6 Easy DIY Home Decor Projects For Your Beach House

If you’re looking to freshen up a space in your beach house, try one of these easy DIY home decor projects! Most of these ideas cost little to no money and can bring a new look into your home. Using bright color accents in your beach house makes for a unique vibe – DIY projects like open shelving in your kitchen or painting an interior door are a perfect way to spruce things up with some fun colors.

Some of these are easy DIY home decor projects that I’ve done myself…and some are projects that have stood out when I was searching for inspiration. Enjoy!

1. Open Shelving With Colorful Painted Backing

This was one of the most fun projects I’ve done in a while! My AirBnb rental, The Beach Life Bungalow, had some really old cabinets. I was planning on taking off all of the cabinet fronts and sanding/re-painting them white. I started going down that path and thought it might be cool to actually leave them open!

DIY Home Decor Project Open Shelving With Colorful Painted Back

I had an extra can of some sample paint and tested it out on one of the backs of the cabinets. I was like WOW this actually looks pretty nice! So I moved forward with this little DIY kitchen cabinet project and painted the back of the cabinets a fun beach blue color.

Open Shelving With Coastal Blue Back of Cabinets in Kitchen - Easy DIY Project

I love this easy DIY home decor project and it can be customized with any color to fit your look and feel. This color was perfect for a beach bungalow.

This would also be very easy to update if you get tired of the color or want something new and fresh!

Beautiful Open Shelving - DIY Project For Under $10

2. Paint An Interior Door

Painting an interior door is totally under rated! My friend did a little DIY project at her home and painted all of her bedroom doors a fun color and I was WOW’d!

I decided to try this at my Beach Bungalow and wasn’t disappointed. The door were pretty old and blah but with a fresh coat of paint…. look at them now!

Kitchen in Beach Bungalow - Easy DIY Project - Paint Interior Door A Fun Color

Choosing a bold and bright color will take your room into one direction – choosing a muted color will take it in another direction. Both will make for a cool accent that you can create yourself.

Bold Blue Kitchen Door in Beach Bungalow Vacation Rental - Paint an interior door for a fun and easy DIY home decor project

Since this DIY project was so easy, I decided to paint the front and back doors the same color. I only had to buy one small can of paint for both of these doors! I’m pretty sure it was the sample size that was $5.00 – so cheap :)

Beach Bungalow Front Door - Pineapple canvas art next to bright blue interior door

3. Bar Stools With Coastal Teal Color Legs

If you have a kitchen countertop bar or island, these bar stools with a coastal teal dipped leg are adorable. This easy DIY project can be done for cheap! Find some wood bar stools used on Facebook Marketplace for an even less expensive option.

You don’t necessarily need new bar stools. Getting used one will save money and you can test out different colors if you want.

DIY Bar Stools With Coastal Teal Blue Legs

4. Sea Glass Vase Bottles

Sea glass is one of my favorite colors to use as decor for a coastal look. These DIY Sea Glass Beach Decor vases are perfect! They will only cost you a few dollars to make and you can use them in any area of your home.

From Sadie Seasongoods, she uses them in a burlap and distressed metal container.

DIY Sea Glass Vase Bottles - DIY Home Decor For Your Beach House - Less than $5.00
soure: https://www.sadieseasongoods.com/diy-sea-glass-beach-decor/

5. DIY Coastal Canvas Art

These coastal canvas art pieces from Carla Schauer are just adorable!!! I love how she used a starfish and a sand dollar. So beachy!

DIY Canvas Art With Sand Dollar and Starfish - an Easy DIY Beach Decor Project
source: https://www.carlaschauer.com/diy-coastal-art-canvases/

6. Create An Accent Wall With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great way to add texture and color. This wave print wallpaper is a peel and stick would look amazing in any coastal inspired design. You can pick an accent wall to install this on, use it as a backsplash, or behind any open shelving in your house!

I even wrote a whole post about coastal wallpaper ideas because there are just so many to choose from!

Create An Accent Wall With Wallpaper in Wave Print - Easy DIY Home Decor Projects For Your Beach House

I love wallpaper because there are so many different options! You can find a color and style to go with your home decor style perfectly. I love this wood tile look wallpaper in beachy blues. So much more unique than a plain painted wall!

This is one of those easy DIY home decor projects that anyone can do! And if you get tired of it in a few years, you can pick a different pattern or color and re-imagine your space again.

Create An Accent Wall With Wallpaper in Coastal Blue Wood Print - Easy DIY Home Decor Projects For Your Beach House

7. Beach Canvas Painting

I just found this DIY abstract ocean painting and thought it was so cool looking and easy to do. Full tutorial is here. If you’re at all crafty or artsy, this would be a fun little project.

I would love to hang this canvas painting in my beach house!

DIY Abstract Ocean Painting by Pastels & Macarons. Learn how to easily recreate this painting without any art skill! #art #DIY #painting #diyabstractpainting #howtopaint #acrylicpaintingtutorial #paintingtutorial
photo and project by pastels & macarons

Do you have a fun and easy DIY home decor project you’d like to share with us?? Add a comment below!

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  1. Hi! I love all the things you’ve done with the different spaces! I was wondering if you could tell me what color blue you used on the interior door. I love it!

  2. Hi! I love all that you’ve done with the different spaces. It’s all so beautiful. Can you tell me what color blue paint you used on the interior door in this article. I love it!

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