11 Airbnb Theme Ideas To Catch More Attention

As an Airbnb host, we are all looking for the best way to stand out to potential guests. One way to do this is to design your property’s décor around a popular theme to give your guests a unique experience. Knowing some of the top Airbnb theme ideas will help you in this area!

Besides giving travelers a place to stay, the Airbnb culture is all about experiences. Easy access to entertainment, restaurants, hiking trails, theme parks, etc. are some of the perks of staying at an Airbnb. You can make your guests’ stay even more pleasurable by extending their experiences while staying in your themed vacation rental.

Choosing the Right Theme

Choosing an Airbnb theme might be easier than you think. Consider the location of your rental property and take inspiration from the things you love about it. Is there a theme park nearby? Perhaps your Airbnb is located in a woodsy area that’s serene and natural. Take cues from your surroundings to create a cohesive themed rental that complements the neighborhood around it.

*Note: Stick to just one theme in your Airbnb. Trying to create a different theme in each room will make your rental feel chaotic and confused. If your initial theme is beach-inspired, don’t try forcing pirate-themed décor into the space. While the two themes do go together, they are different enough to feel cluttered and not well thought out. Choose one theme and carry it throughout the house.

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Should You DIY Your Design or Hire an Interior Decorator?

You may be inclined to design your Airbnb’s theme yourself to save money, and that’s totally fine if you have an eye for design and the time to do it right.

There’s more to decorating a house than just displaying trinkets on a shelf, though, so if you aren’t sure where to start, consider hiring a professional interior decorator to make your vacation rental stand out and attract more guests.

Why should you hire an interior decorator to style your Airbnb?

  • Save you time – A professional decorator handles every aspect of decorating your rental. From planning and researching to shopping and designing, your interior decorator does it all, so you don’t have to.
  • They know their stuff – When it comes to decorating a home, interior decorators know trends, colors, furnishings, and more. This knowledge is crucial to creating a themed atmosphere your guests will rave about and remember forever.
  • Increases your property value – If you have an interior decorator style your vacation home, it’ll up its value and allow you to charge a higher nightly rate.
  • Increased bookings – When people go on vacation, they want an outstanding experience. If your Airbnb looks inviting and put together, it will attract more guests, who will ultimately tell their friends about it, thus increasing your bookings.
  • Long-lasting results – Durability is important when operating a short-term rental. You want furnishings that can withstand all kinds of abuse, as well as fabrics and linens that can take numerous washings. An interior decorator understands the unique nature of short-term rentals and will outfit your Airbnb with things that can withstand the abuses of a rental property.

Tips for DIY Airbnb Design Themes

If you have an idea for a theme for your rental and you already have some décor items and the resources to purchase anything else you need, don’t hesitate to style your Airbnb yourself.

Many an Airbnb owners have done so and successfully created a personal experience their guests rave about. I did this myself with my Beach Bungalow and my soon to be Airbnb I’m calling The Barefoot Bungalow.

Keep these tips in mind as you go about designing a theme for your vacation property.

  1. Think about the geographical location of your Airbnb and design a theme around that. Consider the history of the area or any recreation spots that bring visitors in.
  2. Work with what you have and then purchase anything else you need to bring your theme together.
  3. Don’t forget to update your online presence. Write new descriptions and upload new Airbnb photos to let your visitors know you’re ready to welcome them in. Use descriptive words like “magical” and “serene” to give your rental a welcoming vibe.
  4. Use aromatherapy to further enhance your guests’ experiences while staying in your rental. For example, use essential oils and soaps that tie into your overall theme. Sea salt scented body wash is a great addition in a beach-themed Airbnb.
  5. Don’t think you have to style the entire house at once. If decorating skill or funds are lacking, keep things simple and neutral. Work on one room at a time and expect that some guests will appreciate a neutral space to gather in if the rest of the home is lively themed.
  6. Finally, choose paintings, pictures, and murals to adorn the walls. Kids especially love large, colorful displays so include murals in the bedrooms of popular characters such as Spiderman and Elsa.

Top Airbnb Theme Ideas to Give Your Guests an Experience They’ll Never Forget

You are only limited by your own imagination when it comes to choosing a theme for your Airbnb. Let’s go through some of the best options for theming out your rental to get the attention of more potenial guests.

A Family-Friendly Disney Theme

Who doesn’t love Disney? If your rental is located near a Disney theme park, this is the perfect theme to keep your guests’ experience going well after they leave the park.

