7 Airbnb Outdoor Space Ideas To Attract More Guests (+ Get More Bookings)

When it comes to vacation rentals, creating an impressive outdoor space can be the key to attracting potential guests and receiving rave reviews. As an Airbnb host, maximizing your property’s outdoor area is a good idea to provide a way for guests to relax and have a good time. In this blog post, we’ll explore a variety of creative ideas and small changes that can turn your outdoor space into a perfect oasis for your Airbnb property.

From my personal experience, having outdoor amenities at your Airbnb will go a long way. Potential guests are more inclined to book your property over others that don’t offer the same! Even if it’s just a covered patio space or lounge chairs in a warm climate. Or a fire pit area for those chilly nights in a cooler climate. Take it a step further and add a mini putt-putt area (I did this at my two Airbnb’s and guests love it!)

barefoot bungalow airbnb small putting green

Designing a Welcoming Outdoor Area


Your Airbnb listing begins at the front door and the first impression matters. Consider enhancing your property’s curb appeal by focusing on the front porch and entryway. A well-designed front porch with attractive porch lights and a stylish welcome mat will leave a lasting impression on potential guests.

Welcoming Porch Ideas:

Add Plants: Everyone loves fresh flowers, but for an Airbnb, some artificial shrubbery and plants can do just the trick. The right choices can look amazing, as well as be low maintenance.

Use some Paint: Just a tiny pop of color can really transform your space. Consider choosing a bold color, with a contrasting trim.

Welcome Mat: Choosing the right welcome mat can be all the difference. Using a funny or clever slogan is always fun.

Add a Seasonal Wreath: A seasonal wreath can help to give your Airbnb a more homey feel. You can DIY your wreath or grab one ready to go here.

Creating Comfortable Lounge and Seating Areas

covered sitting area with comfortable gray couch

One of the best ways to enhance your Airbnb outdoor space is by providing comfortable lounge and seating areas. Invest in outdoor furniture that is not only stylish but also cozy and inviting. Chaise lounges, plush pillows, and well-designed seating arrangements can transform a small space into a comfortable oasis.

For properties with limited outdoor space, consider utilizing porch swings or compact furniture to optimize the available area. Outdoor umbrellas provide shade and protection from the sun, allowing guests to enjoy the outdoors even on hot days.

Fire Pit Area

Having a fire pit area at an Airbnb property can be a desirable feature for many guests. It offers a unique and enjoyable experience, especially during colder months or for those who enjoy spending evenings outdoors.

Here are some points to consider when deciding whether a fire pit area is suitable for your Airbnb property:

cape coral airbnb outdoor fire pit seating area
Tropical Retreat in Cape Coral, Florida
  1. Attractiveness: A well-designed fire pit area in your short term rental can enhance the overall appeal of your property, providing a cozy and inviting atmosphere for guests.
  2. Seasonal Appeal: Fire pits are particularly popular during cooler seasons when guests can gather around the fire, roast marshmallows, or simply enjoy the warmth. This can extend the rental season and attract guests during off-peak periods.
  3. Social Space: Fire pits often encourage social interaction among guests, fostering a sense of community and allowing for memorable experiences. It can be an attractive feature for families, couples, or groups of friends staying at your property.

Enhancing the Dining Experience

wood outdoor dining table with coastal accents

Designating an outdoor dining space is a good idea to encourage guests to enjoy meals alfresco. Whether it’s a picnic table or the addition of a dining set, creating a dedicated outdoor dining area adds a touch of elegance and functionality.

Consider adding creative touches to the dining area, such as flower beds, elegant arrangements, and Bluetooth speakers. These small details can create a delightful ambiance and make dining outdoors a memorable experience for your guests. To extend the usability of the dining area into cooler months, consider outdoor heaters or a fire pit for added warmth.

Greenery and Landscaping

Integrating greenery and landscaping elements into your outdoor space is essential for creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. Choose low-maintenance plants that are suitable for your property’s location to ensure they thrive with minimal upkeep.

