8 Airbnb Tips To Get Noticed (From A Short Term Rental Photographer)

As an Airbnb host, I’m always trying to gather information from other hosts and what makes them succeed. In one of the Facebook groups for short term rental owners and operators (Professional Hosts), one of the Airbnb photographers gave some great advice to catch the attention of guests and make your rental stand out!

As you probably know, photos and amenities are the ONLY thing that guests are going to book a reservation on. They don’t get a chance to see your property in person before reservation so making sure you have the best pictures and unique amenities is #1.

Making sure your rental is staged properly and stocked will also come across in your photos.

Let’s see what Sam Smith from Smith Family Media has to say!

airbnb dining space photo suede blue green wall

I’m an STR photographer and I get a chance to visit many rental properties so I decided to put a little list of things I personally think can catch guests attention and make your rental stand out.

See some of my favorite shots as examples.

1. Coffee Bar!

I’m a big coffee drinker and I personally would consider property which has nice coffee bar setup.

TIP: Create a practical coffee bar that Airbnb guests will love.

Airbnb coffee bar wood console
Coffee Bar View

2. Wine bar!

My second favorite drink after coffee having a bottle of wine with glasses will definitely attract attention and put right thoughts in people mind

3. Bright colors in interior

Red chairs, orange sofa or even colored pillows can grab my attention and be a key factor for me to look further in to listing

surf pink blue bedroom

Back yard/patio area

I love spending evening outside with my wife after putting kids to bed. Fire pit is definitely an amazing idea, string lights to add romantic touch or even hammock to feel that vacation vibe. Twilight shots are must to show how your property looks with night lights on.

pool at dusk airbnb photo twighlight shot

5. Interior details

Little signs, lamps, pictures, art pieces all of those create a cozy atmosphere. Don’t leave your rental empty and bold.

6. Rational use of space

Extra chair, cushion, table, hammock maybe a little bar. All those will be noticed and add value to your property in people’s eyes. I see a lot of places with huge back yards or living rooms yet very empty and on another hand small units where each sq. ft. was used and tastefully decorated.

airbnb game room pool table blue
desk setup with laptop

7. Location

Make best use of your location and use photographer who offer drone photos. That’s the best way to show how far you located from interesting points in your area.

8. Talk to your photographer

Share your vision and ask their opinion. Good one always willing to help to make sure job done right 😉

Hope that helps and if anyone need any advice on photos for their rental. Reach out to Smith Family Media for help!

blue coastal airbnb bathroom
partial bedroom photo through doorway blue and tan

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