9 Airbnb Bedroom Ideas To Impress Guests Going On A Beach Vacation

Today we are bringing you Airbnb bedroom ideas and designs that will make your guests feel like they’re traveling to the beach in style. The bedrooms in your Airbnb are one of the most important spaces to guests. When you’re first starting an Airbnb, you may start asking yourself questions about the bedrooms like: How do i decorate my Airbnb bedroom? What should I put in my Airbnb bedroom? What extra amenities in my Airbnb bedroom would guests enjoy?

If you’re setting up your vacation rental bedroom with a coastal vibe in mind, here are some of my favorite Airbnb bedrooms that I’ve collected as inspiration. Not only are these guest bedrooms beautifully designed, they also include some of the must have amenities to put in your vacation rental bedrooms (like full length mirrors, end tables, extra pillows, ceiling fans, and more!)

Airbnb bedroom ideas for your beach rental house

Palm Beach Coastal Oasis

In this Palm Beach oasis in Florida, the whole house was designed with a boho chic coastal lover in mind.

This Airbnb guest room has 2 twin beds, a beautiful hunter green wallpaper and surf style art on the walls.

I stumbled upon this home at an open house and the owners are currently renting it on Airbnb!

coastal boho bedroom green surf prints
beachy bedroom twin bed white and green accents

Malibu Beachfront Serenity Master Bedroom

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in this bedroom on their next beach vacation? I love that there are 2 separate dressers – his and hers. The bold blue area rug under the bed almost matches the color of the water outside!

TIP: Use bold pops of color in your vacation rental – you may not use these in your own home but vacationers will love it!

Oceanfront Condo Airbnb Bedroom

Beachside Vacations presents this oceanfront condo located in Isle of Palms, South Carolina. This master bedroom is designed with a calm coastal feel and has everything a guest would want on their beach vacation.

This is a perfect Airbnb bedroom – a large upholstered king sized bed, two large nightstands with lamps on either side, and a walk out balcony with a view of the water.

There are subtle beachy touches like the seafoam green lamps and beige area rug with sand dollars.

Master Bedroom Oceanfront Condo - Dark Gray Upholstered Headboard, sand colored area rug with shells, walk out balcony with ocean views
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Sea Spray Oceanfront Bedroom

Sea Spray on Ocean Blvd! Not only is the master bedroom in this vacation home beautiful, it’s also very functional. One of the things to note is the full length mirror. So many Airbnb owners forget that this is essential to getting ready. Having a full length mirror in each bedroom is one of those items that guests will definitely appreciate.

TIP: Always have a full length mirror available for guests – preferably in each bedroom. If there is no room to mount one, get an over the door mirror.

There are night stands on either side of the bed and plenty of room to put your electronics next to you at night. This bedroom is decorated with a white and seafoam green color scheme and even has a wood mermaid above the bed.

Another element of this Airbnb bedroom that is thoughtful are the beautiful custom blinds/shades that roll all the way down. Yes, you want to have that view of the ocean when you wake up but also don’t want the sun to shine in before you’re ready. The ceiling fan is also essential for comfort on a hot summer day.

San Diego Oceanfront Villa Airbnb Bedroom

Direct views of the Pacific Ocean from this amazing villa bedroom that you can rent on Airbnb. This bedroom is setup perfectly for guests. There are extra pillows, a throw blanket, and a bench at the base of the bed.

The décor is very simplistic and the sliding doors out to the balcony say it all! The bedding selections are clean and look like they are from a fancy hotel.

TIP: Make the bed well for each new set of guests. Don’t just throw the covers over the mattress, it needs to look clean and professional – like in this villas bedroom.

I bet the mattress is super comfy too. That’s another important part of furnishing the bedroom at your rental – picking the right mattress! I wrote a whole post about it HERE.

Beach Front Airbnb Guest Bedroom With Twin Beds

Not all vacation rental bedrooms need to have a huge king bed. Sometimes, a smaller bedroom is best to furnish with two twin beds. Here are some other small bedroom ideas… and storage tips.

If your target audience is for families, a third or fourth bedroom with twin beds would be perfect for the kids. They’ll be happy to get their own beds and night stands in this cute ocean themed guest bedroom.

Beach Front Airbnb - Guest Bedroom With Twin Beds
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Mission Beach Panoramic View Bedrooms + A Bunk Bed Room

Two separate style bedrooms in the same house. You don’t need to carry the same these throughout your beach house rental – each room can have it’s own unique style.

The master bedroom in this Mission Beach home is clean and elegant with a surf style vibe. The tropical prints above the bed in back frames are classic coastal.

TIP: Add an indoor house plant to your bedroom décor. It will help purify the air and guests will know that your space is well taken care of.

The second room in this home that caught my eye was the bunk beds room! Such a clever way to create more sleeping arrangements in a small space. If you’re sharing a home with more than 1 family on your beach vacation, this would be the perfect room for all the kids to sleep and spend time together.

Tiny Bedroom With Big Character

This bedroom may be small but it has a lot of character. The shiplap ceiling is painted a pretty seafoam green color to match the water and the upholstered bed frame matches too.

There’s just enough space for a queen sized bed and a nightstand on either side with the cutest pineapple lamps.

Tiny Bedroom With Big Character in a beach front vacation rental - white bedding with seafoam green upholstered headboard and shiplap ceilings
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Airbnb Bedroom Tips

When it comes to Airbnb bedroom ideas, creating a welcoming and comfortable space is essential for any Airbnb host looking to attract potential guests to their short-term rental property. A good idea for achieving this is to focus on the key elements that make for a fantastic night’s stay.

First and foremost, investing in a comfortable mattress should be a top priority. Think of it as the foundation of your Airbnb bedroom. After all, a good night’s sleep is what most travelers are seeking when they choose your rental over a standard hotel room. Pair that with crisp white bed linens to give your bedroom a clean and hotel-like ambiance. White linens not only look inviting but also convey a sense of cleanliness and freshness that guests appreciate.

Another great option to enhance the appeal of your Airbnb bedroom is to incorporate some indoor plants into the interior design. Not only do they bring a touch of nature into the space, but they also purify the air and add a calming atmosphere. Consider placing a few potted plants on the windowsill or a small shelf to add life to your listing photos.

To go the extra mile, provide a full-length mirror in the bedroom. This simple addition can make a big difference for your guests, as it allows them to check their appearance before heading out for their day’s adventures. Personal items, like decorative pillows and artwork, can also add a unique touch to your Airbnb listing and make your guests feel more at home.

Paying attention to the details of your Airbnb bedroom can make your rental property stand out in the competitive short-term rental market. Creating a space with a comfortable mattress, white linens, indoor plants, and thoughtful interior design choices is a good idea that can help you attract potential guests and ensure they have a great place to stay during their travels.

We hope these bedroom ideas are a great inspiration for putting together your Airbnb bedrooms. Leave us a comment below with any questions!

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