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What are some of the must have items to keep in your furnished rental bedroom? Stocking the bedroom at your new listing might sound like an easy task but you want to make sure nothing is forgotten! We are here to go through all of the details of the Airbnb bedroom essentials and where to buy them. In this post, we’ll share everything to furnish and stock each bedroom for every guest to get a good night’s sleep and of course good reviews.

One of the top things to keep in mind when stocking and furnishing your rental is your budget. The bedroom needs to be complete with all of the essentials and extras, depending on your target demographic of guests. The cost of each bedroom can add up quickly so make sure you have a list, stick to it within reason, and watch out for short term rental sales like these ones on Wayfair!

You want to provide the basic amenities at the bare minimum. Get more 5-star reviews by going above and beyond the basis. This will show guests you are going the extra mile to give exceptional hospitality at your short-term rental.

If you manage multiple Airbnb properties, it’s important to follow a list like this to make sure nothing is forgotten and there is a positive experience for every guest.

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Airbnb Bedroom Essentials Shopping List

Airbnb Bedroom Essentials Furniture

Let’s start with the furniture that you should include in your Airbnb bedroom. Some of these may seem very obvious but make sure you don’t leave anything out.

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Bed frame

There are no real rules on what type of bed frame to include in your Airbnb bedroom. But, design does matter when guests are searching for their next vacation rental.

This is why I recommend using an upholstered bed frame to add to the look and feel of the room. They’re easy to put together and can be delivered right to the front door for free from places like Wayfair.


After you’ve decided what size bed to put in the bedroom, you can pick out one of the best mattresses for a rental. This is another one of those things that you don’t need to splurge on like you would in your bedroom at home. You can purchase a very comfortable mattress for Airbnb’s for a reasonable price and get it delivered in a box.

From my experience as an Airbnb host, a comfortable and durable mattress is the best way to get compliments and great reviews.

The Best Airbnb Mattress Recommendations

What is the best mattress for your Airbnb? Recommendations from a Superhost, furnish your vacation rental with comfortable, affordable, and long lasting mattresses that your guests will rave about.

End Tables or Nightstand

Adding at least one side table to each bedroom at your Airbnb is essential. It’s a place for guests to charge their phones at night or place items they need out.

As a host, an end table nightstand is the perfect spot for a lamp for additional lighting (and a charging port)


Some new hosts may ask, should I add a dresser to my Airbnb bedroom? Like at home, vacation renters need a place to unpack their clothes when staying for more than a few days. I know I like to empty my suitcase when I’m on vacation!

Make sure to have a dresser in each bedroom if the space allows. Of course, there may be spaces that are not big enough for this. But, if there is room, definitely add one. A simple and sturdy dresser that will last a long time is a great option.

Airbnb Bedroom West Palm
photo source: airbnb

If you include welcome gift basket’s to your guests, the dresser might be a great spot to leave it.

An Extra Chair or Bench

If there’s room, having a place guests can sit comfortably (besides the bed) will go a long way. Add a nice chair with ottoman or bench in the corner!

Airbnb Bedroom Decor Essentials


Adding to the decor of the room, lamps are definitely one of those things that is great to add in each bedroom. Think about a hotel… they always have a night stand / end table with a lamp on either side of the bed.

To go above and beyond expectations for your Airbnb, add lamps with a charging port for people to plug in their phone at night. Trust me, they will remember something like this!

Area Rug

I have added an area rug in each of my Airbnb bedrooms. It’s a great way to make the Airbnb design stand out and add some color.

Choose an area rug that fits the style of your listing. They are relatively inexpensive and can be changed out if you want to re-design the room.

If your listing is in a beach town list mine are, check out some coastal Airbnb bedroom ideas. An option like this blue pineapple rug would be a great fit in a beachy bedoom.

More ideas: coastal rug ideas

barefoot bungalow airbnb main bedroom


Depending on what kind of window treatments are in place, curtains will provide a way to filter out the sun light.

Blackout curtains will take it even further if there’s a window that faces the sun in the morning!

Wall Art

If every wall was plain, the room would feel totally blah. Potentially Airbnb guests 100% look at the design and decor of the home before book it.

