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About Beach Life Bliss

As an Airbnb Superhost and someone who is passionate about real estate, I created Beach Life Bliss to share my experiences and help new hosts. I have been a landlord for almost 10 years and started my first Airbnb property in 2019.

During the process of learning the ins and outs of hosting guests at my property, I have gained a deep understanding of the Airbnb world. The good, the bad, the ugly, and of course, the money.

Creating a space with amenities that guests love along with providing exceptional customer service will make your Airbnb business thrive.

I hope that all of my Airbnb hosting resources are helpful as you navigate the challenges and rewards of being an Airbnb host!

A few ways we can help:

  • Start your first Airbnb listing
  • Create a space that guests will love
  • Manage your income and expenses
  • Get amazing 5 star reviews
  • Automate your Airbnb business
  • Generate passive income for you and your family

Happy Hosting,

Melissa @beachlifebliss