Coastal Lamps: 6 Lighting Options No Beach-Themed Home Should be Without

Whether you own a vacation home in a beach town, have retired to the beach, or simply want to create an airy, breezy vibe in your suburban home, it’s easy to achieve a coastal look and feel when you combine the right elements. One such element that’s important no matter what type of décor you’re going for is lighting. Lighting isn’t just functional – it’s essential for creating the type of ambiance you’re going for. So, as you plan and decorate your home for a beachy, nautical, coastal theme, be sure to do the lighting up right with some coastal lamps!

Below, we discuss coastal lighting – the dos and don’ts, what a coastal vibe entails, and several of our favorite coastal lamps we’re sure you’re going to love! Let’s get to it!

First, here are some of my favorite places to shop for coastal themed lamps!

Coastal Lamp Ideas for every room

What Exactly is Coastal Décor?

Coastal décor is specific. Its elements lend an airy, breezy, relaxed feel to any space, with the overall aesthetic being simple and clean. Coastal themes are often referred to as nautical, seaside, or tropical, and although each theme is actually different, they can co-exist in a home to create a cohesive and personalized décor style.

When decorating for a coastal vibe in your home, look for nautical elements with clean, simple lines and metallic, rusty, or weathered finishes. Think lighthouse or submarine – if it gives this type of feel, it’s likely a nautical element.

coastal style lamps from wayfair

Coastal décor, especially when it comes to lighting, is typically made up of natural materials and shells. Capiz shells are a popular choice for coastal lamps and other types of lighting in beach homes. Their iridescent finishes make for stunning illumination and decoration pieces. Other natural materials used in the making of coastal lamps include rattan, rope, coral, and wood.

With the addition of a few key coastal lighting fixtures, you can create the look and feel of a seaside oasis regardless of where your home is located.

Dos & Don’ts for Choosing Coastal Lamps for Your Home

Do choose the right colors

While creating a coastal theme is open to your interpretation, several colors simply scream “coastal!” For example, look for lighting options in sun-bleached whites, light blues and greens that mimic the ocean, and sandy beiges as your main color scheme.

Other serene colors of the coast to consider complementing these colors with include beach pebble grays, dune grass greens, driftwood browns and grays, and any colors you find in seashells. If you want a few pops of color in your coastal lighting, consider the oranges and yellows of sunset, the dainty seaside flower colors, and even the bright colors of the many beach umbrellas that dot the sands of most beaches.

seaglass world market lamp

Don’t over-accessorize.

When you step onto a beach, it feels spacious and easy. You’ll want the same open and relaxed feel in a coastal vibe. When it comes to adding lamps and other accessories, remember that less is more. You want your space to feel as if a gentle ocean breeze could waft right through it.

Do keep it simple.

You’ve heard the acronym, K.I.S.S., haven’t you? It stands for “Keep it simple, Silly,” and it applies here wholeheartedly. You want your coastal lighting choices to be simple and clean. No fancy adornments or crazy colors. In fact, the plainer, the better. You want to achieve the same relaxed simplicity that the beach inspires, so again, less is more here.

Don’t overlook natural textures.

We touched on this earlier in this post, but we can’t stress enough how important natural textures and materials are in creating a coastal vibe in your home. Many of the textures found on the coast are rough in nature. Think driftwood, jute, sisal, seagrass, etc. Lampshades woven from natural materials are a big plus, as they add to the overall coastal décor while also lending to the ambiance of the space.

Do consider a tropical fan or two.

Coastal lighting options extend beyond just lamps – tropical fans with wicker or wooden palm-shaped blades are a great way to add to the coastal décor in your home. Regardless of where you live, there’s nothing like a slowly turning tropical fan complete with soft lighting to instill a feeling of being on the beach with a light ocean breeze gently blowing across your body.