Flower beds add pops of color and can be strategically placed to create visual interest. They are a great option for enhancing the overall aesthetics of your outdoor area. Additionally, consider incorporating hedges or green walls to provide privacy and enhance curb appeal.

Catering to Special Occasions and Events

If your property has a large backyard or ample outdoor space, consider promoting it as an event venue or an Airbnb wedding venue. By highlighting the potential for hosting gatherings or special occasions, you can attract a different target market and increase your rental income.

Backyard studios can be a valuable addition to your property, providing additional rental units for larger groups or serving as creative workspaces. This versatility adds value to your outdoor space and expands the possibilities for potential guests.

Creating Outdoor Rooms

covered patio outdoor room yellow blue accents wood dining table

Designing outdoor rooms is a great way to maximize your Airbnb outdoor space. By dividing the available area into distinct zones, you can create separate spaces for lounging, dining, and relaxation. This arrangement allows guests to enjoy different activities simultaneously while maximizing the functionality of the whole area.

Consider using different types of furniture, such as lounge areas with plush pillows and outdoor rugs for the relaxation zone, and a dining area with a table and chairs for the dining zone. This intentional separation provides your guests with a variety of options to enjoy the outdoors to the fullest.

Add Some Fun!

bocce ball area for airbnb outdoor space

In addition to creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor space, incorporating outdoor games can be a fantastic way to entertain your guests and enhance their experience. Whether you have a large backyard or a small living area, providing options for outdoor games adds an element of fun and creates lasting memories. These will definitely count in the guests eyes as extra outdoor amenities for Airbnb!

Here are some popular outdoor games and tips for incorporating them into your Airbnb outdoor space:

  • Classic Games:
    • Cornhole: Set up a cornhole board and bean bags for a friendly competition. This game is easy to learn and enjoyed by people of all ages.
    • Bocce Ball: Create a designated bocce ball court with compacted sand or gravel. Guests can engage in strategic gameplay while enjoying the fresh air.
    • Croquet: Set up a croquet course in your outdoor area and provide mallets and balls. It’s a traditional game that offers a touch of elegance and friendly competition.
  • Giant Outdoor Games:
    • Giant Jenga: Invest in a giant Jenga set, where players take turns removing blocks from a tower without toppling it. This game adds excitement and suspense to any outdoor gathering.
    • Connect Four: Set up an oversized Connect Four game, where guests can strategize and compete against each other. It’s a visually appealing and engaging game for both kids and adults.
    • Lawn Twister: Create a colorful Twister board on your lawn using spray paint or stencils. Guests can twist and contort themselves in a fun-filled game of outdoor Twister.
  • Active Games:
    • Volleyball: If you have ample space, set up a volleyball net and provide a volleyball for guests to enjoy a friendly match. It’s a great way to promote physical activity and social interaction.
    • Badminton: Hang a badminton net in your outdoor area and provide rackets and shuttlecocks. Guests can engage in friendly matches or casual play.
    • Frisbee: Have a few Frisbees available for guests to toss around. It’s a low-cost and versatile game that can be enjoyed by individuals or in groups.
  • Yard Games:
    • Horseshoes: Set up horseshoe pits in your outdoor area, and provide horseshoes for guests to toss. It’s a classic game that adds a touch of nostalgia to any outdoor space.
    • Ladder Toss: Create a ladder toss game by hanging a ladder horizontally and providing bolas (two balls connected by a string). Guests can aim and toss the bolas to score points.
    • Ring Toss: Set up a ring toss game by placing pegs or hooks at different distances and providing rings for guests to toss. It’s a simple yet addictive game that is suitable for all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions about Airbnb Outdoor Space Ideas

Still have some questions? Here are some of our most popular questions and answers about Airbnb outdoor space ideas:

How can I make the most of my small outdoor space?

