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DIY Air Freshener Spray To Make Your House Smell Amazing

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Today we’re going to go through how to make a DIY Air Freshener Spray for your home! I love having my house smell fresh all the time but sometimes it’s hard to keep up with. Especially with dogs and house guests and everyone else coming in and out of the house, having an easy way to freshen up your rooms is so nice. I really want people to walk into my house and say “ahh this smells FRESH!” This recipe is a natural air freshener diy cleaner to put on your list today!

I made this air freshener spray with only a few household ingredients and I don’t think I’ll need to buy another air freshener at the store ever again! By using fabric softener, baking soda, and warm water, you can create the best smell everrrr.

It’s almost like Febreze but instead of spraying it on fabrics to remove an odor, you can spray this in the air for a fresh scent everywhere.

If you do want to make your own Febreze at home, check out this post.

How To Make DIY Air Freshener Spray

What can you use this DIY air freshener spray for?

Use as an air freshener your entire home

Spray on couch cushions

Spray around dining room chairs

Use on area rugs once they are clean

DIY freshening spray for your mattress

Spray on dog beds

NOTE: Airbnb hosts – have your cleaning team add this to their supplies. There’s nothing better than having your rental smell fresh like a 5 star hotel.

Step 1 – Start With An Empty Spray Bottle

I use these glass spray bottles for all my homemade cleaning products. They are durable and come with cute little chalk board labels. If you want to re-use the spray bottle for something else, just refill it and wipe the label clean.

Start With An Empty Spray Bottle For This Homemade Freshening Spray

Step 2 – Gather All Of Your Ingredients

Find a fabric softener that you like the smell of. The end result will be something very similar to this smell. I use the Downy Natural Blends because it is almost all plant based and also uses coconut oil! This blend is way better for you than some of the air fresheners that you buy in the store. There is a Honey Lavender one that smells amazinggggg.

Make your home smell amazing with this Fresh Spray!

Next ingredient is baking soda. Chances are you probably already have this in your pantry. If not, pick some up at the store or on Amazon.

I buy this huge bag of baking soda because I use it around the house for a lot of different things.

Side note, I love using baking soda as a carpet deodorizer – I mix it with my favorite essential oils and sprinkle on the area rugs before vacuuming. See how in this post.

Use 3 ingredients to make your house smell so fresh!  Honey lavender fabric softener, baking soda, and water!

Step 3 – Shake and Mix!

Once you have all the ingredients in the spray bottle, close it and shake to mix everything together.

Wait a few seconds and then you can begin using this around your home immediately.

Be ready to smell the freshness 🙂

Note: This is just for a fresh smell, not a disinfecting spray.

Shake and mix in a spray bottle for this amazing DIY air freshening spray

DIY Air Freshening Spray

DIY Air Freshener Spray

Yield: 1 Bottle
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 5 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

DIY Air Freshening Spray To Use At Home


  • 3 tablespoons fabric softener
  • 1 tablespoon baking soda
  • 2 cups of warm water


  1. Combine all ingredients in an empty spray bottle
  2. Shake to combine
  3. Spray around your home for a fresh scent

Hope you enjoy your fresh scented home after using this natural diy air freshener spray!

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