Hacks for Organizing & Designing Your Small Bathroom
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How To Design & Organize Your Small Bathroom

The bathroom in my master bedroom is TINY. I really had to get creative when trying to cram everything I needed into the small space. Here are some ideas and hacks to design and organize your small bathroom!

Hacks for Organizing & Designing Your Small Bathroom

Add A Shelf Above The Toilet

My bathroom didn’t have a towel rack or toilet paper holder when I first moved in. I went to go buy normal size stuff and nothing fit! I started looking for options and found so many cute over the toilet shelves with a towel holder. Just what I needed!

Use A Suction Toilet Paper Holder

The one I found and ended up using even has a shelf on it! This really helps maximize the space.

You can use something similar inside your shower too! Using a suction cup shower caddy is perfect if you have a tile surround.

Use Storage Containers To Keep Organized

Especially in a small space, it’s essential to keep things organized. If you don’t one or two things out of place will have the bathroom looking like a mess!

Use under the counter storage and clear compact storage organizers so that you can see what’s in it. This has really helped me keep things in place. If you look up Makeup Organizers, these are a great way to keep your cabinet organized.

Get A Small Trash Can

My bathroom is small enough that I couldn’t fit just any size trash can in there. I have a tiny space next to my toilet and needed something that would fit there. The small rectangular trash can that I found squeezes right between the toilet and the wall – the only spot that it will fit!

Don’t Overcrowd The Walls With Art

If your bathroom is on the small side, you probably don’t have a lot of wall space either. Adding too much wall decor will make it feel cramped. Try to minimize the size of the things that you hang on the wall. Use smaller and daintier wall decor options to make the space feel more airy.

Light Paint Color

A lighter paint color will help the space feel bigger. It doesn’t have to be completely neutral but a dark color may make it feel closed in. My bathroom also has this tile accent board that takes up half the wall. This also helps make it feel bright.

Vanity With Open & Closed Storage

Storage and organization is key in a small space – especially your bathroom. There are always essentials that you need. The issue is with where to store them so your space doesn’t look cluttered.

Storage cabinet that you can close the door on are great for putting your hair products, lotions, etc. While open storage is a great spot to put your towels – open shelving always creates the look of more space but is also functional. The vanity with open shelf and doors that I have is perfect for my small space and could be useful for yours too!

How Is Your Small Bathroom Coming Along?? Leave Us A Comment Below!

How to design and organize a small bathroom pin
Hacks for Organizing & Designing Your Small Bathroom
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