Maximize your small space by choosing compact furniture, utilizing vertical space, and incorporating creative seating options like porch swings or hanging chairs.

What are some budget-friendly ideas for enhancing my outdoor area?

Opt for DIY projects such as building a fire pit or creating your own string light installation. Utilize affordable outdoor furniture options like repurposed pallets or thrifted pieces.

What are the benefits of adding water features to my outdoor space?

Water features add a soothing ambiance, mask noise pollution, attract wildlife, and create a focal point that enhances the overall aesthetics of your outdoor area.

How can I ensure privacy in my outdoor space?

Use strategic landscaping with hedges or green walls, install privacy screens or curtains, or consider adding outdoor partitions or trellises to create a sense of seclusion.

What are some ideas for creating a versatile outdoor dining space?

Consider using a picnic table, adding a dining set that can be easily rearranged, or investing in a multi-functional outdoor table that can convert from a dining surface to a coffee table.

cozy neutral sitting area two chairs

How can I incorporate indoor plants into my outdoor space?

Choose outdoor-friendly plants that thrive in your climate, such as succulents or tropical plants. Use planters or hanging baskets to bring a touch of greenery to your outdoor area.

What are some tips for maintaining low-maintenance plants in my outdoor space?

Select plants that require minimal watering and care, ensure proper drainage, and periodically check for pests or signs of disease. Consult with a local nursery for expert advice.

How can I make my outdoor area attractive during the cooler months?

Provide warmth with outdoor heaters or fire pits, incorporate cozy blankets or throws, and decorate with seasonal accents like pumpkins or festive lights.

Can I host events or weddings in my Airbnb outdoor space?

Check with local regulations and obtain any necessary permits or licenses. If permitted, promote your outdoor space as an event venue or consider partnering with event planners for hosting special occasions.

How can I ensure the safety and comfort of my guests in the outdoor area?

Install outdoor lighting for visibility at night, provide comfortable seating options, ensure proper maintenance of any amenities like hot tubs or fire pits, and regularly inspect the area for any potential hazards.

Are there any specific guidelines for designing an Airbnb outdoor space?

While there are no strict rules, consider the preferences of your target market and align the design with the style and character of your Airbnb property. Aim for a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

Can I hire professionals like interior designers or landscape architects to help with my outdoor space?

Absolutely! Hiring professionals can provide valuable expertise, offer design inspiration, and help optimize your outdoor area based on your property’s location and target market.

What are some creative ways to add personality to my outdoor space?

Incorporate personal touches such as family photos, unique artwork, or eclectic accessories. Consider creating a mood board to gather design inspiration and explore various themes or styles.

How can I increase the curb appeal of my outdoor area?

Pay attention to details such as well-maintained landscaping, a clean and inviting front porch, a stylish house number, and a well-placed welcome mat.

What are some additional tips for hosting a successful Airbnb property?

Respond promptly to inquiries, provide clear and detailed information in your listing, regularly update your property’s amenities and features, and encourage guests to leave reviews to boost your reputation.

7 backyard amenities for your airbnb to attract guests

Transforming your Airbnb outdoor space into a vacation rental haven is the perfect opportunity to make a lasting impression on your guests. By incorporating design inspiration from popular destinations like Palm Springs and embracing creative ways to utilize available space, you can create an impressive outdoor area that attracts potential guests and receives glowing reviews.

Remember to pay attention to small details, such as porch lights, indoor plants, and porch swings, as they contribute to the overall ambiance of your property. Taking the extra mile by offering outdoor amenities like fire pits, hot tubs, or even outdoor rooms can significantly enhance the guest experience and increase your occupancy rate.

By investing in the design and functionality of your outdoor space, you can create a memorable and inviting experience for your Airbnb guests. Embrace the beauty of outdoor living and let your outdoor area become the highlight of your Airbnb property. After all, the last thing guests remember is often the first thing they see—the impressive outdoor space that sets your property apart.

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