Best Sheets For Your Airbnb: A Complete Guide (2023)

Best sheets for Airbnb – how do you choose what sheets to buy for your vacation rental? As an Airbnb host or vacation rental property owner, you want to make sure your guests are at ease. That starts with how comfortable your Airbnb mattress and sheets are. Make sure to get quality sheets that will stand the test of travelers in your short term rental.

In this post, we’re going through what the best Airbnb sheet options are to keep your guests happy and comfy. From premium sheet sets to budget options, there’s a lot of thought that goes into selecting sheets for your vacation rental. As an Airbnb Superhost since 2019, I have learned a lot, especially about a topic like sheets.

It may seem like a silly thing to be so important but trust me, it is! Guests will remember if they slept on comfortable sheets and want to come back in the future.

Airbnb Sheets - Everything you need to know

What colors sheets are best for my Airbnb?

Like the other bedding for your Airbnb, the sheets should be white. Why is white the best color for your Airbnb sheets? First, they give you the option to bleach them if they are stained! Second, they give a super clean luxury hotel vibe to your guests.

What color sheets should I use at my vacation rental

If you’ve been hosting or managing a furnished rental for a while now, you know that guests will damage things in your house, and that 100% includes the sheets and other bedding, no matter what color they are.

At least with clean white sheets, you are able to try to bleach them. With any other color, you don’t have this option. Believe me, stains will show on any color even if you don’t think they will. Even on black sheets!!

What are the best luxury sheets for Airbnb?

Upscale vacation rentals should offer the best quality sheets and bedding at their property. Premium sheets and bedding will come with a higher price tag but they are 100% worth it.

Cozy Earth has the best premium sheets that guests rave about

What are the best premium sheets for a furnished rental

A few reasons I recommend their super comfy bamboo sheets….

They’re breathable and temperature regulating. That means you won’t get those horrible sweats at night, even if you are in a hot and humid climate.

Oprah uses them! These sheets were on her Favorite Things list for the past 3 years in a row.

No harmful chemicals are used during the process of making them. Your guests will take extra comfort in knowing this and get a great nights sleep.

Are bamboo sheets good for an upscale vacation rental?

Bamboo sheets would be perfect for a luxury, more exclusive, upscale rental.

Why bamboo? It’s lightweight, stays cooler at night, and does not retain bacteria like cotton does. When talking bamboo vs. cotton, bamboo sheets will win you over every time.

What are the best budget sheets for Airbnb?

When I’m looking for budget options for any items at my Airbnb, I turn to Amazon and Wayfair. Both of these sites have so many options with different price ranges. My favorite set of sheets on Amazon are under $20 right now!

best budget sheets for vacation rentals or Airbnbs

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Go get yourself a set of these sheets if you are looking for a cheap but durable option. These sheets are especially great if you have many beds at your Airbnb. Buying in multiples can add up quickly.

White sheets on Wayfair

White sheets on Amazon

Are the Airbnb sheets really that important?

As an Airbnb host, the sheets are most definitely an important part of furnishing your Airbnb. Think about it, don’t you want to be comfortable when sleeping at your own home? Wouldn’t you want the same or better experience while on vacation?

How many extra sheet sets should I leave at an Airbnb?

how many sheet sets to leave for guests

The more the better, just in case an accident happens. My advice is to leave the extra extra Airbnb sheets in a locked closet so guests can’t help themselves. Since I started running an Airbnb remotely, I make sure that there are two sets of backup sheets and bedding per bed.

You should leave one extra set of sheets per bed that Airbnb guests can access. In case you get bad guests, you don’t want them to be able to use all of your backups. This can cause problems during a turnover flip where you have guests checking out and in on the same day.

Should my cleaners wash the sheets even if the bed wasn’t used?

YES. YES. OMG YES. If you are providing bedding at your Airbnb, you need to wash everything in between guests. Washing the sheets and towels are what take up a large portion of time after check out. A lot of guests don’t understand this when they are paying for the Airbnb cleaning fee.

Even if a bed doesn’t look like it was used, you don’t know for sure. Your cleaning company or turnover service should always clean every sheet set that was on the beds at your Airbnb.

There is no telling what guests have or haven’t done even if the bed looks untouched.

What happens if a guest stains the sheets?

The question should really be when a guests stains the sheets. This will happen – no matter what type of vacation rental you are running.

The first step is not to panic, it will be okay. This is one of the reason that extra sheets should be left for guests and that backups are available in a locked closet.

Use the backup set of sheets if you have a same day turnover. You can try bleaching the sheets – which is the #1 reason for using white sheets.

what to do when guests leave stains on sheets

I have done this in the past and it has worked like a charm! It is not 100% that the stain will come out with bleach though. So make sure your cleaners double check after bleaching to ensure the stain is gone.

If the stain can’t be removed, don’t worry, they’re just sheets. Throw them away and move on.

Don’t forget to replace the bad sheets with a new set of good ones for back ups.

So, where can I buy the best sheets for Airbnb?

Premium white bed sheets: Cozy Earth

Standard bed sheets: Wayfair

Budget bed sheets: Amazon

We hope you are now prepared to pick out some sheet sets for your Airbnb. Drop us a comment below with any questions.

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  1. I’m tempted to try the Cozy Earth sheets because they sound incredible, but the care instructions on their website says “no bleach” which kind of defeats the purpose of using them for my Airbnb. What has your experience been when bleaching them? Not sure why they recommend against it unless it damages the fabric in some way.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome tips!

  2. Very helpful article. Just to add my two cents, I have had many Airbnb hosts recommend Direct Textile Store, as they actually sell hotel sheets. I’ve been very happy with the sheets and towels I’ve gotten so far and it’s a more affordable option.

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