How To Create An Airbnb House Guide + FREE Canva Template

Providing your guests with an Airbnb house manual is an important step you don’t want to overlook. This guide not only lets your guests know important information about your rental, but it also fills them in on the surrounding area, so they are aware of all there is to see and do. We’re providing all the sections you should include and my free Airbnb house manual template you can edit in Canva.

While creating a house manual may seem like a tedious task, it’s 100% necessary and can be used for your next rental. The result will be worth it because your guests will feel more comfortable and special, which can lead to plenty of 5-star reviews.

Having an Airbnb house manual template that you can re-use for future Airbnb listing or any vacation rental is a great way to avoid doing this work again. If you’d like to see what I’m using for my 2 short term rental properties, I’m giving you a free template that you can edit in Canva towards the bottom of this post!

If you can’t wait any longer, jump over to my Airbnb host freebies page to download the template.

There you will find my editable Canva template for a house manual, house poster, trash & recycling printable, coffee bar prints, and more!

So, how do you go about writing an Airbnb house guide and what should you include in the information? In the paragraphs that follow, I will explain all of this and more to help you create a manual template that’s sure to wow your guests.

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The Basics of an Airbnb House Manual Template

While many Airbnb hosts mistakenly think the purpose of a house manual/welcome booklet is to explain the check-in procedures and house rules, an Airbnb house manual template includes so much more than that. It acts as a communication tool between you and your guests, especially if you’re using a smart lock and have a self check in process.

That’s why this physical (and/or digital) item is one of the most important things to make a great first impression on your guests.

Here is a preview of my personal Airbnb house manual in my property in Lake Worth!

The house manual or house guide should include all the information they’ll need to get started, be comfortable in your rental, and explore their new surroundings. Let’s take a look at some of the crucial pieces information your Airbnb welcome book should contain.

TIP: You can also create a digital welcome guide for your Airbnb. This copy can be accessed by guests even while they’re not physically at your rental.

What to include in your Airbnb House Manual

Your Airbnb house guide should be detailed and well thought out, so your guests instantly feel comfortable as they get acclimated to the unfamiliar setting that is your vacation home and its surrounding community.

First thing and foremost, your house manual should offer a warm welcome that includes all the crucial information for checking in and getting settled. This section should be as clear and concise as possible to eliminate any confusion.

Like any welcome guide, the guest should have peace of mind that everything they need is right in front of them. They will have easy access to information without having to message you!

Here is a breakdown of some of the pages or sections you should include in your house guide as an Airbnb rental host.

  • House overview and important house information
  • Wi-fi details with password
  • House access information with smart lock details
  • Host contact information
  • Detailed house rules
  • Appliance information if needed
  • Local favorite spots for restaurants, attractions, shopping

A Welcome Letter

Your welcome letter should be warm and personal, letting them know you hope they have an excellent stay. This personal touch is important, especially if your guests are checking themselves in.

Check-in Instructions

You likely already sent your guests check-in instructions before they arrived but providing this information here as well can reduce the chances of miscommunication.

If you’re hosting your rental property on Airbnb, you have the ability to send an automated check in message with this type of information. Some hosts will also follow up with a text message!

Access and Unlocking Instructions

Every Airbnb is different, so be sure to provide your guests with detailed instructions on how to unlock or gain access to any and all doors, gates, etc.

Again, this may have already been sent and maybe you don’t necessarily need this in your welcome book information. But some guests will appreciate the extra thought.


Some guests will arrive in their own car, some will not. Provide parking directions so they know where to park and how to unlock the garage if there is one.

If your property doesn’t have private parking, this is important to let the guest know where they can and can’t park.

Wi-Fi Password

Some guests will only look at your house manual to find the Wi-Fi password, so making this information easy to find will be greatly appreciated. Place it on the front cover or the first page of your template in bold font so guests can’t miss it.

I would also suggest to put the TV / Wi-Fi information in multiple places in the property. This will eliminate the need for them to send you an additional message. The coffee table is a good secondary place to put this info.

Emergency and Contact Details

Your guests may need to contact you during their stay. As such, you should include all the ways they can get in touch with you. Providing your phone number and email address are best, but whichever contact info you provide, make sure you monitor it regularly to avoid missing important calls or messages. It doesn’t do any good to provide contact information that you don’t respond to in a timely manner.

No one likes to think something bad will happen while they’re on vacation, but you should make sure to include police, fire, and ambulance contact information as well. You can even add a general national emergency number, too, and because these numbers are needed in an emergency, they should also be easy to find in your Airbnb welcome manual.

Rules of the House

Setting ground rules for your Airbnb can seem like you’re parenting your guests, but these rules aren’t meant to ruin their fun. Instead, they are meant to keep your home and guests safe. Setting some clear boundaries will spark every guest to be more respectful.

When setting rules for your rental, consider including:

  • Quiet times
  • Where guests can and cannot smoke
  • Whether pets are allowed
  • When unauthorized guests are allowed to visit
  • Any other dos and don’ts you think are important

Directions for Appliances and other Amenities

Using appliances you’ve never used before can be a tad confusing and frustrating. Provide your guests with step-by-step instructions for using your rental’s various appliances, so they aren’t left feeling deprived or angry when they need them.

Some of the most important appliances to leave directions for include the dishwasher, washing machine, clothes dryer, coffee maker, air conditioning and heat, and water heater.

