Airbnb Home Accessories That Will Guarantee You 5 Star Reviews

Airbnb home accessories that are guaranteed to impress your guests. As an Airbnb host, we all strive to get that 5 star review every time! Accessories and extra amenities in your home are a big part of what your guests will remember after their stay. I’ve found some of the best ways to impress guests, leave a memorable impact, and proven home items that will get you glowing reviews.

If you’re just starting your vacation rental, don’t worry – you can accumulate these home accessories and amenities over time!

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Get Just A Few Of These Airbnb Home Accessories That Your Guests Are Sure To Remember!

Bedside Table Lamps With USB Connections

Having charging ports that are easily accessible is crucial! The easiest way to make sure these are available in each room and on each side of the bed is to use a lamp with USB connections already on it!

This saves you the time and hassle of having to get extension cords and worrying about people stealing them.

Bedside Table Lamps With USB Connections - AirBnb Must Haves

A Dedicated Coffee Bar Or Coffee Station

In my Beach Bungalow Airbnb, I used a simple small kitchen island as a coffee bar. It has storage underneath, a drawer for displaying coffee supplies, and a small counter area to place the coffee machine.

Beach Life Bungalow coffee bar

It’s a great little area to put some fun coffee mugs and a cute wooden coffee sign! I also created an easy chalkboard wall and put a frame around it so that guest will know this is where to find all of the coffee supplies.

Smart home devices for vacation rentals

Enhance your home and Airbnb listing by adding smart home devices to make your life easier. These gadgets will also make your Airbnb more profitable and attractive to guests!

These include Wi-fi thermostat, smart locks, and smart TVs – get our full run down on smart home for Airbnb here.

Refillable Shampoo, Conditioner, and Body Wash

Even hotels have started moving towards shampoo and conditioner containers that are attached to the wall in the shower. This saves on all of the plastic that’s used for those mini shampoo bottles you normally get.

Using containers that are refillable saves you time and money! That’s why this is one of the must have AirBnb home accessories to have in all of your vacation rental bathrooms.

In the bathroom, you should also have the right selection of towels. Guests find comfort in having nice and clean towels as if they were at home in their own bathroom.

Here is our complete list of bathroom essentials for guests.

Get A Hammock For The Backyard

A BBQ Grill

If your Airbnb is in a warm climate, guests would probably love to be able to grill on vacation. You can purchase a propane grill for pretty cheap!

I offer a grill at my Airbnb but with a disclaimer about the propane. We do not refill it between guests. When they arrive, if they want to use the grill, they are responsible for the propane.

If you want to take it a step further, installing a built in DIY outdoor grilling station would be even better! If you host families a lot, having a countertop area and a grill would be a high end amenity for sure.

DIY Outdoor Grill Station Island

Create A Firepit Lounge Area

People will book your home just to sit by the firepit if you have one! Adding a patio and installing a cozy firepit will give guests an area to hang out as a family and create memories.

Full Length Mirrors

I feel like this is something that can easily be forgotten about. Full length mirrors should be in every bedroom and/or bathroom in your vacation rental. When people are coming to vacation, they are most likely going to be going out to dinners, going out on the town, etc and want to make sure they look their best!

Place a full length mirror on the back of the bedroom doors to save space.

Full Length Mirrors For Your AirBnb - Proven Home Accessories For 5 Star Reviews

Charging Stations

In the current times, everyone has at least 1 device that they’ll need to charge when they get to where they are staying. Having a charging station for multiple devices is convenient for your guests and if they happen to forget their charger, there is one there waiting for them.

Guests are sure to remember this especially how most people live by their cell phones these days.

Get A Charging Station For Multiple Devices For Guests - Proven Home Accessories For 5 Star Reviews

Portable Speakers

Most travelers don’t have room to bring their own portable speaker – so providing them one will be an added bonus.

This is another extra accessory for your AirBnb that they will remember!

Portable Speakers Proven Home Accessories For 5 Star Reviews

Recap of our favorite Airbnb home accessories…

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