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How To Create A Practical AirBnb Coffee Bar Guests Love

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A coffee station or designated area of your kitchen for coffee and tea is a must have if you are renting to guests on vacation. Create a practical, simple, and functional AirBnb coffee bar station that is fully stocked. In this post, I’m going to share the best ways to create a coffee station in your AirBnb vacation rental that guests will love!

There are so many different versions and options for your coffee station or coffee corner. If you’re just starting to stock your AirBnb Kitchen – here is a full list of kitchen essentials for your vacation rental.

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Here are some coffee bar ideas that I’ve used as inspiration!

Rustic Wood Hutch Used As Coffee Bar - Beautiful Farmhouse Coffee Bar Ideas For Your AirBnb or Home
Simple Coffee Bar With Floating Shelves - How To Create A Practical AirBnb Coffee Bar Guests Love
Coffee Station Area With Coffee Mug Hanger - How To Create A Practical AirBnb Coffee Bar Guests Love
Kitchen Countertop Coffee Area - Ideas For Your AirBnb
Beautiful Coffee Bar Hutch - How To Create A Practical AirBnb Coffee Bar Guests Love
Coffee Bar Hutch With Floating Wood Shelves - How To Create A Practical AirBnb Coffee Bar Guests Love

Now let’s go through some of the things you should take into consideration when creating your coffee bar!

First, designate an area of your Airbnb kitchen for your coffee bar station

I’ve seen this done many ways. The best 2 options are a separate area on your kitchen countertops or a stand alone cabinet or kitchen island. I had a space next to my refrigerator and decided to put a small kitchen island with storage to use as my dedicated coffee station area.

PS – Get our free Airbnb kitchen checklist if you’re just stocking up your Airbnb kitchen now.

Beach Life Bungalow coffee bar - Small Kitchen Island Used For Coffee Supply Storage

The extra storage was key for me. The kitchen at The Beach Life Bungalow is on the smaller side and having a separate area for a coffee machine helped free up a lot of counter space! If you have a large kitchen, using your countertop might be the best option for you.

Even open storage with a small kitchen island will work! Store coffee mugs on the shelves underneath – they are cute and functional.

Or if you’re lucky enough, there will be a designated area for your coffee station with room for a beverage refrigerator and built in floating shelving for coffee supplies.

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Next, decide what kind of coffee machine you’ll be getting

A simple coffee maker for your coffee bar is the way to go in my opinion. Vacationers that are renting your AirBnb are looking for a quick way to make a solid cup of coffee.

Are you currently stocking your AirBnb kitchen? Check out our complete list of kitchen essentials for your vacation rental in this post.

If you’re looking for something a little more upscale, go for a complete coffee system that has a built in espresso machine. If your AirBnb is a luxury property, having multiple coffee options will definitely impress your guests.

Keurig brewers are also popular. The only downside of K-cups is that they are more expensive than regular coffee beans and guests will expect them to be stocked upon arrival. Coffee grounds can be bought in bulk and replenished into a cute coffee storage tin for guests to use during their stay.

Bent Palm Jupiter AirBnb Coffee Station With Blue Keurig Machine And Coffee Sign "Coffee Keeps Me Busy Until It's Acceptable To Drink Wine"

If you have a small space, like a tiny house, you should consider using a compact coffee machine. This tiny house in Florida utilizes their small space perfectly. A small Keurig machine with a mounted coffee cup rack right above it.

Tiny House Coffee Station - Compact coffee maker and mounted coffee cup rack

Accessorize to fit you design and decor style

There are so many cute coffee mugs and coffee decor signs that you can buy to fit the style of your AirBnb coffee bar. Use your creativity and make your coffee bar something to remember in your AirBnb.

Here Are 2 Free Coffee Bar Prints For You!

Farmhouse Coffee Bar Station - Keurig Machine, Cute Tray, Coffee Cup Accessories, Cube Storage With Coffee Bar Decor

Make Sure Guests Know Where Your Coffee Supplies Are

Using a sign to designate the coffee area will let guests know where they will go to get their morning cup of coffee. I suggest using labeled signed and containers for keeping things like coffee grounds, sugar, tea bags, honey, creamers, etc.

How To Create A Practical AirBnb Coffee Bar Guests Love

Create Simple Organization For Your Coffee Bar

Setting up your coffee bar in an organized fashion will encourage guests to keep it organized!

If you have drawer space for your coffee bar, getting a drawer organizer system specifically for coffee supplies is a great way to start.

If you don’t have drawer space, use a coffee organizer for the countertop.

Floating shelves are also a great way to decorate your coffee bar with functional items that keep it looking clean and organized.

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Recently someone posted a picture of their new coffee station after using this post as a guide – love it! Here is her finished coffee bar that she uploaded to Pinterest.

The kitchen island cabinet is perfect in this space. And the use of a floating shelf for a few more cute coffee decor items.

And of course some simple black canisters with wood lids for coffee grounds, tea bags, and sugar.

Coffee Bar Pinterest Ideas

More coffee bar ideas to be guest ready!

Guest Ready Coffee Bar