How To Create A Relaxing Bedroom At Home Today

How to get that relaxing bedroom you’ll want to retreat to! Your bedroom is where you spend 35% of your life, that’s if you are getting enough sleep! And all of us should rest well every night and wake up ready to conquer the day! We have listed some great tips to transform your bedroom into a peaceful and relaxing sanctuary. Let’s dive in!

Tips For A Relaxing Bedroom Oasis

Clean it up and Declutter

What helps to relax better than a clean, tidy house to come back to after a long day? The same applies to your bedroom. Every corner of your bedroom is dusted, your clothes put away in the closet, and your bed sheets clean and fresh.

Decluttering your sleeping space is another way to get a better night’s sleep. Go through all your belongings and decide what you really need in the bedroom. The ultimate goal is to have as little “stuff” in your bedroom as possible. This will ensure your view is not distracted before sleep, and you can focus on resting well.

Relaxing bedroom oasis with white walls, white bedding, and muted dark blue accents
Relaxing Bedroom Design

Cool colors for a relaxing bedroom

Did you know that cool and soothing colors are remarkably advisable for bedrooms due to their relaxing benefits? Among others, cool colors are blue, blue-green, beige, gray, lavender, and purple.

Green, for example, is a color that symbolizes prosperity and calming restoration. The tones of green invite mindful, composing, and restful feelings. Green will also be the right choice for you if you love exploring the outdoors and adventure in the wild.

A seafoam green bedroom would be a great color scheme choice to relax.

Blue tones are known for their association with water, flow, and tranquility. It is a calming color that helps you relax and clear your stressed mind after a long day. Blue hues are known to lower blood pressure and calm your breathing. These are significant benefits of blue color variations in your bedroom, as they will help to unwind and fall asleep.


It is essential to find the right temperature for your sleep. Make sure you cool down the room temperature before you go to rest for a night of deeper, comfortable sleep, as overheating is known to be one of the leading causes of restless nights.

Try adjusting the different temperatures in your bedroom until you find the best one for your sleep.

Sleep with layered blankets; thus, you can adjust your body temperature throughout the night as well.

Make Sure Your Bedside Table is Ready for the Night

Make sure your bedside table is prepared for the night with all the necessities you might need. Thus, you will avoid getting up during the night and running to the kitchen or living room if you have forgotten something. Prep your bedside table with the night essentials, such as body cream, your cell phone and charger, lip balm, and a glass of water.

Have Quality Bedsheets and Blankets

Having good quality bed sheets with high thread count can make a difference! Choosing the right bedding for yourself (or if you have a furnished rental) are key to making your bedroom comfy. If your bedsheets don’t feel soft on your skin, you will not sleep well. Try to experiment with different materials to find the best one for you. The best bedsheet fabrics include satin, silk, and cotton.

Likewise, try to find luxurious and soft blankets that match your climate. If you live in a cooler climate, choose a blanket that keeps you warm. If you are in a warm weather, look for a light, airy blanket that breathes well.

Think about when you go on vacation – if you rent a property like an Airbnb, don’t you want the best bedding? This should be the same for you at home!

Mattress and Pillows Matter too

Relaxing Bedroom Tips - Quality Mattress and Pillows

A great mattress is one of the critical factors for a restful sleep at night. If your body is not well supported, you will toss and turn and wake up with back, neck, and all kinds of other body pain. Some people prefer a softer mattress, while some love a firm bed to lay on.

Lastly, you need a good pillow as well! It is essential to choose a pillow with good neck support and one that fits your preferred sleeping position. Depending on your preferences, you might choose a firm pillow, while others love a soft, dreamy pillow to rest their head on.

Do not bring work into your bedroom

Your bedroom is intended for sleeping, resting, and putting everything else aside. The less you work in your bedroom, the better you can perform the following day. Remember, the bedroom is your oasis, your peace and rest zone.

Allow light and nature into your bedroom

Light and nature are important elements to invite into your home and bedroom to aid relaxation as you prepare for sleep.

Allow world into your bedroom. Let the natural light come through the windows to prepare for sleep and add breathing indoor plants and flowers. Plants help clean the air of toxins and produce oxygen. Some great bedroom plants include but are not limited to lavender, Boston fern, rubber plant, and English ivy. If you prefer sleeping longer in the mornings, try adding dark blinds to your windows, this is helpful if you work night shifts or need to take a rest break during the day. Other times open the windows to let the rays of sunshine play around your bedroom.

Enjoy your relaxing heaven.

With these ideas, you can transform your bedroom into a serene, sleep-promoting oasis of calm.

How is your relaxing bedroom treating you at home?? Leave us a comment below!

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