Airbnb Kitchen Checklist: The Ultimate List For Guest Cooking Essentials

In this post, we’re sharing our complete Airbnb Kitchen Checklist! This is the ultimate list to take with you to the store when you’re in the process of stocking your kitchen at your Airbnb. Or use it as a guide when you’re filling up your cart on Amazon to make a large order. Included below is the free PDF download as well as links to all of my favorite kitchen items on Amazon.

Download this free vacation rental cooking essentials checklist. It has everything your guests will need to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner at your Airbnb! When you offer a completely stocked kitchen, you want to make sure you are at least providing the cooking basics.

Take it a step further and gets some items that will impress your guests – like a air fryer or panini press. We’ve included 3 different sections for you in our comprehensive kitchen cookware checklist. Basics, small appliances, and extras for more 5 star reviews. Enjoy :)

Kitchen Checklist For Airbnb

Why do you need a Kitchen Checklist when stocking your Airbnb kitchen?

It’s so easy to forget something! Having a checklist that you’re able to print and have it front of you will make sure that you don’t leave out something simple. Guests would not be happy if they showed up expecting a fully stocked kitchen and there was no wine opener (or something like that)!

I’ve created this checklist as a guide – it has everything your guests will need to cook at your Airbnb. From pots and pans to essential small appliances, make sure you have it all covered.

Free Airbnb Kitchen Checklist PDF Download

Download our free checklist. Print it out and take it to the store with you when you’re shopping for your Airbnb! Or use it to order things for your kitchen online at places like Amazon.

What does this checklist include?

This is a checklist to stock everything your guests will need to cook! Including but not limited to place settings, coffee maker, and baking dishes.

  1. Basic Must Haves for your Airbnb Kitchen
  2. Essential Small Appliances
  3. Extra kitchen items to impress your guests

Airbnb Kitchen Checklist Free

Want a full list of ALL the Airbnb Kitchen Essentials

In a previous post, I talked about everything you should get for the kitchen at your rental. Not just the stuff you need for cooking. Things like seating arrangements, a coffee bar, etc. If you’re also still furnishing your Airbnb, read our post on how to stock and furnish an Airbnb kitchen.

The Airbnb cooking essentials – links to my fav items that I used at my Airbnb.

Thanks so much for stopping by – we hope this was helpful for you. Don’t forget to check out more Airbnb Hosting Tips.

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