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Welcome To Beach Life Bliss

I’m Melissa

I am an Airbnb Superhost who loves combining hospitality with beautifully designed space.

Three years ago, I bought a home, fixed it up, furnished it for vacation renters, and listed it on Airbnb.

With a little hard work and a lot of love, I created a perfect space to welcome guests from all over to enjoy. (and you can too!)

Beach Life Bliss is a resource for new, aspiring, and seasoned Airbnb hosts to get the real story on what it’s like to start and manage an Airbnb!

Melissa Beach Life Bliss Airbnb Superhost

Start an Airbnb business today in 4 simple parts.

start an airbnb - buy a property
start an airbnb fix up the property
start an airbnb- furnish and stock
start an airbnb - list it on airbnb
hospitality + pretty spaces = $$$

Learn how to Get Amazing Reviews On Your Space & Hosting Like These.

Airbnb Reviews 5 stars - Melissa was an amazing host
Airbnb Reviews 5 stars - communication is key
Airbnb Reviews 5 stars - hospitality

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