14 Beautiful Fall Table Settings For Your Neutral Coastal Home

Inspiring ideas for your fall table design – with a coastal vibe. This fall season, fill your home with all of the pumpkins, burlap, greenery, and fun place settings at your table.

In this post, I’m sharing some of my favorite coastal fall tables to inspire your fall home decor!

1. A Muted Fall Tablescape

Muted and elegant – this dining room table is classic. It’s got a farmhouse vibe but also feels a little beachy.

MUTED FALL TABLESCAPE - Neutral place settings, greenery across the table, pumpkin decor centerpiece
source: muted fall tablescape by nina hendrick

2. Simple Fall Tablescape

Blue and white dishes sit on top of the wicker circular place mats. The simple pops of blue here really bring out that coastal vibe. You could change this out with any fun color to create a whole different feel.

The use of the greenery across the table as a runner is just so pretty!

Simple Fall Tablescape With Greenery, White and Blue plates, and Burlap placemats
source: simple fall tablescape by kim power style

3. Coastal Blues Fall Table

A real beach feel here with this coastal blue tablecloth. The burlap table runner is a perfect compliment to the blue and the dark wood tray in the middle of the table.

Coastal Fall Tablescape - White pumpkin centerpiece on this fall table setting design with blue tablecloth, burlap table runner, candles in glass jars
source: coastal fall home tour by craftsbycounrtney

4. Breezy White Fall Table Setting

So much white makes this dining room feel squeeky clean! It’s a little glam and a whole lot of coastal with the white pumpkins and blue starfish accents on the table.

White and Blue Breezey Beachy White Table Setting For Fall
source: breezy fall home tour by house of turquoise

5. Blue and Cream Holiday Table

Keep you table feeling festive with a tablecloth like this cream colored one. You can use any color plates and candles to make your table design stand out.

This table has beachy blues and a coral twist.

Coral and muted blue accents on this coastal fall table
source: coastal holiday tablescape by h20bungalow

6. Rustic Coastal Table Centerpiece

Loveee this light wood rustic box as a centerpiece on this table. It really draws your eyes to it in the middle of this white living room with shiplap walls.

7. Copper Accents and Beachy Glass

Copper accents look so fun with all the white in this dining room. The centerpiece with coastal blue vases really gives this table a beachy feel.

Copper accents in a white dining room.  Coastal blue vases with beautiful flower arrangements on this dining room table.
source: fall home tour by craftberrybush

8. Gray Neutral Simple Fall Table

Gray and white are so simple but so dreamy. The piece of art on the wall with a beach wave is perfect for your coastal design.

An easy way to decorate your fall table – a center tray with a few pine cones!

Gray and white and modern with a simple fall centerpiece in this coastal dining room
source: simple fall home touches by https://www.housefullofsummer.com/

9. Casual Coastal Fall Tablescape

Make your dark wood dining table feel beach like this one here! White pumpkins pop against the darker color. Fun blue place settings.

Dark wood table with coastal blue accents on a casual coastal fall table
source: casual fall tablescape by artsychicksrule

10. Coastal Blue and Yellow Thanksgiving Table

Blue and yellow are two of my favorite color combinations. This might be my inspiration in my own home this year for my fall coastal decor!

I love the royal blue glass bottles that they put candles in. Such a good idea to add a pop of color. And of course some neutral colored pumpkins.

Royal blue and yellow accents for a fall tablescape
source: casual thanksgiving table design by sand&sisal

11. Beachy Boho Fall Table Design

Beach and bohemian – always a beautiful pairing. I love this fall table setting.

Beachy Boho Fall Table Design
source: beachy boho fall kitchen by starfishcottagebog

12. Muted Blues Fall Table Setting

I love the mesh of farmhouse and muted blues in this table scape. Cream colored pumpkins, burlap place mats, muted blue plates!

Fall Table Runner With Muted Coastal Blues
source: https://lifeonsummerhill.com/fall-table-runner/

13. Light Wood and Burlap Coastal

Light Wood Table With White Fall Thanksgiving Accents
source: https://www.instagram.com/coastalcheryl/

14. Simple Neutral Table Centerpiece

In my own home, this year I went with a simple neutral table centerpiece for Thanksgiving and fall. It took less than 5 minutes to put together and was super inexpensive!

Simple Neutral Table Centerpiece - 14 Beautiful Fall Table Settings For Your Neutral Coastal Home

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