35 Coastal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – Beautiful Backsplashes For Your Beachy Kitchen Look

Today we’re talking coastal kitchen backsplash ideas! A backsplash is a great way to make a statement in your kitchen. Backsplashes come in so many different colors, patterns, and styles that it can add a truly unique element to your kitchen. Bold and colorful to simple and white – every kitchen should have a backsplash that speaks to the desired style of your space. In this post, I’ve collected some of the best beachy backsplash ideas.

Choosing a backsplash tile for your beach house can be so fun. First you’ll need to decide what kind of style you’re going for. Coastal styling can incorporate a variety of different beachy colors for a bold look or can stay more neutral with whites, grays, and subtle muted blues.

If you don’t currently have a backsplash in your kitchen, installing one can be very simple. If you have a backsplash that really doesn’t fit into your beach house kitchen, you can remove it and install a new one! This may be something you can do yourself or you always have the option to hire a professional to do the work for you. Now let’s see some of these coastal kitchen backsplash ideas…

In order to fit your personal coastal style, there are a few categories of coastal backsplash ideas that I’m going to go through. Pictures and inspiration included!

Coastal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Bold Blue Backsplash Tiles

A bold royal or navy blue reminds me of the ocean water! Using a bold blue backsplash tile will bring out the ocean vibes and a beachy feel in your kitchen. There are many options for blue subway tiles (like these!) so whatever tone of blue you’re looking for, you should be able to find it pretty easily.

Bold Blue Kitchen Backsplash
Kitchen Sink Blue Subway Tile

If you are thinking of something with a nautical style, a navy blue subway tile with white grout would accomplish that look. You could also use something similar in your nautical bathroom.

I’ve been seeing a lot of peel and stick backsplash options lately too. This is a less messy, hassle free way to install a backsplash yourself. I haven’t tried it yet but these ones on Amazon have great reviews and some customer pictures for examples.

Shop These Bold Blue Backsplashes

Multi Colored Beachy Mosaic Tiles

A multi colored coastal tile backsplash will bring a little flare to your kitchen. I love seeing these type of mosaic tiles used against neutral cabinets and countertops. Like in the kitchen pictured below, we have a light blue, teal, gray, and sand colored mosaic tile paired with white cabinets and gray countertops. I love the way the tiles pop but are also subtle.

Kitchen With Blue Gray Mosaic Backsplash

The beachy colors on the backsplash keep the kitchen light and airy. What you don’t want is a bunch of dark colors if you’re going for this type of look.

Here are some more mosaic backsplash tile ideas from Mosaic Tile Outlet!

Shop Multi Colored Mosaic Tiles

Multi Colored Blue Beachy Mosaic Tile Backsplash Kitchen
Sonare Tone Pearl Silk Seafoam Kitchen Backsplash Tile
Backsplash Tile By Lunada Bay Tiles

In my Airbnb kitchen (pictured below), we did a fun white and blue mosaic tile backsplash. It’s so beachy and I love it! I even installed it myself :)

Backsplash tile is from Floor and Decor. If you have one of these stores local to you, it’s definitely worth going into their showroom to check out all the options and see them in person! If not, order a sample online to make sure it’s the backsplash you want to install before purchasing all of the tiles.

Beach Bungalow Kitchen With Mosaic Tile Multi Colored Backsplash

A Beachy Wood Look Tile

Wood look tile in the kitchen?? YES PLEASE! I’ve seen this wood look tile all over lately – but mostly for flooring and accent walls. I came across this Blue Ceramic Wood Look Tile on Wayfair and it looks perfect for your beachy kitchen (BUY IT HERE).

This specific tile is a mixture of blues and grays. It would look great with white cabinets but also looks good with light wood cabinets like the picture below!

Wood look blue beachy tile backsplash in kitchen

You could also use a wood look like that looks like shiplap. Shiplap is used often to create an accent wall but would look great as a backsplash in a kitchen. If you’re a lover of shiplap like I am, there are tons of ways to incorporate shiplap into your coastal design – not just in the kitchen!

HINT: You can get peel and stick backsplash wallpaper that looks real but is actually paper! It’s easier to install and most times less expensive.

Shiplap backsplash kitchen

Shop Wood Look Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Keep It Neutral And Simple

It’s no secret that coastal design normally includes some shades of blue or green (like the ocean!). But, you don’t need to over do it with pops of color. Sometimes keeping things simple is the way to go. You can add pops of color in your décor instead of a main piece of your design.

This goes for backsplashes too! A white or neutral color backsplash is a beautiful option for your coastal kitchen backsplash. You don’t necessarily need to make a statement and a white backsplash can be classic and classy.

Simple Neutral Kitchen Backsplash
photo credit: https://www.meganmolten.com/portfolio

Shop Neutral Backsplashes

Fun Patterns With Colors For Your Coastal Kitchen Backsplash

Another unique way to use a backsplash is with different patterns. Some kitchen tiles can be laid in different formats – like a herringbone pattern – for a unique look. There are tiles that come in different shapes as well.

Shop Unique Backsplashes With Patterns And Colors

Coastal Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Natura Stone Mosaic Pattern With Blues  Grays and White

Sand & Sisal always has such classy beachy design ideas. I love her backsplash tutorial and the beautiful mosaic they installed. It’s got a cool pattern and texture to it and the colors really represent the beach vibes!

Sand and Sisal Beachy Mosaic Tile Backsplash Makeover

Teal Blue and Seafoam Green Coastal Kitchen Backsplashes

For a truly beachy kitchen backsplash, this would be my personal favorite category to choose from. Teal, aqua, and turquoise are staple shades of blue when it comes to coastal designs. You will find pops of these colors in almost any beachy home so using this color in your kitchen backsplash is classic!

Seafoam Blue Tile Backsplash In White Kitchen
Pictured Here: Aqua Ceramic Wall Tile

I love any shades of teal or seafoam green. They just blend so well with white or gray and create a perfect beachy pop of color.

Shop Teal and Seafoam Green Backsplash Ideas

Another beachy blue/green – A bold turquoise tile backsplash!

Turquoise is another shade of blue/green that fits into this family of colors. It’s a little more bold and colorful than a seafoam green and can really make a statement in your kitchen if used for a kitchen backsplash color.

white kitchen turquoise kitchen backsplash full wall
photo credit: https://leedyinteriors.com/turquoise-kitchen-backsplash1/

Subway tiles come in all sorts of colors and I love love love it in this bold turquoise blue. Use it in the entire kitchen or just one wall – against the white cabinets it is so beachy.

Airbnb Kitchen Beachy Blue Subway Tile Backsplash
photo credit: airbnb
Turquoise Blue Kitchen Backsplash Subway Tiles
photo credit: airbnb

Cool Blue Backsplash in Tiny Kitchen

When you’ve got a small space to work with, adding a fun backsplash really makes the kitchen stand out. I love this cool blue tone tile at this Airbnb!

This beveled glass mosaic tile backsplash almost looks like the waves of the ocean. It’s perfect for a cute little beach cottage kitchen like this one.

cool blue backsplash coastal kitchen
photo source: airbnb

Thank you for reading and looking at my favorite backsplash ideas for your beach house kitchen. Hope you enjoyed!

Browse all of my favorite coastal kitchen backsplashes

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