Airbnb Staging – Tips To Design & Stock Your Vacation Rental

What is Airbnb staging? To sum to it, staging an Airbnb consists of furnishing a home from top to bottom with all the amenities a guest would need. This includes furniture, art work, décor pieces, stocking the kitchen and bathrooms, towels, sheets, and so much more. There a lot of work and detail that can go into setting up a property for short term or vacation guests. In this post, I’m sharing everything you need to get started.

Airbnb Staging 101:  How to setup your rental for optimal guest bookings

Staging a home can be a lot of work if it’s something you’ve never done before. It takes time and thought. There’s a lot that goes into it so hopefully this post helps make your vacation rental staging process a little bit easier.

Can I Stage My Airbnb Myself?

Absolutely! I have done this with my 2 Airbnb’s in Palm Beach, Florida. If home decor is something you love picking out, furnished and stocking your Airbnb DIY style may be the best option for you.

Do I Need To Be An Interior Designer?

Definitely not. There are so many ways to look for ideas and inspiration out there.

The best way to design a space if you have no experience is to pick a theme or style, google it or search on Pinterest, and find a few images that you love.

Save these off or print them out and start searching for similar decor items! Wayfair is my go to shop online to find almost anything. They have so many style and color options and even a section dedicated to short term rentals!

Airbnb Staging Services

Another option with staging your vacation rental property is to hire a professional. There are a lot of companies out there that specialize in staging Airbnb’s.

Depending on your overall needs, you can look for someone in your area that does vacation rental staging in person or hire someone online!

For example, Impressive Home Staging offers in person packages that are specific to Airbnb’s and VRBO properties. If you’re someone that really doesn’t know where to start when it comes to furnishing a property for guests, this may be the way to go the first time around!

impressive home staging bedroom for airbnb - airbnb staging service
photo source: impressive home staging

An Airbnb staging service can help you narrow down a look and feel, give you a mood board with potential furniture and decor ideas, or furnished and stock the entire house from top to bottom!

Weather you just need some ideas or want an end to end package, they can definitely help you.

Just like with a typical home sale, staging your space the right way will help get more attention. This will lead to more bookings and more money in your pocket.

Vacation Rental Staging Do’s & Don’t

DO: Pay Attention to the details

Paying attention to the details is so important when it comes to a short term rental property. So, what are some little things to pay attention to that will attract more guests? (that you might not think off!)

DO: Keep it simple

While making sure all the amenities that guests need is important, you also want to keep things simple. There is no need to load every wall with art or stock 20 plates in the kitchen when your unit only sleeps 6.

Keep it simple by leaving the essentials for every room and not what guests don’t need. This will keep things organized and uncluttered.

By doing this, you will have less to worry about breaking and replacing, and your cleaners will be happy the less there is to keep in its place!

DON’T: Spend too much money on furniture or decor

I’m all about creating a budget a sticking to it when it comes to a rental. There are tons of ways to furnish your Airbnb on a budget and not go overboard. Of course you want everything to look immaculate but that doesn’t necessarily mean over spending.

DO: Have a theme or general look & feel

You decor should represent what type of vacation experience you want people to have. This may be related to where you Airbnb is located or what attractions are near the rental.

For example, if you’re located in a beach town, a coastal theme may be best. If you’re targeting families that are going to Disney World, pick a theme with Disney characters that kids will love.

What are some important things to include that wouldn’t normally be in your own home?

Welcome Table – a dedicated area or table with local information, house rules, wi-fi, checkout procedures, a welcome gift, and anything else to want guests to know.

A Coffee Station – somewhere to keep your coffee maker and all of the coffee/tea supplies that you provide to guests.

barefoot bungalow airbnb coffee bar stocked with coffee supplies

Labels – if there are any light switches or cabinets that may be confusing off the bat, label them! It’s an easy way to show guests that you want their stay to be easy. I use the Brother P-Touch Smartphone Label Maker.

Airbnb Staging Inspiration

One of my favorite places to get staging ideas for any Airbnb space is Airbnb directly! Search for properties in your area or a similar area to see what others are doing.

This will allow you so see what comes up in the search first. Maybe they have a stand out view or a unique amenity. The photos on Airbnb listings will definitely churn up some great ideas!

The Cottage On The Cape – Cape Coral, Florida

Cottage on the Cape - Airbnb Living Room Design
photo source: airbnb listing

Reunion Florida Family Home

Coastal Modern Open Living Dining Kitchen Airbnb
photo source: airbnb listing

The Coconut Cottage

surf chic living room design for airbnb
photo source: airbnb listing

What’s your favorite thing to add to your Airbnb staging process? We’d love your feedback in the comments below!

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