Can Airbnb be automated?

Yes, repetitive tasks in your Airbnb business can be automated by leveraging tools for efficiency. Anything that you can put a reoccurring process around can definitely be automated.

Now, there is a caveat. There are definitely startup tasks like staging your Airbnb and ongoing items like re-stocking the essentials that cannot be fully automated. A human will always need to intervene for stuff like this but that’s to be expected.

Unless this is your full-time job (even if it is!), automating anything you can will help immensely. It might sound dauting at first to set everything up but it’s definitely a good idea to put in the time up front.

Smart Home Technology

There are a few things that smart home devices can help you with to automate your Airbnb. First, smart locks. Smart locks for vacation rentals will allow you to seamlessly provide check in information to guests.

Being able to seamlessly give guests entry to your short term rental is an important part of automating your whole process. Why? Because if you don’t have these types of electronic locks, you’ll wind up having to meet guests over at the home for each check in to hand over actual house keys or use an old school lock box.

Top smart lock for Airbnb: Schlage Encode Wi-Fi Deadbolt

Smart locks for automating airbnb check in

What are some of the other smart home tools you can use at your Airbnb? Here is our list!

Potential guests will thank you if they see some of these items in your listing photos.

  1. Smart Locks – automate guest entry
  2. Smart Thermostat – control minimum and maximum temperature to save energy
  3. Smart accessories for the bedrooms – like Bluetooth speakers
  4. Smart noise detection – make sure no one is having a party at your property
  5. Smart video doorbell and security cameras – see movement on the exterior of your rental
  6. Smart Lights – guests will love being able to turn off the lights without getting out of bed
  7. Guest Device Control – allow guests to control smart devices from their phone

Dynamic Pricing Tools

There are several pricing tools that you can use to maximize your daily rate. These tools will use an algorithm based on similar properties in your immediate area to determine the best pricing.

A dynamic pricing tool will try to maximize your ADR (average daily rate) to get you the best return on your property.

Here are a few of the best dynamic pricing tools for your Airbnb:

AirDNA Smart Rates

Note: Airbnb does have it’s own built in “Smart Pricing” feature. I would use this with a grain of salt. I personally have seen this price my first Airbnb way too low on certain occasions.

Automated Messaging

Guest communication is one of the most important parts of starting an Airbnb business. Bottom line is that short term rentals are ultimately in the business of 5 start hospitality. If you’re not sending clear and concise information for potential, future, or current guests, they will not be happy.

That’s why sending up automatic messages for communicating with guests is one of the best ways to automate your short term rental. Get the right information to each guest at the right time (automatically) and never have to worry about forgetting something.

Airbnb now has it’s own automated messaging feature. There are many different scenarios when you will want to setup Airbnb message templates to send to guests during certain times. Here are just a few of them.

Automated messages are key to automating your Airbnb business. If you are listed on other platforms like VRBO, you may consider a vacation rental management software to help with this. Unfortunately right now, VRBO does not have their own built in automated messaging.

Another reason to set up automated messages for certain scenarios is that it helps keep your response rate on target!

Scheduling Cleaners

As a short term rental owner and/or operator, one of the most important aspects is how you handle turnover cleanings. Scheduling your cleaning team can be a pain. But finding a way to automate the process is your saving grace!

Cleaning Checklist Automate Airbnb Cleaning Tasks

What is the best way to automate Airbnb cleaning?

The best way to automate Airbnb cleanings is by sharing your calendar with your cleaners so they automatically get new reservations on their cleaning schedule.

Turno is my go to website/app for all things cleaning tasks. I’ve been using them for a few years now

What else can Turno help you with?

  • Automatically notifying cleaners of new reservations
    • Integration with platforms like Airbnb and VRBO
  • Cleaning checklists by property
  • Inventory tracking to know when supplies are running low
  • Finding new cleaners
  • Issue reporting for your cleaning team
  • Automatic payments

Vacation Rental Software

There are many companies that have property management software but you want to use someone that specializes in short term rental features.

There are a few things you want to look for when choosing a vacation rental management tool. One of the top features is a channel manager. This allows you to sync your booking calendar across every listing platform that your property is on.

A unified inbox is another feature that will help you save time. If you are listing on Airbnb and VRBO, you probably know how annoying it is to flip back and forth between both platform. Having one inbox will allow you to go to one spot to receive and respond to guest messages.

Most Popular Airbnb Management Tools:

Noise Monitoring

To prevent to possibility of guests checking in and trying to throw a party, you can monitor noise levels with a device like the Party Squasher Home Sensor.

Party Squasher Home Noise Level Monitoring With App

Guest Signage

You may be thinking… how are Airbnb guest signs a form of automation? I’m adding this one to the list because they really help eliminate repetitive messages once guests have checked in!

Instead of having to respond to a message about the Wi-Fi password, post a sign in your property that has the information. For even better service, use a customized QR code Wi-Fi sign.

Recap Of Airbnb Automation Tools For Hosts

Technology can be a real game changer for anyone that’s looking to be more hands off with their Airbnb. If you’re just starting out with hosting on Airbnb, try to incorporate one of these Airbnb automation tools into your daily operation. If you’re a seasoned host with multiple properties, using all of these suggestions will help you operate your business more smoothly.

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