Must Have Airbnb Living Room Essentials for 5 Star Reviews

The living room…it’s what ties everything together. It is one of the most important rooms in your rental property. Whether your Airbnb vacation rental is a small studio apartment or a huge, multi-family property, the living room is the place where your rental guests will spend most of their waking time (when they’re not out exploring). Not only does it connect the kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom, it also serves as a multipurpose gathering place for the remainder of your guests’ activities. That’s why you want to be smart about providing the must have Airbnb living room essentials in your rental.

When new Airbnb hosts start planning for their short-term rental, they should be thinking about all the essential items needed for each room, but one of the first things to plan out is the living area. Flexibility and beauty are the two ingredients that make a superb Airbnb living space. Whatever it may be for your Airbnb guests—reading a nice book, binge-watching their preferred show, having a family game night, cracking open a bottle of wine—you want to give your new guests everything they need to unwind.

We have a great list of Airbnb living room essentials to help any Airbnb host provide a great guest experience.

Our List Of Must Have Airbnb Living Room Essentials

Given the amount of time your visitors will spend here, the living room should be a beautiful, uplifting, cozy, and welcoming space. If that entails your guests taking it slowly in the morning or staying home for a movie night rather than going out, the living room ought to extend an invitation to linger. Providing a comfortable place to relax can make a huge difference in your guest’s stay and it can lead to great reviews, too!

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Somewhere To Sit

Having somewhere to sit is a key feature of the living room. A couch of some kind is often what this entails, but if your area is small and even a loveseat would be too big, a comfortable chair with a footrest will work just fine.

Keep reading for some of our top seating picks or check out our full post on the best couch for Airbnb’s.

Using a variety of entertaining furnishings, including papasan chairs, rocking chairs, L-shaped couches, or a matching set of accent chairs in the same color scheme can really add to the home-like experiences that your guests are hoping for.

Adding futons and sofa beds to your sitting area is also a great way to increase the number of beds in your Airbnb rental. Simply make sure to monitor how any living room cloth performs over time because having old, worn, or dirty furniture can lead to a negative review.

Shintenchi L-Shaped Couch

This L-shaped couch is ergonomically created to fit the curve of the back and relieve back discomfort. It comes in a variety of neutral colors and is a great option for a variety of spaces and design styles. You can sip on coffee in the sun of the morning, tea after lunch, and wine at night. Due to its size, this sectional couch can be an option for guests who need a lovely sofa but have limited room in their seating area.

Novogratz Brittany Sleeper Sofa

This chic Brittany sleeper sofa by Novogratz has you completely covered on saving space in your rental home without sacrificing comfort. The sofa is beautifully designed in a contemporary style with straight lines, wooden legs, and sophisticated linen upholstery that is complemented by piping and a ribbed tufted backrest. The Brittany sleeper sofa unfolds into a cozy sleeping area by simply pulling out the memory foam mattress, which is created to fit the body precisely and disperse weight properly so your guests can get a good night’s sleep.

Serta Copenhagen 61″ Loveseat

With the Serta Copenhagen Collection 61-Inch Loveseat, you’re sure to make your rental feel like home. Classically fashioned with softly rounded arms and straight cushions, this two-person sofa offers a cozy touch to every living space. The hardwood frame and pillowed back cushions are sturdily built to withstand the rigors of daily usage, while the fabric upholstery offers a flexible neutral color option that may be readily coupled with decorative pillows and existing furniture.

Tbfit Linen Fabric Accent Chair

The large cushions and gently sloping contours of this Tbfit armchair would be a wonderful addition to your vacation rental. Whether your guests are relaxing after a long day out and about, enjoying a cup of coffee, or hanging out with family, this chair is a great option for your Airbnb living area.

Bosmiller Recliner Chair Massage Recliner

This Bosmiller Recliner has everything your guests will need for relaxing. With 8 different massage settings, 2 different heat settings, and super soft fabric you may not even need to provide a bed. To top it off, this recliner also has 2 cupholders and USB charging cable so that your guests can charge their devices while getting a nice little massage.

A Place To Set Things

There should be a convenient place for a guest to set their cup of coffee or glass of wine as they sit down. We like side tables that sit next to the couch or chair or small C tables that could be quickly brought up to a chair or couch. We also suggest a coffee table if you have enough space, but if you’re really tight on space, we’ve seen hosts tuck a small table along the back of the couch, big enough for a few coasters, a book or two, and television remotes.

