Bold + Colorful: Coastal Airbnb Design Inspiration

Guess what? I’m getting ready to start designing my next Airbnb project and I wanted to share some of my thoughts on how to come up with a design. I’m in the very early stages of getting this property up and running but I promise to share the outcome once it’s complete! For this property, I wanted to go with a bold and colorful coastal vibe. I’ve been searching the internet high and low for design inspiration and here is everything that I’m loving!

Design Ideas On Instagram

If you’re like me, I follow all of my favorite Airbnb pages and home designers on IG to see their stuff. I love home design but sometimes I just need some fresh ideas for what to do for the next project. Don’t we all??

If you’re looking for bold, colorful, standout short term rental spaces, you MUSTTT go follow It’s Bridgette Bitch on IG.

I first discovered her and her Airbnb design services because I follow all the other big influencers in the real estate investing space that focus on short term rentals like Robuilt. He’s used her design expertise on past Airbnb projects and the income numbers seem to speak for themselves!

Anyway, this colorful beach house design that Bridgette did recently is AMAZINGGGG for all things bright and beachy.

Check out the full listing design on her website here. Her and her team do full on design services, virtual stage, or a question and answer session about your space.

It’s tropical, unique, vibrant, and makes me want to be in my bathing suit by the pool sipping a spicy margarita.

The multi colored mural on the wall, paired with the mustard yellow corduroy sectional is a pairing made in heaven.

Also the teal velvet armchair in the corner. Extra seating is an essential for any Airbnb living room.

its bridgette bitch colorful coastal living room design

It looks like they did a hand painted mural on the accent wall in the living room too. I love that to be able to pick your paint color choices to fit your theme just right.

If you don’t have the budget for a custom mural, you can definitely find some bright coastal wallpaper to take it’s place.

Pair the bright colored wall, bold color sectional, and a neutral coffee table to complete the look. And maybe a beach or bust canvas.

Interior Designers

Another way I search for inspo is finding interior designers in the niche that I want to match the Airbnb vibe.

My process is the find a designer that does work like I want my Airbnb to look. Favorite their website and keep checking back for new projects!

You’ll always find something new to look at. It doesn’t have to be EXACTLY what you want your space to look like. But it will give you new and fresh trendy ideas to see what other people are loving.

I found Chango and love some of their bold beach house design.

Chango Bathroom Design Playful Yellow Green
photos and design:


If you don’t search for visual items on Pinterest, start now! Pinterest is the visual search engine that you’ll love to hate. Why? Because it’s addicting!! But if you’re searching for design ideas like I am, it’s a great way to see other space. Instead of having to dig through different company websites or other blogs on google, it’s right there in front of your eyes.

I found this playful summer cottage on Pinterest and it’s giving me all the summer, boating, beaching!

Playful summer cottage bold colors
photos and design:

Here’s an example of searching on Pinterest. I searched for color beach house ideas. This is just one of the amazing ideas I came across. The ideas are right in front or you AND they will suggest products. You can shop right from a post like this.

pinterest search coastal colorful cottage

Mood Boards

Once you have a vision in your head about a design for your space, it’s really helpful to create a mood board. This would be an example of furniture pieces, art, lamps, rugs, etc. that you think fit your theme.

For my person situation, I’m going for a coastal vibrant and color theme! So, as I’m gathering inspiration from across the internet and social media, I’m saving the pieces I love. Then, I can go back to them and create some kind of mood board!

Here’s what I came up with so far. I can’t wait to show you how this Airbnb design project comes out.

If you want to download the mood board with shopping links to the products, click here!

coastal vibrant moodboard airbnb design yellow pink teal

Hey, I’m Melissa.

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