Accent Wall Ideas For Your Airbnb To Stand Out

What are some creative ways to make your Airbnb listing stand out? An accent wall (or two) in the living room, bedrooms, or bathrooms will definitely catch potential guests eye when they’re scrolling looking for a place to stay! Since the short term rental game has gotten so popular, it’s important to prioritize your home design to have those listing photos that really highlight your space. Here are some of my favorite accent wall ideas to make your short term rental POP.

The key is unique, colorful, bold choices. Maybe something you wouldn’t normally use in your own home but would LOVE to see if you’re going on a group trip or family vacations.

DIY Brush Stroke Wall

While searching on Pinterest and Instagram for accent wall ideas, this brushstroke tutorial came up a few times. It’s something you can do all on your own without any tools, just paint!

Paint your wall a base color, like white. Pick an accent color to make the wall pop and start painting little brush stokes on the entire wall. Once your wall is complete, you can add a few prints and put them in plain white photo frames.

DIY brushstroke accent wall  blue and white

A Colorful Mural

A wall mural will really make your space unique. This may be a little more money than some peel and stick wallpaper but it will show guests you are serious about creative a memorable space and experience.

By getting a custom mural, you can really cater it to the exact colors you want to use as accents and match it to furniture you may already have picked out.

its bridgette bitch colorful coastal living room design
photo & design: its bridgette bitch

Faux Grass Wall With Neon Sign

I’ve seen this concept around a lot in coffee shops, boutiques, and now Airbnb properties. Get some of these faux grass wall panels, hang them on a blank wall space inside or outside, and add a cool funky neon sign.

TIP: Get a custom neon sign to fit your theme or location. Use a fun quote or your house name.

This green wall is a really unique wall to make a blank wall stand out to Airbnb guests. It’s Instagram-able, especially when you add that neon sign for fun selfies and group photo shoots.

If you’re not into the neon sign thing, try using a different way to display a fun quote sign for guests to enjoy.

Grass Wall Neon Sign Airbnb Accent
Photo & Design: somerled designs

Funky & Colorful Wallpaper Accent Wall

There are so many different ways you can go with wallpaper for an accent wall. Really bright and fun or a simple pattern and dress it up with other accents in the room.

colorfull palf leaf wallpaper airbnb bedroom
photo & design:
cool tropical bedroom palm wallpaper accent wall
photo & design:

Use Shiplap For A Beach Town

Who doesn’t love shiplap? I know I do! This may not apply to somewhere like a cabin in the woods but shiplap is perfect in a coastal town. If your doing some sort of beachy theme, shiplap it a great choice for an accent wall. Here are some other shiplap wall ideas.

Seafoam Green Shiplap Accent Wall in Coastal Bedroom

Wall Panels Like Driftwood

I recently found these driftwood wall panels from Pottery Barn and I can’t waitttt to incorporate these into an Airbnb design in the near future. They’re each slightly different patterns so by placing them all together like the image below, you get a really cool accent wall.

Driftwood Wall Panel Accent Wall
photo source:

Chalkboard Wall For Guest Interaction

You’ve probably seen chalkboard accent walls before. But did you ever think to make one interactive? Encourage guests to leave a message like where they’re from or what their favorite part of your space was! Here’s an example I found on IG.

You can also use a blank chalkboard wall to write a welcome message to guests. I have this at my Airbnb in West Palm Beach – The Barefoot Bungalow! Sometimes I also get guests writing messages on it for me to see or it’s a great thing for kids to play with.

Chalkboard Wall With Airbnb Guest Welcome Message

What other kind of accent walls Ideas or statement pieces do you have in your Airbnb short term rental to attract more guests??Leave us a comment below!

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