Rolanstar Coffee Table

The Rolanstar Coffee Table is the perfect answer for living rooms that need a little extra storage space. One of the panels lifts up to reveal a little workstation for business travelers or a great place to eat. Plus, it is a hidden storage compartment behind the lift top panel for organizing clutter in addition to the open shelf and two drawers. This table comes in various color options, making it a great addition to any amazing room design.

VECELO Modern End Side Table

Having this set of 2 side tables in your vacation rental is a great idea! Not only do they offer a place for your guests to set up their drinks or phones but they also have space to store other items, such as TV remotes, books, or movies. There are several neutral color options as well as vibrant options if you want to add a pop of color.

SIMPLIHOME Skyler Solid C Side Table

Providing these simple C side tables in your living area is a good idea. This style of side table is versatile, allowing you to slide it under the couch or chair for an easy-to-use laptop computer, tablet table, or even a place to eat.

SUPERJARE Inch Console Table

This extra-long console table gives you easy access to a charging station and a surprising amount of storage while only taking up a small amount of room. With this modern table in the living room, behind the couch, or in the foyer, your vacation rental will be complete.


Entertainment items should be at the top of your Airbnb host checklist. When the weather conditions aren’t the greatest, your guests may not want to venture out and will need something to do while hanging out inside. Providing several indoor activity options for guests to enjoy will result in a positive experience and good reviews.

Amazon Fire Smart TV

You’ll definitely have happy guests if this Amazon Smart TV is in your rental home. Some of the most popular rentals offer a smart TV with streaming services and this one comes with the ability to use Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney +, and much more! Plus, you can use a wall mount to save space.


Launching Netflix and binge-watching the most recent season of one’s favorite show has become, for many people these days, the definition of a rainy day’s relaxation. Wi-Fi may be one of the more basic amenities a host can provide to guests but you’d be surprised at how often this gets overlooked.

Guests love the option of logging on to their laptop or tablet so make sure your internet password is visible and think about giving router reset instructions just in case there is a problem when a visitor is there. Also, we always advise hosts to disclose their internet speeds on their Airbnb listing so that potential guests are aware of what to expect.

Games and Activities

Everybody loves playing games! Having a deck of cards, a selection of board games, and even a video game console in your rental could be some of the smartest things you can offer to your guests. Asking families who are making reservations with children what their kids’ ages are and providing kid-friendly activities tailored to their age range will really show that you care and it will not go unnoticed. Super host status, here you come!

DVD Player and DVDs

Hooking up a DVD player and having a variety of DVDs is another way to provide indoor entertainment for your guests. Make sure you have family-friendly options to choose from and a guide on how to work the DVD Player.

Other Airbnb Living Room Essentials

There are a few other décor items that should make the living room list of essential amenities. A lot of them are the most basic items that will help push your Airbnb listing over the top.

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Table Lamps

There’s nothing that I hate more than walking into an Airbnb and having to use the overhead lights. I personally prefer the softer lighting options that table lamps provide. These lamps have 3 different lighting options and USB ports! Don’t forget to add dimmable light bulbs to your Airbnb essentials list.

Floor Rug

Rugs are a great way to express your design while also keeping your Airbnb home floor padded and warm, especially if there is no carpet. Rugs come in all different patterns, shapes, and sizes so let your personal style shine through with your choice!

Throw Blankets and Pillows

Throw blankets and pillows are the two most versatile décor pieces. You can use them to add comfort to the living space, brighten up the room, and really tie everything together. This is another area where you can let your style come through or follow a theme if your Airbnb has one.

Warm Welcome

We love welcome gifts! We found that it really makes the guests feel appreciated and encourages them to make themselves at home. Some hosts go all out and provide baskets with treats, fruit, wine, and more, while others provide coupons to local attractions or luxury items for toiletries.

We enjoy seeing house manuals that include menus from local restaurants, fun things to do in the area, and nearby grocery stores as well as information about the property, such as the outdoor spaces, WI-FI passwords, how to use smart locks and keyless entry, location of the fire extinguisher and check out procedures. Whatever it is you decide to do, having a warm welcome waiting for your guests is the best way to acknowledge your guests’ arrival and thank them for booking with you.

As you can see, the living room in your Airbnb properties really ties everything together. Since it is one of the most important rooms in your rental, having as many of these essentials as possible will lead to 5-star reviews, referrals, and return visits from some of your best guests!

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