Best Coastal Bar Stools For A Beachy Look (and where to buy them!)

Finding the right bar stools for your coastal kitchen is fun and challenging at the same time! There are so many coastal bar stools out there to choose from – where do you even start?? When I first bought my little beach cottage in Lake Worth Beach, I was in the market for some low profile bar stools to sit right under my kitchen counter peninsula. I went back and forth for a while on what kind to choose – back or no back? metal or fabric? colored or neutral?

Here are some of my favorite coastal bar stools that I found during my search. Hopefully these will help guide you in the right direction for picking bar stools for your own kitchen.

Sunwashed Gray Counter Height Bar Stools

Serena and Lily makes the most amazing beachy furniture and their bar stools are no exception!

Get these bar stools here.

photo source: serena & lily

Beautiful Balboa Bar Stool By Serena & Lily

Serena & Lily Coastal Bar Stool

There are also some things to check on before actually purchasing your new bars stools….

1: What bar stool height do you need? The most common are counter height or bar height!

2: Do you want your bar stool to have a back or no back?

3: What material would best suite your space?

4: What color bar stool are you looking for? Neutral or something that pops?

Coastal Bar Stools From Wayfair

Like this teal coastal blue distressed metal bar stool. This is what I have for my small kitchen peninsula. They are low profile, adorable, a pop of coastal color, and durable!

I love the contrast between the white peninsula with light granite countertops. The teal blue color bar stools really pop and I always am getting asked where they are from!!

They are from Wayfair – you can get the same ones here.

Beachy blues kitchen with low profile teal blue metal bar stools

Low Profile Upholstered Two Tone Bar Stools

There are a lot of different color pallets that can be considered coastal. This kitchen has a beachy feel but also not the typical all white cabinets that we see. The bar stools here are a dark walnut wood base with a light gray upholstered seat. They tuck perfectly under the kitchen island peninsula.

Navy Blue & Tan Bar Stools

I found these navy blue and tan bar stools by Serena and Lily from an Instagram post. Aren’t they just perfect in this beautiful beachy kitchen?

They give this kitchen a bit of a nautical feel.

If you like the nautical style, I wrote about some awesome nautical bathrooms for unique decor ideas here!

White kitchen navy blue center island - Serena and Lily navy blue bar stools
photo source:

Chic Rattan Coastal Bar Stools

Serena & Lily seriously has the best style. It would be a dream to work with them – whenever I upgrade to a new home, I am definitely splurging on some of their furniture.

Chic Rattan Coastal Bar Stools in Light drenched white beach house kitchen
photo source:

Natural Basket Weave Bar Stools

For some reason, these bar stools kind of remind me of chairs that used to be in my Grandma’s kitchen – ha! But of course, way better.

This white kitchen is clean, elegant, and simple. I love how everything is white and the bar stools give a little pop of color.

Check out these bar stools from Serena & Lily to get a similar look!

White kitchen with large island and natural basket weave bar stools
photo source:

Shop Bar Stools To Get These Looks!

Coastal Bar Stools Mood Board With Design Ideas

Backless Light Wicker Bar Stools

First of all, how gorgeous is this coastal kitchen?? It just seems so light and bright and airy! I love the ocean blue backsplash and the seagrass backless bar stools are perfection.

Airy White Kitchen, Ocean Blue Subway Tile Backsplash, Light Wicker Bar Stools at Kitchen Island
designed by:

Have a question about one of these inspirations? Leave us a comment below!

And here is a recap of all the bar stools in these design inspirations!

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