Coastal Wall Art Ideas For Every Room In A Beach House

Your beach house setting is likely a piece of artwork all by itself. With the beach and ocean as its backdrop, it inspires and instills a sense of calm and serenity unmatched by any other landscape. With that said, you want to carry that beachy vibe indoors as well to create the ultimate coastal oasis. While the concept seems simple enough, finding the right coastal wall art ideas and beach décor art isn’t always easy to do.

Everything must come together with the furniture, colors, textures, patterns, fabrics, and wall décor all complementing each other in a cohesive and interesting way. The good news is you don’t have to be an interior designer to capture the coastal look you desire.

While there are many elements to think about, let’s focus on getting the wall décor right. Without further ado, here are several coastal wall art ideas to consider for your beach house.

First Thing’s First: What is Coastal Wall Art?

While the name basically says it all, coastal wall art is more than just beach-inspired images. This type of artwork is inspired by specific colors and textures. It can be actual photos taken at the beach, paintings of coastal landscapes, or even abstract images using beachy colors and shapes. A piece of coastal wall art screams “BEACH!” when you see it, and it instantly gives you feelings of calm, serenity, and relaxation.

There are no real right or wrong ways to decorate with coastal wall art décor, as it all comes down to what catches your eye and depicts your personality. It’s your beach house, after all, so simply use the information below as a guide to enhancing the beachiness of your coastal home.

What Colors are Used in Coastal Wall Art?

Coastal wall art décor is inspired by colors from the beach. Palettes of blues, sun-kissed pastels, crisp whites, and calming neutrals combine to create most beach-inspired wall art.

What Rooms Look Best with Beach Wall Art Hanging on the Walls?

Again, it’s your beach house, so make it your own. If you feel like hanging beach-inspired wall art on the wall, do it – most rooms come alive with a coastal print or two hanging on the wall.

“Remember you’re not always committed to the design and you can change as you go along or trends change,” comments Ruban Selvanayagam of guaranteed rent specialists over in the UK.

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If you’d really like to follow tips from professional interior decorators, though, the best rooms for hanging coastal artwork include living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, and even the kitchen. Like we said before, no room is really off-limits, so use your imagination, and if you find a piece that speaks to you, put it wherever your heart tells you to.

Ways to Incorporate Coastal Wall Art Décor into Your Beach House

Coastal wall art décor comes in a variety of styles, designs, and forms. For example, it doesn’t have to be a framed coastal wall art photo. It could simply be a unique piece of driftwood that complements the room’s décor. Or, it could be a collection of sand dollars and starfish that look great nestled inside shadow boxes on the wall. Almost anything beachy or beach-colored can become wall art, so don’t be afraid to incorporate your favorite coastal finds into your beach home’s décor.

coastal bedroom design with palm tree wall art above bed
photo by: house of silver lining

A Coastal Wall Art Gallery Wall

If you have several coastal-inspired pieces that would look great together, create a gallery wall in the living room. This wall ideally should be a neutral color, so your artwork stands out and takes center stage. Gallery walls add a lot of interest to the space, giving your guests plenty to look at and ask questions about when they visit.

Show Off Beach Finds

If you’re an avid collector of intriguing beach finds like coral, seashells, sand dollars, etc., you can create a fantastic arrangement by displaying these items on the wall. Using floating shelves or shadow boxes, these small items give off an instant coastal vibe that’s both custom and personal at the same time.

Baskets, Rope, and Other Nautical Inspiration

Wicker baskets, braided rope, and other nautical-themed items all have their place in a coastal wall art display. They can stand alone or be part of a bigger arrangement to add interest to the display. Other nautical-themed items that can be used include propellers, anchors, fishing gear, and surfboards.

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Coastal Wall Art Ideas for the Kitchen

The kitchen is a perfect spot for some refreshing coastal art.

For example, this Citrus Slices cotton canvas coastal wall art gives off refreshing summery vibes. Featuring three colorful citrus slices on a crisp white background, this print is a museum-worthy art piece your beach house kitchen can’t do without.

