Beach Themed Bedroom Ideas: How To Create A Coastal Bedroom

A beach themed bedroom done right is something that will never go out of style. Color schemes for beachy bedrooms include whites, shades of blues, coral, grays, and any color that reminds you of the ocean. We have put together an easy guide for beach bedroom decor and how to to get a beautiful coastal look in your bedroom today. Scroll down for my favorite beach themed bedroom ideas.

If you are looking to refresh your bedroom and bring in a more coastal vibe, use these ideas and inspiration for how to create a beach bedroom today.

How To Create A Beach Themed Bedroom

What is a coastal style bedroom?

A coastal style bedroom brings a certain aesthetic and vibe that makes you feel like you’re at the beachy. There are many different variations of a beach themed bedroom. They can range from neutral colored with calming coastal accents to bright and bold with colors like the ocean and sunset.

A beachy bedroom can be modern, rustic, traditional, etc all at the same time. Coastal colors like whites, shades of blue, pops of yellow or coral, will bring that beachy feel to your bedroom!

Whether you have a small bedroom or a large master suite, a beach theme will always feel relaxing.

Cailini coastal bedding in beach themed bedroom - light blue and white
Bedding on Cailini Coastal

How do I make my bed look beachy?

The bed is the centerpiece of any bedroom. For a beach themed bedroom look, the first step is to make your bedding have that coastal look. Depending on what you want your design to look like, you may want to choose a more neutral bedding or something that has a pop of color.

First, start with a comfy set of sheets to make your bedroom feel relaxing.. especially when it’s time to go to sleep! A clean white color is always a good option for a coastal room. You won’t really see the sheets once you make the bed so just pick something that feels comfortable.

My favorite sheets on Amazon are these jersey knit sheets.

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Next, decide what type of comforter or duvet you want to use. A clean white color is always a good option for coastal style. Blue and white stripes, a solid beachy blue duvet, or a fun tropical patterned comforter would look great.

If your duvet or comforter is a simple color, add pillows for a pop of color and texture.

Add a throw blanket across the bottom of the bed for a final touch on your cozy coastal bed.

boho chic beach themed bedroom
via minted interiors

Do I have to live by the beach to have a beachy bedroom?

Absolutely not! You do not need to live near a beach or lake or body of water to decorate coastal or beachy. It’s a personal preference and if you don’t live near the beach but wish you did, it’s a great way to bring the beach to you. Beach themed bedroom decor can be used no matter what area you live in.

If you want to move to the beach, I highly suggest it! Aside from the coastal decor everywhere, you’ll have the ability to stick your toes in the sand whenever you want.

OK, back to talking about some more coastal bedroom ideas….

Cailini Coastal Naragansett Duvet Beach Bedroom
Narragansett Duvet on Cailini Coastal

What kind of decor should I use in my beach themed bedroom?

There are many ways to incorporate beachy decor in your bedroom. One of the best ways to highlight your beach theme is with a coastal rug. Choosing a coastal style rug that pairs well with the color scheme you choose will really make it come to life.

Here are some of my favorite places online to get coastal decor for the bedroom…

Beth Lindsey design - galveston master bedroom beach theme - blue and white striped coastal rug, wicker bed frame, driftwood bench, seafoam green night stands, sailboat art above bed
via beth lindsey

Another way to to add some coastal art. Beachy painting can come in a variety of colors and shapes.

Adding summer paintings to the wall is another creative décor to add to your beach-themed bedroom. These colorful summer paintings help to improve texture, create a focal point, and ensure harmonious flow. It will also complement other beachy features present in the bedroom.

What is the best wall color for a coastal bedroom?

Painting your bedroom a beachy color is one of the keys to creating a coastal style bedroom. Depending on what theme you are going with, a variety of paint colors in the blue, white, gray, coral spectrum are a great option.

In my beach bungalow refresh, we painted the walls an ocean color blue. This is one of my favorite colors for a beachy theme – I also used it in my own living room.

Paint Color – Watery by Sherwin Williams

What kind of bedding should I use for my coastal style?

The bedding is one of the most import parts of decorating your bedroom. It can add a lot to a specific style you are going for – especially for beachy bedding. Coastal bedding can come in so many different colors and patterns.

Oceanside Retreat Bedroom By Lisa Michael Interiors
photo & design: lisa michael interiors
Coastal Beach House Bedroom In Boca Raton By Eve Joss Interior Design
photo & design: rooms by eve

What types of themes can I use for a beach house bedroom?

I love picking a theme or color scheme for a room and sticking with it. There are so many different coastal style themes that you can incorporate into any bedroom in your house. Here are a few of my favorites…

  • Ocean themed bedroom
  • Nautical style bedroom
  • Calm coastal bedroom
  • Neutral coastal bedroom
  • Tropical bedroom
  • Pineapple bedroom
  • Colorful coastal bedroom
  • Flamingo bedroom
  • Cottage style bedroom
  • Minimalistic coastal bedroom

What colors should I use for a beach style master bedroom?

The colors that are most used for a beach themed bedroom are:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Turquoise
  • Seafoam Green
  • Beige
  • Coral
  • Gray
  • Yellow

Here is a recap of how to create a beachy bedroom!

  1. Choose a specific coastal style
  2. Pick a color scheme
  3. Decide what color to paint the walls
  4. Get beachy bedding
  5. Decorate with beach themed bedroom decor
  6. Relax and enjoy :)

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