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Eucalyptus Shower Spray – Make This Mist For A Luxurious Feel

I’ve been hooked on this luxurious eucalyptus shower spray ever since my friend introduced me to it a few years ago! It was at a spa that she went to and wound up bringing some home. When I first sprayed this amazing scent into the steam while I was showering at my friends house during a visit, I knew I needed to get some for myself. The only problem is that it’s super expensive! I wound up buying some any way and got hooked on spraying this amazing scent every time I take a shower – it’s like aromatherapy at home!

DIY Eucalyptus Shower Spray - Mist For A Luxurious Spa Shower Smell

Fast forward a few months, I found a way to make a similar version at home!! I am now saving myself money and still get to enjoy the amazing smell of fresh eucalyptus every time I shower. I’m going to share how to make my eucalyptus shower spray at home today!

It’s super easy and only requires a few items to make. You can leave one in each shower in your own home or make for your friends and family as a gift! I plan on making some of these during the holidays this year and sharing my eucalyptus shower spray with a few of my friends.

Eucalyptus Smells Like The Spa!

DIY Eucalyptus Shower Spray - Mist For A Luxurious Spa Shower Smell - Eucalyptus for a calming shower

The smell of eucalyptus is so soothing to me and makes me feel like I’m at the spa. Essential oils are a great way to get that spa like smell without having the actual eucalyptus plant. If you’re going to use essential oils around your home for cleaning or diffusing or anything else, make sure to get the 100% pure therapeutic grade oils.

If you love essential oils like I do, try making your own all purpose vinegar cleaning spray!

What You Need For This Amazing DIY Shower Spray

Small Spray Mist Bottle (make sure to get a misting bottle)

Distilled Water

20 Drops Of Eucalyptus Essential Oil

How To Make This Eucalyptus Shower Spray

First, fill the small spray bottle with water. Leave just a little bit of room at the top.

Next, add your 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oils.

Then shake to combine.

In your next shower, spray once up into the steam.

Enjoy a fresh spa like smell in your shower at home!

DIY Eucalyptus Shower Spray - Mist For A Luxurious Spa Shower Smell

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Wednesday 1st of March 2023

Why does it have to be distilled water?


Thursday 2nd of March 2023

It doesn't necessarily have to be! I just recommend distilled water so it doesn't create hard water inside the bottle!