For the coffee-lover in the house, this “Not Until I’ve Had My Morning Coffee” planked wood wall art lends a charming touch to your beach house kitchen or breakfast nook.

Featuring a white background with beachy-blue coffee mugs, this graphic image lets others know you’re not to be tangled with until you’ve had at least one cup of coffee first.

Coastal Wall Art Ideas for the Dining Room

Abstract and colorful coastal wall art makes a wonderful addition to any beach house dining room. Since it doesn’t depict any real image, the imagery is left to the imagination of the beholder, creating a calming and almost serene atmosphere.

To that end, this abstract Byrum Seafoam Rising canvas beach wall art features tones of blue and white to mimic the rising and falling nature of the sea. The colors are aesthetically pleasing and relaxing, making for a great piece to hang over the dining room table.

If you’ve got an Airbnb property to decorate, try adding a fun coastal Airbnb sign to the wall!

Beach Wall Art for the Bedroom

Since a bedroom is meant for rest and relaxation, hanging a piece of beach wall art over the bed just makes sense. Depending on the size of your room, you may want to go for a larger piece of art.

This large coastal wall art acrylic painting is a perfect addition to any beach house bedroom. Handmade, it depicts rolling waves gently lapping a deserted beach. The nearly cloudless sky gives the illusion that the ocean goes on forever. Its serene and isolated feel is just right for a relaxing bedroom ambiance.

White posted bedroom with blue pink coastal art ideas
photo source: completely coastal

If simple is more your style, these plastic wave and seagull coastal wall art pieces are just right. Adding to the beach house vibe without overwhelming it, these pieces can be arranged in a variety of ways to create a custom display that fits your style and personality.

Bathroom Coastal Wall Art Décor

Bathrooms are a fun place to decorate with a beach-inspired theme. The quaint, small space seems especially made for this type of décor. Whether you want landscapes, beach items, or something more abstract, anything goes in a beach house bathroom.

Want to spruce up a boring bathroom or give spaciousness to one that lacks a window? This open window canvas coastal wall art is a statement-making piece. Featuring an awe-inspiring ocean landscape outside an open window, it’ll take you to the beach without having to leave the house while giving the room a feeling of expanse and spaciousness.

Another great bathroom wall décor idea is this 3-piece canvas sea animal print featuring a crab, an angelfish, and a seahorse – all done in coastal-inspired shades of blues and neutrals. Group them together on a single wall or hang them on separate walls – the choice is up to you and your vision for your beach house powder room.

Here’s an example of this art in a living room but would be just as cute in a bathroom!

Beach Wall Art Ideas for the Living Room

Living rooms are ideal rooms for showcasing your best and most favorite coastal wall art pieces. Since you and your guests likely spend the most time in this room, it just makes sense to outfit it with outstanding décor that really makes a statement.

The coast gives many opportunities for inspiration, and this wild heron print is the epitome of beach life. Taken from a scene outside a boathouse, this 2-piece canvas wall art set is painted in moody blues and grays for a soft, organic touch that’s both striking and hypnotic.


For a nautical touch in your living room that’s soft and natural, this framed coastal wall art featuring watercolor sailboats on a muted gray, blue, and green backdrop lends a serene vibe over a sofa or on a gallery wall.

Owning a house on the beach is something to cherish as it gives you a serene, beautiful setting in which to enjoy your life. Bringing that beach vibe indoors can be a little tricky, especially if you aren’t gifted with an eye for décor.


Luckily, the information above gives you plenty of things to consider in terms of coastal wall art décor so you can add that beachy touch you’re looking for in any room of the house.

Serena & Lily Coastal Wall Art

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I often check out their Instagram page for inspiration because everything they have is oh so pretty!

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Serena & Lily Coastal Wall Art Finds

Which ideas are your favorite? What kind of beach wall art styles do you find the most appealing – landscapes or abstracts? Tell me in the comments your thoughts on coastal wall art décor!

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