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Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas

Breaking out the coastal Thanksgiving decor is the start of the holiday season!

Pumpkins, wreaths, burlap, festive place settings, and a whole bunch of food and family time.

Are you staying home or getting away for the next Thanksgiving holiday?? Either way, make your Thanksgiving shine with fun accent pieces.

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Must have items for the holiday! Pumpkins, wreaths, burlap, festive place settings, and a whole bunch of food and family time.

Finding new coastal Thanksgiving decorating ideas is always so much fun.

Each year I search the web for unique coastal holiday decor finds to add to my collection so that I can create a fun Thanksgiving look around my home.

Here are some of my favorite Coastal Thanksgiving Decor staples!

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Blue Pumpkin With Starfish

Blue Beachside Pumpkin

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Seashell Pumpkin

Seashell Pumpkin Thanksgiving Decor

There are so many pumpkin decor options out there. It’s a perfect way to fit the holiday twist into your own style.

Thanksgiving decorations are typically not in a beachy color scheme which makes finding items that fit a little more difficult.

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Pumpkin Pillowcase

Pumpkin Beach Pillow Cover

Changing your pillow covers or simply adding a few thanksgiving themed pillows is one easy way to decorate for this holiday.

Search for items that say “Give Thanks” or “Grateful”

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Nautical Coastal Wreath

Coastal Nautical Wreath

Don’t just stick to the inside of your house for the beachy Thanksgiving feel – a coastal wreath on your front door will make your home a stand out.

Get a handmade coastal wreath for a unique touch.

Beach house wreath

A few Thanksgiving theme prints and signs scattered throughout your home are a perfect reminder to “Be Grateful”.

Make it easy by changing the print in frames you already have hanging or on bookshelves around the house.

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Be Grateful Pumpkin Print

Be Grateful Blue Pumpkin Thanksgiving Print

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Glitter Wood Shell Pumpkin

Mini Wood Pumpkin With Glitter and Shells

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Turquoise Burlap Pumpkins

Turquoise Burlap Pumpkins

Don’t forget about the table! As family and friends gather around to eat a delicious meal and enjoy time together, you’ll want to make sure your table looks cute!

Incorporating burlap place settings is the perfect neutral way to play with your beachy theme.

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Neutral Place mat Burlap

Natural and Teal Burlap Placemats

Set of Pumpkin Thanksgiving Pillow Covers

Coastal Thanksgiving Decor Ideas - Beachy Wood Pumpkin

Beach Style Wood Pumpkin

Coastal Pumpkin Art

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