Fun Coastal Airbnb Home Signs to Set The Tone of Your Listing

Congratulations! You’ve finally finished fixing up and furnishing your coastal Airbnb. Now it’s time to add one last important element to really make your vacation rental stand out from the rest: personality. A truly memorable Airbnb is full of unique character that reflects its surroundings. One of the best ways to achieve that is by choosing your favorite beach mottos and turning them into art. Creative coastal Airbnb signs full of fun beach sayings are the perfect way to make your guests laugh, relax, and come back for more. 

Why Staging Your Airbnb is Important

Mermaid and Paddles in Beachy Living Room SeaRenity Beach Oceanfront Condo Airbnb

Source: SeaRenity Beach Oceanfront Condo Airbnb

One of the reasons people prefer staying in Airbnbs rather than hotels is because they’re unique. No two Airbnbs are alike. Hotels tend to look the same with generic wall art and furniture. Things that are mass-produced and meant to be forgettable are the opposite of what you want. 

Staging your Airbnb goes beyond just making sure there are enough sheets, towels, and kitchen essentials for everyone. Although, that’s important as well. You want a few pieces that really represent your prime beach location. Show off the cheerful coastal vibe that your guests don’t get at home with funky beach signs to remind them why they’re there. 

Mermaid Airbnb Decor - Mermaid Cottage Airbnb

Source: Mermaid Cottage Airbnb

Adding picturesque elements that draw the eyes and crack a smile are great for your booking photos, as well. Putting thought and care into the staging of your Airbnb will give you those perfectly capturable photo moments – after all, great pictures help increase your bookings. Plus, a vacation rental that exudes beach charm at every turn makes people want to take more photos and post them on social media. 

Some Essential Airbnb Signs

Welcome to The Nest Airbnb

Source: The Nest Airbnb

There are a few signs that every Airbnb should have to help improve your guest’s experience. While these signs are functional and serve a purpose, they can still be full of light-hearted personality. Help your guests get settled in by including these signs. 

  • Welcome sign: A customized welcome sign is a great way to start their stay on the right foot. It immediately lets them know this space has a personal touch. 
  • House rules: Even though your guests should already be aware of your rules from the booking, it’s a good idea to gently remind them.
  • Wifi/TV log-ins: It’s always the first question on everyone’s mind, so go ahead and help them out by making it easy to find. 
  • No smoking signs: If there are areas where they can smoke, let them know.
  • Check out & trash procedures: These signs make it as easy as possible for them to care for your rental and leave it in excellent condition

Source: Luxury Seaside Condo Airbnb

It’s all about taking the guesswork out of their vacation. Fewer things for them to think about equals more fun in the sun and higher ratings. 

The Elements That Make a Great Beach Sign

Surfboard and Welcome Sign at Ocean View Studio Airbnb

Source: Ocean View Studio Airbnb

When you think about beach decor, it’s always full of warm summer hues and lots of textures. According to Vogue magazine, a mix of textures like raffia and wood makes you think of nature and the weathered feel of sunbleached elements. You want beach signs that show a bit of distress, with chipped or faded colors. 

When choosing coastal wall art, think local and vintage. Comb garage sales, thrift stores, and flea markets for affordable one-of-a-kind pieces. You can have signs custom-made with your favorite beach life quotes and sayings, using driftwood and other items from the beach. Look for beach-themed signs that incorporate textures using rope, sea shells, or sand. 

Any combination of these elements in a piece of decor will make for a great coastal Airbnb sign and a killer first impression when guests walk in the door.

Beach Themed Airbnb - DayDreamBeliever Beach House

Source: DayDreamBeliever Beach House Airbnb

7 Signs That Will Make Them Smile

1. Mermaids Are Real

Always Be Yourself Unless You Can Be a Mermaid Sign at Beach House Boutique

Source: Be a Mermaid Sign – Beach House Boutique

This whimsical, wooden sign features light blue and purple tones with a quirky saying about embracing your individuality. It’s guaranteed to spark a smile. 

Mermaid Decor at Mermaid Lookout Cottage Airbnb

Source: Mermaid Lookout Cottage Airbnb

2. Driftwood is a Must

 Driftwood Beach Bar Sign by Manfred Antranias Zimmer via Pixabay

Source: Driftwood Beach Bar Sign – Manfred Antranias Zimmer via Pixabay

The perfect example of using driftwood to make the quintessential beach bar sign. If your vacation rental has an outdoor entertaining area, a sign like this is a must-have. It’s always happy hour at the beach!

Source: Stay at The Driftwood Lakehouse Airbnb

3. Better Than a Tiki Torch

Good Vibes Only Radikal Neon Sign

Source: Good Vibes Only – Radikal Neon

Tiki torches aren’t the only way to light up a beach party. Neon signs are excellent for passing on beach vibes and setting the mood. Your guests will love barbequing and enjoying the gentle sea breeze under the soft glow of this beach sign. Perfect for posing, posting, and sharing.

Tiki Oasis Sign in North Myrtle Beach Airbnb

Source: North Myrtle Beach Airbnb

4. A Pop of Eye-Catching Color

 Tropical Welcome to Paradise Sign by RODNAE via Pexels

Source: Welcome to Paradise – RODNAE via Pexels

A pop of color helps draw the eye around the room and excites the viewer. This tropical sign reminds your guest that they’ve just arrived in paradise. Etsy and Pinterest are great places to find coastal-inspired accessories that pop. 

Colorful Bedroom with Beach Sign - Travel Queens Beach House Airbnb

Source: Travel Queens Beach House Airbnb

5. Signs With a (Re)Purpose

Wooden Beach Signs Photo by Michelle Raponi via Pixabay

Source: Surfboard & Repurposed Signs – Michelle Raponi via Pixabay

Recycling old surfboards, waterskis, and beach paddles is not only an affordable way to kitsch up your coastal Airbnb but also sustainable. Remember, the more distressed, the better. You want items that look like they’ve been bleached by the sun and blasted with sand. 

Welcome Paddles - Recently Updated Cozy Siesta Key Beach Villa Airbnb

Source: Updated Cozy Siesta Key Beach Villa Airbnb

6. All Good Things Start With “S”

 Sea Sun and Sand Sign Photo by RODNAE via Pexels

Source: Sea Sun Sand Sign – RODNAE via Pexels

Sea, sun, and sand are the only things in life you need to be happy. This sign is perfect for brightening up a guest bathroom or living room wall. It’s hard not to be happy when you’re reminded of this simple truth. 

7. Point the Way to Fun

No beach rental could be complete without a classic mile marker or directional sign. Help guide your guests to the best beach activities, cafes, restaurants, and bars with this fun hand-painted sign. Loaded with personality and helpful information, it’s the perfect blend of cute design and function. 

Source: Wooden Signs – Marten Bjork via Unsplash

Happy Renters Return!

There’s no better way to make your vacation rental a success than setting the right vibe. Using fun beach signs and sayings sets the perfect tone for a coastal Airbnb. Your guests will instantly relax and feel like they’re officially on holiday. So grab a hammer and some nails and make your Airbnb unforgettable. 

Happy Place Beach House Photo Nick Page via Unsplash

Source: Happy Place House – Nick Page via Unsplash

Recap of Coastal Airbnb Signs For Your Listing

Here is a recap of some of our favorite sign ideas to add around your coastal themed Airbnb! Guests will love to walk in to find a unique fun saying on the wall like a “Welcome to our beach house” sign.

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