The Best Small Bedroom Ideas Pinterest Has + Small Bedroom Hacks

Small bedroom ideas – Pinterest picks! I love Pinterest for so many things. I find a lot of my inspiration for home décor and how to decorate my beach house on there. Contents creators and always putting pins out there with their finished spaces.

Today I’m rounding up my favorite small bedroom ideas on Pinterest. Also, some tips on how to design your small bedroom. Sometimes less is more! These bedrooms may be tiny but they are full of characters and ideas for how to organize a small bedroom.

All of these bedrooms are also saved to my board on Pinterest specifically for small bedroom ideas. Go give it a follow!

small bedroom ideas from pinterest

A small bedroom with the bed in front of a window

In most bedroom designs, you wouldn’t want to put the bed directly in front of a window.

Here there is a large basket instead of a bench. Having a bench would take up too much space in this petite bedroom but the basket is cute and functional! (More basket organizing ideas here.)

Also notice the black mounted wall arm lamps. This saves space by having the lights mounted on the wall instead of sitting on the night stands.

And you guessed it – I found this bedroom on Pinterest! See the full small bedroom makeover here. It’s the perfect cozy style with great natural light and a bed you just want to jump into!

Coastal colors with built ins

If you’ve visited my blog before, you know that I love rooms with coastal style. The built ins in this small master bedroom are a clean white with a few coastal accents.

Ok, this room isn’t that small but it is not a large grand master bedroom.

Get a bedframe with built in storage

If you’re limited on storage space, using the space under your bed is a good way to use the space. Think about it, normally the space under your bed is just wasted.

They make bed frames with drawers that allow you to use this space like an extra dresser.


Use mirrors to make the room look larger

Another tip that will work in any small space. This bedroom pictured below is using 3 circular mirrors above the bed. This creates the look of additional space.

Small Bedroom White Black Tan and Round Mirrors
source: pinterest

Create a loft for your king sized bed

This is like a storage bed x10! If your room is small and you just must have a king sized bed, this loft style might be something to consider.

There is so much room underneath!

Place the bed against the wall

This bedroom/office combo designed by black & blooms is a tiny oasis! I found her design on Pinterest and decided to pop over to the blog post about this room makeover. It’s so thoughtful and eye catching.

What you don’t see in the picture below is that this small bedroom also has an office space! By putting the queen sized bed up against the wall, there was space on the other wall for something like a desk.

All of the hanging plants and wicker baskets to keep organized are a nice touch.

small space boho bedroom with wicker and greenery
photo and design by: black & blooms

Use floating shelving

Floating shelves are a great way to decorate your room without taking up space! I love this DIY floating shelf tutorial to create corner shelving.

Small bedroom makeover with DIY floating shelving
photo source: shanty 2 chic

Do you have a favorite small bedroom on Pinterest? I’m always looking for new ideas, leave me a link in the comments below.

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