Why You Should Move To The Beach And Never Look Back

Move to the beach and never look back! Ahhh… I did it – you can too! Are you thinking about moving to the beach? Have you always dreamed of moving to year round sunshine? I moved to the beach over 10 years ago and never looked back!

“At the beach, life is different.
Time doesn’t move hour to hour,
But mood to movement.
We live by the currents,
Plan by the tides,
And follow the sun”
– unknown

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Moving to a beach town and warm weather all year is pretty amazing.

I’m originally from New Jersey and I decided to move to South Florida after college for a job and I am SO happy that I did.

Without taking that leap of faith, I never would have known such a serene and sunny lifestyle.

Are you thinking about taking that step and actually moving to the sunshine?! Here’s a few reasons why you should go now!

You Can Wear Flip Flops, Tank Tops, & Bathing Suits Year Round

Wearing shorts and flip flops is one of the first things I loved about living in a beach town.

No one cares if you’re coming off the beach and aren’t all dressed up.

Casual living without having to get all dolled up, hair in a bun, sand in your toes kind of living is the best.

You’ll Live Where Other People Vacation

Ever hear the saying “I live where you vacation”?? Well, it’s true when you live in a beach town in South Florida!

A lot of people spend their summer vacations where you LIVE. Or they take a weekend getaway to your town. Or they dream about having a second home down the street from where you live.

So why not just live there?!

Life  Is Short Move To The Beach And Never Look Back - Live Where Others Vacation

The Weekends Will Feel Like A Vacation

What does a normal weekend look like when you live at the beach? It’s pretty much a vacation if you want it to be!

Go to the beach, lay by the pool, go to the sandbar, catch a fish, go kayaking, watch a sunrise or a sunset.

The Ocean Is Good For The Soul

The ocean breeze and sounds of the waves just put you at ease, don’t you think??

I could sit on the beach and listen to the ocean pretty much all day.

There’s just something so relaxing about it.

Move To The Beach - The Ocean Is Good For The Soul

Outdoor Living All Year

You can be outdoors all year long! It’s never going to snow, it’s never going to be 25 degrees, and the “winter” is more like fall.

How nice would it be to be able to drop a kayak into the water in January and take a ride around the mangroves?

Living in an area surrounded by water and sunshine, you can do just that, and so many other fun outdoor activities.

Life Is Short Move To The Beach And Never Look Back

The Sun Boosts Your Mood

Get your daily dose of Vitamin D and feel great! I always feel better after getting some sunshine.

There’s something about soaking up some rays that really puts you in a better mood. I feel incomplete without the sun!

Catch A Sunrise Or Sunset Every Day

Whether you’re on the east or west coast, there’s something magical about the sunrise and sunset.

It’s like a new beginning.

The sunrise in Lake Worth Beach where I live is always beautiful!

I know, I know, the sun rises and sets everywhere. But there’s something to be said about watching it over the sand and water.

It’s Always Time For A Tropical Drink

You don’t need to be on vacation anymore to have a tropical drink like a Key Lime Pina Colada!

Get a drink with a little umbrella in it, enjoy a tropical cocktail on the water every weekend.

It’s Summer Almost All Year Long

Do you live somewhere cold half of the year and count down the days until summertime??

I know I did when I lived in New Jersey.

Mostly because I couldn’t wait to be able to lay at the beach and enjoy the ocean breeze!

Living in a warm beach climate, it’s summer almost ALL YEAR!

Want some sunshine vibes quotes to inspire you? Here’s our beachy quotes that will make you smile!

Life Is Short Move TO The Beach And Never Look Back - Summer All Year Long

You Can Explore The Ocean Any Time You Want

Take up a new hobby of scuba diving or snorkeling!

Within 6 months of moving to South Florida, I got my open water scuba diving certification.

It opens up such a fun new world that you will be lucky enough to experience year round if you live in the Sunshine State.

You won’t have to get on a plan to explore what’s under the ocean – it’s right in your back yard!

Women Snorkeling Move To The Beach

You Family & Friends Will Have A Place To Visit

It’s a little scary moving away from family and friends – trust me, I know the feeling!

But sometimes you have to follow your heart and maybe that is towards the beach.


Should I Think About Anything Before Moving To The Beach?

There will definitely be some logistics if you’re moving from far away. Consider how to move all your belongings or just start fresh at the beach.

Also, When you move to a new city or travel, you should always consult your estate lawyer to make sure you have proper estate planning in place in the unlikely event something happens.

What are some of the best beach towns to move to?

Just to name a few, here are some of my favs:

Are You Thinking About Moving To The Beach?? Drop Us A Comment Below!

Life is Short - Move To The Beach And Never Look Back
Move To The Beach And Never Look Back

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  1. It’s time for a change I love my beach trips but I think I want to make it a permanent beach living arrangement. Not sure about how to go about looking for property for rent I would prefer a house. And I am also on section 8 so I know it’s going to be difficult to move to the beach but I really need a change. I really like the area of Atlantic Beach or that whole little outer Bank area emerald Isle Morehead City pine knoll shores. Just having a hard time finding something that would allow me to bring my section 8 and make my beach life a reality

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