Airbnb Garbage Removal: 5 Best Practices and Solutions

Managing an Airbnb property comes with many unique challenges, and proper garbage removal is one of the most unglamorous necessities of property ownership. Here are the five best practices and solutions for Airbnb garbage removal that will help you maintain a clean property and keep guests happy.

Provide Ample Waste Bins Throughout the Property

The first step in effective waste management is making it easy for guests to dispose of their trash. Supply each room in your home with waste bins to encourage prompt garbage disposal and prevent the accumulation of waste in inappropriate places. Remember, a well-placed bin can make all the difference!

Additionally, consider using bins of various sizes to suit different spaces. Use large bins in the kitchen and living areas and smaller ones in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

You should properly sanitize these bins after each guest leaves the rental. Doing so will ensure your home remains hygienic and smells pleasant for future guests.

Leave Extra Trash Bags for Your Guests

Airbnb guests always appreciate hosts who prioritize their convenience. One way to appear accommodating is by leaving extra trash bags in an accessible location. Having spare trash bags on hand makes trash removal easier for everyone. It’s a small gesture that significantly enhances your guests’ travel experience.

Give Clear Directions About Dumpster Usage

If your property uses a communal dumpster or has specific waste disposal areas, make sure your guests know where to find them and how to use them. Clear communication prevents confusion and ensures that your guests dispose of garbage responsibly.

If you do not use a dumpster rental for your properties, you should consider the benefits of professional garbage removal services. When looking for such services, understanding the good and bad signs of a dumpster rental company is crucial. Knowing these signs will help you find the right fit for your Airbnb home.

Give Clear Instructions About Trash Removal

You should always give your guests clear instructions about how and when to take out the trash. You can include this information in a welcome guide or a notice on the property. The information should specify collection days, sorting requirements, and other pertinent information. Providing guests with detailed guidance helps maintain your property’s cleanliness and ease the burden on your cleaning crew.

Put a Trash & Recycling sign in your kitchen so guests know when pickups days are. Here is our FREE trash & recycling printable template. You can edit in Canva to fit your own guidelines.

Trash & Recycling Pickup Sign - Free Template

Create a Garbage Disposal Checklist

A checklist can be an effective tool in maintaining the order and cleanliness of your Airbnb property. Create a simple, easy-to-follow garbage disposal checklist for your guests. The checklist should include reminders to empty bins before check-out, where to leave the trash, and how to sort recyclables.

A garbage disposal checklist is a gentle reminder to your guests of their cleaning responsibilities, and it makes it more likely that they will follow proper disposal procedures throughout their stay.

Effective trash removal is key to maintaining a clean and inviting Airbnb property. With these five best practices and solutions for Airbnb garbage removal, you can create a smoother, more pleasant experience for yourself and your guests. A little planning goes a long way in making Airbnb waste management a breeze!

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