In my newest listing, I decided to include a whole page for laundry instructions. I wanted to make sure there is no question on quick maintenance items as if you were in your own home.

Room-by-Room Instructions

If your Airbnb is simple and everything seems straightforward, you can skip this section. But, if there is a room that is unique or has a feature that needs explaining, this is the section to include it in.

For example, if a bedroom has a window that can be difficult to open, detail this and explain how to do it. Be sure to point out special features such as pet or family-friendly aspects to make guests aware of these advantages.

Entertainment and Sightseeing

Once your guests have gotten settled in your rental, they’ll likely be ready to head out to take in the sights. Providing them with a list of things to do and see nearby can make them feel less intimidated about setting out in unfamiliar surroundings.

If you have some favorite hotspots, let them know what they are and why you like them. Be sure to include things like:

  • Local transportation info
  • Restaurants, bars, coffee shops
  • Grocery stores
  • Local events taking place while they’re staying
  • Shopping
  • Entertainment and attractions
  • Hair/nail salons and spas
  • Fitness centers/gyms
  • Hiking trails

Check-out Instructions

When it comes time to say goodbye, thanking your guests for their business and reminding them to check that they have everything is a good idea. Let them know how they should leave your rental – for example, which appliances and switches to turn off or leave on, etc. Leave clear instructions for check-out times and procedures so guests can leave without hassle.

Make your farewell as personal as possible, so guests feel appreciated. This is a good time to mention leaving a positive review if they enjoyed their stay.

Steps to create your Airbnb house manual

  • Design your house guide in a tool like Canva or right in Microsoft Word
  • Fill in the details of your specific property
  • Print it out at home or at a local print shop like Staples or CVS
    • Tip: Print individual pages on regular paper or create a photo book from somewhere like Shutterfly
  • If you print the pages individual, purchase a 3-ring binder to put the pages in

Professional Presentation of Your Airbnb House Manual Template

Guests will get a professional impression of you and your Airbnb if you present them with your house manual in a couple of different ways.

It’s all about guest experience so you want to make sure your house guide looks put together and professionally done. Here are some options for printing your house book to leave a physical copy for guests:

  • Use a 3 ring binder and clear paper sleeve protectors. You can print out your house manual at home and add to it as needed.
  • Use a printing service like Shutterfly to create a hard cover photo book.
  • Print your pages on card stock. Use a hole puncher and some twine to connect the pages together.

Include the manual, or its most important parts, with your listing. This lets potential guests get an idea of what’s expected of them before they book.

We’re also got a simple one page Welcome printable. Check it out on our Freebies for hosts page. It helps to have a full welcome guide and a simple one page printable!

Where should you put the House Guide at your property?

I like to leave the booklet in plain sight for guests to see when they walk in the door. You can put it on your welcome table (if you have one), coffee table, or kitchen table. These are all places guests will definitely see it.

airbnb house manual in beach life bungalow
barefoot bungalow airbnb welcome table with house manual

When staging an Airbnb, having a welcome table is important and a great place for your house manual!

Another way to present your guests with your welcome manual is to email it to them before they arrive. This gives them a chance to read the manual in its entirety at their leisure and lets them know you’re thinking ahead and making sure they have everything they need for an enjoyable stay. It also gives them a chance to ask any questions they may have before they arrive.

Where to Find Other Airbnb House Manual Templates

A quick Google search turns up hundreds of Airbnb house manual templates. Some are paid versions and others are free to use. When searching for a house manual template for your vacation home, be sure to choose one that includes all the information you think is important to your guests’ stay.

Also, the design of your welcome booklet is important, too. You want your guests to find the manual pleasant to look at in addition to being informative.

Some of my favorite Airbnb house manual templates are on Etsy. There are a lot of talented artists on Etsy who put a lot of effort into creating beautiful, informative templates. So, don’t be put off by the fact that you’ll have to pay for templates here.

Prices vary greatly, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that works for you and your budget.

Airbnb welcome book template etsy listing

Another great place to find Airbnb welcome manual templates is Pinterest. Many of these templates are free to get some ideas. All you need to do is create a Pinterest account to access them.

I especially love Pinterest because not only does it have hundreds of house manuals to choose from, but it also lets you search tons of other topics, too. I find a lot of inspiration for my own Airbnb here.

Airbnb House Manual – Free Canva Template

Canva is a great tool to create free things like your Airbnb House Manual! I use Canva for my Airbnb social media accounts and almost everything you see on my blog.

Personally, I do have the pro version of Canva but there is also a free version!

I love sharing resources like this with other new Airbnb hosts or people that have been hosting for years. The link below will direct you to my Canva house guide template. Create a copy and edit for your specific property. Download it as a PDF, print it out, and use in your listing!

Free Canva Airbnb House Manual Template

If you don’t already have one, you will need to create an account – it’s completely free!

Since the template that I’m sharing is specific for my 2 Airbnb listings, you may need to add or remove certain pages that don’t apply.

Free Airbnb House Manual Canva Template

Wrap Up

At this point, you should have an understanding of what an Airbnb house manual is. It’s important to provide one of these for guests at every listing.

In general, it is an indirect line of communication between you and your guests, informing them of all the things they need to know to make their stay safe, comfortable, and enjoyable. For a professional presentation, make sure your Airbnb welcome manual includes the points I’ve mentioned above.

Don’t wait to create this type of house manual! It will help you get your first 5-star review from day 1!

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