6 of Our Favorite Coastal Lamps and Beach-Inspired Lights

Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but if you’re looking for inspiration for the perfect coastal lamps and lighting for your home, check out our recommendations below.

shop the look image

1. Coastal Table Lamps

When it comes to capturing the true essence of the coast, these Carlton coastal table lamps do it perfectly. This pair of table lamps have a beautiful swirling pattern of beachy blues, whites, and pinks complete with sandy beige shades. At 28 inches tall and just $160 for the set, these seaside-inspired lamps are ideal for both the living room and bedroom alike.

amazon ocean blue table lamps

2. Coastal Floor Lamps

If you want to add extra illumination in a home office, living room, or bedroom but don’t have room for table lamps, floor lamps are a great alternative. This coastal floor lamp adds just the right beachy touch with a simple silhouette, metal frame, and rattan shades. The three-light fixture distributes diffused light throughout the space using regular 60-watt bulbs, and at just $130, you may just want to get two!

coastal rattan floor lamp

3. Beachy Lamps

One can find beachy lamps just about anywhere, but when it comes to elegance and uniqueness, we just love this simple yet stunning beachy lamp from Serena & Lily. Its large base is hand-dipped and glazed so no two lamps are exactly alike, and with the added dark metallic stripe at the bottom, this lamp is a true conversation piece. Classic and artful, this lamp is a little on the pricier side at $548, but it’s one of our favorite coastal lighting finds.


Another option is this blue and white coastal lamp from Serena & Lily – Westerly Bone Inlay Table Lamp. The pattern brings some texture and character to your beachy living room.. even if the color scheme is very neutral.

living room serena and lily lamp
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4. Coastal Accent Lamps

One of the most popular pastimes of beachgoers is seashell collecting. If you’ve collected your fair share of shells while at the beach, show them off with these simply lovely coastal accent lamps. Made with a clear glass base and an off-white tapered shade, you can fill these lamps with all sorts of beachy finds.

Don’t have any personal items to place inside? No worries! These unique lamps come with their own shell collection. Whether personalized or not, this lamp set is sure to add that beachy touch you’re looking for, and for $140 for the pair, you can’t afford to pass them up.  

Clear shell glass lamps

5. Bedroom Lamps Coastal Style

Any room can have a coastal vibe, with the bedroom being a little more forgiving if you want something a little more fun. When it comes to bedside lighting options, these bedroom lamps done coastal style add a touch of color and fun design on either side of the bed.

Seafoam Green Airy Bedroom Design

With a ceramic base done up in shades of blue, brown, and beige, and a beige empire shade, these lamps place soft, diffused light just where you need it without overpowering the space. has this coastal-inspired lamp set for just $135.

Wayfair coastal white blue table lamps

6. Coastal Ceiling Fan

Like we said earlier, tropical ceiling fans are another option when you want that coastal feel but need a little airflow with your illumination. Most coastal ceiling fans can be used indoors and out to provide a gentle breeze that keeps you comfortable and cuts down on energy costs.

We especially like this 52-inch Casa Vieja Tropical Ceiling Fan because it features a unique oil-brushed bronze finish and five large palm leaf blades. A center dome LED light provides dimmable illumination via remote control, and with quiet operation, you’ll think you’re lying on the beach enjoying a cool sea breeze. With a price tag of $400, you might want to consider installing these throughout your coastal retreat.

ceiling fan coastal light

I know that a ceiling fan is not technically a lamp but you might get inspired by these when looking for that beachy lamp!

Another options is this white boho ceiling fan from Wayfair. It’s under $200 and brings a light and airy feel to any room.

white coastal ceiling fan with light

Many people like to create a beach-inspired vibe in their homes because it’s relaxing and fresh-feeling, and it makes you feel at peace. Whether you want this type of décor in your vacation home, your Airbnb, your retirement home, or your home in the city, you’ll want to pay close attention to how you bring all the décor elements together.

Lighting is one of the most important elements when it comes to décor, so if you’re going for a beachy décor, coastal lamps and beach-inspired lighting like the ones mentioned above can lend the look and feel you desire. You can purchase these exact recommendations yourself or use them as inspiration to find the perfect coastal lighting for your home.

Thanks for checking out some of my favorite coastal lamp options! Let us know if you have any other fun ideas.

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