Benefits of Polished Concrete Floors for Your Airbnb

Whether you’re a seasoned Airbnb host or just starting, you know how much work goes into managing a property. Between routine upkeep and advertising your place, there aren’t enough hours in the day. The right interior finishings can make your life easier and entice renters to book your property. There are so many benefits of polished concrete floors for your Airbnb that you’ll wonder why you hadn’t considered it before!

They’re Simple To Maintain

One of the best features of polished concrete flooring is its easy maintenance. All your guests will need to do is sweep daily and promptly wipe up spills. As the property owner, you can add optional steps to maintain the floors beyond basic cleaning.

If your Airbnb property gets a lot of traffic, you should plan to reseal the floor every few years. A sealant protects polished concrete by creating a barrier and preventing the floor from absorbing stains. Adding sealant will make the floors even easier to clean.

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They Offer Unique Design Options

If you want to create a showstopping design in your Airbnb, polished concrete flooring offers many ways to add a unique touch. You can opt for concrete stains in earth tones for an inviting look or moody tones for a sleek, modern appearance.

If a simple floor doesn’t suit your style, installers can add texture with rubber stamps. Your concrete floors can look like brick or tile at a fraction of the cost.

The unique options with concrete make it one of the best flooring materials for rentals.

They Can Withstand Flood Damage

If your Airbnb is in a place with high flood risk, polished concrete is a great option for flooring. Treating polished concrete with a sealant will protect it from water damage, unlike other types of flooring.

For example, hardwood flooring can’t handle standing water; the boards can warp and require a complete replacement. Even ceramic tile and vinyl plank flooring can face damage if water seeps into the subflooring.

One of the benefits of polished concrete floors for your Airbnb is that it will reduce your renovation budget.

They’re Cost-Effective

While luxury vinyl plank flooring is a cost-effective choice, it might not fit every Airbnb’s aesthetic. That said, hardwood or tile flooring might not work with the rental. For example, hardwood floors could face sand and saltwater damage on a beachfront property.

If you’re marketing a high-end property, opting for polished concrete floors will transform the space without breaking your budget. You’ll also have more room in the budget for area rugs, furniture, and décor.

They Can Be a Luxury Amenity

Concrete floors feel cool to the touch, which is a refreshing bonus in warm climates. If your Airbnb setting is known for its snow or chilly temperatures, a cold floor might turn away some vacationers.

A solution is to add radiant heating to your polished concrete floors. While this is simpler in new builds, you can install radiant heating on top of the existing concrete and pour a new layer of concrete on top.

Heated floors are a luxury amenity that could entice renters to choose your property over another.

Smart flooring choices for your Airbnb property will save you a headache down the road. Choosing a durable material like polished concrete will also help you make a statement with your design.

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