How To Make A Unique Sea Glass Table Centerpiece

I love using sea glass and vases around my home to create a coastal vibe. The light turquoise blue color is perfect and they can be used almost anywhere. I had an extra one that I needed to use this holiday season and decided to try and make a unique sea glass table centerpiece with a few things I already had around my house. It came out super cute and was so simple to make. I decided I needed to share it here so you can make one of your own!

A Unique Sea Glass Table Centerpiece with wine corks, pine garland, pine cones, and twinkle fairy lights

I’m using this as a centerpiece for my coastal Christmas dining room table but you could change out a few items and use this DIY centerpiece for any holiday or any time of the year.

Here’s a view from the top in the evening with all of the lights twinkling! You can’t see the strings on the lights unless you’re actually looking for them.

Glass centerpiece with twinkle string lights for a glowing holiday table - How To Make A Unique Sea Glass Table Centerpiece

I love how the lights make it look like the jar is glowing. The addition of the pine tree branches gives it a Christmas feel.

Coastal Christmas centerpiece on farmhouse dining table with tree table runner
Sea glass vase with wine works DIY decor piece

How To Make A Unique Sea Glass Table Centerpiece For Any Season

First, find a sea glass vase or bowl that you’re going to use for your DIY decor piece. I already had one that I wasn’t using so I just used that!

Decide if you want to add wine corks to yours. I had an entire bag full of wine corks that were just sitting in my dining room cabinet – I thought they would be a cute addition!

Next, layer the bottom of the glass vase jar with the wine corks.

Add in some pine cone Potpourri. I love getting different variations of potpourri bags to fit each season. I used a few white and brown colors for this project. You can find different colors and different scents to fit the season or holiday.

I used a similar type with my simple neutral Thanksgiving table centerpiece.

Since I was creating this for Christmas decor, I used some pine tree branches. Actually, I cut off some limbs from my Coastal Christmas Tree and used them!

They smell fresh and I didn’t have to go out buying anything else for my centerpiece.

Sea glass holiday table centerpiece with white and blue Christmas tree table runner

Last but not least, add your twinkly fairy lights!

I found some silver bulb string lights at home goods one time and was saving them to make a DIY Christmas decor piece. They were perfect for this!

DIY Sea Glass Vase Bowl With Lights Garland Wine Corks and Santa Hat

I’ve been playing around with where to put this in my dining room. It looks great on the table but I also like it over on my dining room side hutch. I put a Santa hat on the top for a Christmas touch!

TIP: To change this around for another holiday or season, use a different color potpourri.

Thanks for checking out our DIY centerpiece idea. Here is a recap on how to make this seaglass holiday centerpiece for your own home!

DIY Sea Glass Vase Table Centerpiece

DIY Sea Glass Table Centerpiece

Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

How to make a unique sea glass table centerpiece with wine corks, pine cones, Christmas tree sprigs, and twinkly lights


  • Sea Glass Vase or Bowl
  • Wine Corks
  • Pine Garland Pieces
  • Pine Cone Potpourri
  • Twinkly String Lights


  1. Layer bottom of glass vase with wine corks
  2. Scatter pine cone pieces
  3. Add your pine garland
  4. Add twinkly string lights
  5. Use as a table centerpiece or decor piece for any holiday

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