I would say this is one of the most popular themes if you are within 30 minutes of a Disney theme park. Families with kids will favor your rental over a boring hotel.

Cinderella Disney Theme Airbnb Bedroom
photo: airbnb

*Tip: Be sure to include a collection of Disney movies for your guests to enjoy on rainy days or during downtime.

Make your Disney themed Airbnb unique by getting inspiration from other Airbnb spaces around you… like this Ultimate Cinderella Castle.

A Book Lover’s Theme

For the guests that love to escape into the literary world with a good book, a literary-themed vacation spot may be just what the doctor ordered. This theme idea can celebrate specific authors or books, or simply feature floor-to-ceiling bookshelves full of classics and popular works alike.

Book Themed Airbnb Bedroom
photo: airbnb

Victorian-Themed Airbnb

If your vacation home is older, a Victorian theme might be a great fit. Chandeliers and luxurious 4-poster beds will help bring this theme together to take your guests back in time and make them feel like royalty.

Victorian House Short Term Rental
photo: airbnb

A Rustic “Glamping” Theme

If your rental is situated in a rustic landscape, creating a glamping theme will bring camping enthusiasts in droves. Glamping is trending these days, and it’s simple to create this look with a few strategically hung light strings and a few camping-inspired furnishings.

Airbnb has even added this to their newly created “categories”.

glamping tent airbnb rental washington
hideaway tent on airbnb

Place a firepit out back and you’ll make your guests extremely happy campers. Just make sure to set guidelines for cleaning this type of area. Or else you will have some extra cleaning fees as a host.

Show Your College Pride

Whether your rental is located near a popular college campus, or you simply want to pay homage to your own college alma mater, you can create a fun space for your guests with a college themed Airbnb.

Decorate your rental with the colors of the school and include a foosball and/or pool table to give it a real college vibe. This theme won’t be for everyone but will attract the right crowd.

Star Wars Themed Rental Idea

The love of the Star Wars series spans generations, so you can’t go wrong with a Star Wars themed rental, especially if it’s located near a theme park of the same genre.

star wars living room theme airbnb
photo: star wars airbnb

Whether you want to recreate the inside of the Millennium Falcon or the deserts of Tatoonine, any Star Wars fan will appreciate the experience of visiting a galaxy far, far away when they stay in your vacation rental.

A Pirates of the Caribbean Theme

We mentioned pirates earlier in this post, so we’d be remiss if we didn’t include Pirates of the Caribbean as a theme for your Airbnb. After all, who doesn’t love Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow?

pirates of caribbean theme airbnb
book on airbnb

Décor for this attention-getting theme includes skulls and crossbones, hammocks for lounging in, and plenty of pirate’s flags hung about the house. This theme is great for rentals located near a Disney theme park.

A Stranger Things Upside Down Theme

With Netflix’s Stranger Things series the talk of the town these days, a Stranger Things themed Airbnb will likely bring in a ton of bookings. Your guests will love traveling to the Upside Down in an 80’s inspired house complete with Christmas lights to take photos in front of.

This theme is sure a little strange for some – but for lovers of the series on Netflix, they will love it!

Barbie’s Dreamhouse

Every little girl has dreamed of living in Barbie’s dream house at some point. Even grown women can appreciate the fun, childish excitement that a home like that brings to mind. Recreating that luxurious pink environment is easy as you literally just need to envelope your rental in shades of pink.

barbie themed airbnb kitchen
Photo: Barbie House Listing on Airbnb

This girl’s dream-come-true is sure to appeal to young and old alike, especially for birthday and bridal shower celebrations.

The bathroom is another staple in this space. It may not scream Barbie right away but the pink flamingos on the wallpaper are a unique feature.

pink flamingo wallpaper in airbnb bathroom

A Coastal Retreat Beach House Theme

Since I am an Airbnb host for properties in a small beach town area, this is one theme that I am very familiar with! I’m a sucker for coastal decor and any kind of beachy colors.

If your property is close to the beach, add a few pops of turquoise blues and a few cute beach signs. This will make your beach Airbnb theme idea come to life!

california coastal airbnb house
photo: california airbnb

The Airbnb business is a competitive one. With more than 7 million listings on Airbnb, you must go above and beyond to make your vacation home stand out from the rest. Creating a themed experience for your guests is a great way to do this, and the ideas listed above are popular choices any guest is sure to love.

Do you have a favorite Airbnb theme that you want to share? Leave a comment below!

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