If your house has a certain theme, make sure to keep with it. In a beach town, coastal wall art options are a great idea. In a busy city, a skyline canvas would be a good fit.

Another thing to keep in mind in additional to wall art, make sure the bedrooms have a calming color scheme.

Alarm Clock With Bluetooth Speaker

A lot of luxury hotels started adding Bluetooth speakers to their rooms. They have included alarm clocks for a very long time too.

Something like this CubieBlue alarm clock is a good idea to add to each bedroom in your rental property.

There is a time display, charging ports, and a speaker component.


Window Coverings

Blinds or shutters are a must have in the entire home, and especially the bedroom. These will make sure the sunlight each morning can be filtered out if the guest chooses. The good news is that most homes already have window coverings. If not, you may need to plan to add them before starting your listing.

Adding black out curtains to each room is another good idea. Curtains can play into an amazing room design and also the comfort for each guest to use. They will have the option of sleeping in complete darkness!

Check out our Airbnb Kitchen Essentials post for a list just like this one!

Airbnb Essentials To Stock In Each Bedroom

Aside from furniture and decor, you want to think about the other things that guests will except in the bedrooms.


Comfortable and soft sheets for a vacation rental will go a long way making an impression with your guests. Make sure they’re soft, durable, and easy to clean in case of stains.

White is the color I tend to gravitate towards because it’s bleachable and clean looking.

Mattress Protector

Do not skip this one! You need a mattress protector on every bed in your furnished rental. This will protect your mattress against spills, bed bugs, and dust mites.

Duvet or Comforter

Choosing between a duvet or comfortable might seem tedious but either one will work! In my opinion, the best bedding option for Airbnb rentals is a duvet cover with duvet insert.

Depending on the look and feel of the room, I tend to use white linens and sheets to keep things looking clean and like a hotel. They are bleachable when things get stained and easy to replace to keep the same look every time.

Check out our Airbnb bedding guide for more.

White neutral and green airbnb bedroom layout
photo source: airbnb listing


Everyone has their own comfort levels with pillows so I suggest having at least 2 different types of pillows for your Airbnb bedrooms.

This way people will have options of a soft pillow or firm pillow.

airbnb bedroom with towels bench blankets
photo credit: airbnb listing

Full Length Mirror

Add a full-length mirror to the back of the door or standing in the corner.

Guests want a way to easily see themselves when getting ready for a day or night

This may be one of those special items that travelers will appreciate.

Throw Blanket

For a little extra comfort, add a throw blanket so the end of the beds in each Airbnb bedroom. This is another fun way to add color and texture to the design to make the room pop.

Extra blankets can also be left in the closet. These will make a huge difference, especially if your rental is in a cool climate for the winter months.

Throw Pillow For Decor

Just like your throw blankets or area rug, decorative pillows on the bed will help your Airbnb stand out.


This may seem like a bathroom essential but leaving hotel style towels for guests to use in each bedroom is great hospitality.

Just like providing toilet paper in the bathroom, making sure guests have enough towels per person is a great way to avoid negative reviews. It’s your preference if you want to leave these in the bathroom or bedroom. I prefer to put the towels rolled on each bed so guests know exactly where to find them.

Make sure you get the correct size! Don’t just leave tiny little towels. Get full sized bath towels so everyone is comfortable.

Instead of stacking them in the bathroom, fold 2 Airbnb towels and leave them on the corner of the bed or on top of the dresser.

Luggage Rack

Like in any hotel, it’s important to have somewhere for guests to put their suitcase aside from the floor. Adding a metal luggage rack will help keep the floor clear and is convenient for taking things in and out of a suitcase.

MatthiessenLuggageRack in furnished bedroom
photo & luggage rack:

airbnb bedroom essentials infographic

Recap of furnishing and stocking your Airbnb bedroom

The bottom line is to make sure guests have a comfortable stay, they have all the basics like at home, and extra amenities that will elevate their experience. High quality and durable bedding, quality furnished made for short term rentals, and extras like full length mirrors and Bluetooth speaker alarm clocks are a nice touch.

Thanks for checking out our complete Airbnb bedroom essentials list and guide! If you have something else that’s worked for you, leave us a comment below.

Furnished Rental Bedroom Essentials

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