7 Hacks To Organize Your Airbnb Space: Declutter For Good

Organizing your Airbnb is essential for a successful rental business. A clean, cozy space that’s free of clutter will make your guest feel most welcome.

Whether it’s an organization of the rental property or your business, we’ve got you covered with these tips to keep your Airbnb organized and fresh for your guests.

airbnb organization ideas

The Importance of Keeping Your Airbnb Rental Organized

Keeping your Airbnb efficient and feeling fresh will make your space inviting and relaxing for your guests.

As an Airbnb host, you want to provide a peaceful return to the end of their day. These tips will apply if you’re providing a vacation rental, short-term rental, or for Airbnb guests traveling for business.

How Organization Is More Than Just “Tidy-ness”

Organizing a room takes a little strategizing to make sure that every inch of real estate you have is used to its benefit.

airbnb organization ideas cleaning checklist
  • Hire a Cleaning Service – Hiring out cleaning services isn’t just beneficial for your time, but for your bottom line. Ensuring that your cleaning “reset” in between stays is done at a professional level every time is key to your Airbnb listing gaining good reviews, recommendations, and repeat customers.
  • Provide Easy Check-In – Add ease to your guest’s experience by making check-in simple and smooth.
  • Use Message Templates – Having strong communication for your guests can make their experience better, and save you tons of time from repeating the same messages over and over.
  • Have a Routine – Following the same routine every time you have your Airbnb space cleaned, ensures you cover all the same areas, refills, changing linens, and so on are done efficiently and effectively for the next guest.
  • Make Sure You’re Available – If anything goes wrong, you want to be sure that you are easily contacted and available to cover any issues.

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Brilliant Airbnb Organization Ideas

There are a lot of different ways to organize your Airbnb, everything from utilizing storage facilities for excess items and personal items to cut down the clutter, to using bins and under-bed storage to hide away any excess items.

simple airbnb organization ideas

Simple Airbnb Organization Ideas

Think through your client experience, and how you will present your rental property to them as they walk through the door. You want the space to feel inviting and give them a sense of calm.

Having a space that’s well organized and tidy will make your guests recommend your property and return.

Make use of fewer, but higher quality items.

Using high-quality cookware, cups, and bedding, and even replacing the home’s original shower head with a nicer, more luxurious shower head will bring a spa-like feeling to your guest’s experience. Your guests want to feel like they’re getting special treatment, achieve this by having nicer items on site.

shower head for airbnb

Use Bins and Baskets

Who doesn’t like a good storage bin, especially those with labels oh my! If you enjoy going thrifting, you can find old wooden boxes or vintage hat boxes to hide away personal items with easy access.

bins and baskets for airbnb organization

Divide the Space into Sections

Keep your spaces divided to simplify and reduce clutter. Put simply: keep like items with like items to help your guests and your cleaning service keep things tidy for you.

Don’t Block Windows

Please keep your windows free of clutter! This will open your space in more ways than one, plus gives your space more natural light.

airbnb organization

Use Underbed and Wall Storage

Beds can take up a lot of space in the bedroom, by using the space under the bed you can free up valuable real estate in your rental property. Clothes, linens, books, and other objects can all be stored in under-bed storage bins.

Keep track of your inventory

You want to first establish if you want your checklist room to room or just as a list, but checklists are a great multi-purpose tool to help you organize your belongings in your rental property.

Mix Up Your Storage

Mixing your storage solutions gives you lots of opportunities to change up the display and conceal your less-cute items. Find storage options that fit the space and items you need to be stored away.

Invest in good ambient lighting.

Add classic lighting without worrying about fire with flameless candles. These LED remote-controlled candles are so realistic that practically indistinguishable from traditional burning candles. Stylish lamps, and vintage light bulbs also add some ambiance to your space.

led lighting

Leave your guests with all of the supplies they need, and something a little extra!

Leave items such as an emergency kit, an umbrella, flashlight, and consider adding something local to your area. When you travel, you want to experience that location, and adding this simple touch can go a long way to saying this is the place to stay.

Have a Clean Space!

This should be a no-brainer but so VITAL to having a thriving rental business. There is no better way to make a good impression than by giving each guest a meticulously cleaned for the next guest.

Airbnb Organization Ideas That Will Make Cleaning Up Easy

airbnb cleaning organization

Have a Place for Everything

Make it easy for your Airbnb guests to stay organized while visiting your rental property by having clear expectations of where each item is located. Don’t keep your guests guessing where things are!

Try using some of these fancy labels to make things easy!

Provide Ample Storage Space

Providing ample storage space is a great way for Airbnb hosts to create a good experience for vacation rental or short-term rental guests. In a small space, storage spaces with easy access are a great way for guests to keep their personal items neat & tidy.

By offering additional storage options like a linen closet or custom closet, hosts can give guests a competitive edge and set themselves apart from other Airbnb properties.

Using open shelving or glass doors can also be a good idea for hosts to showcase extra supplies like hand soap and toilet paper.

Use Washable & Durable Materials

Using washable and durable materials is a good thing for Airbnb hosts as it helps to ensure that their vacation rental or short-term rental is always clean and presentable for their guests.

When choosing materials for bedding, towels, and furniture, hosts should consider the available space and opt for materials that are easy to clean and maintain.

Additionally, having extra supplies like hand towels and coffee mugs on hand can be helpful for guests. By investing in durable materials, hosts can create a vibrant and welcoming Airbnb space that stands out to potential guests and keeps them coming back.

Have a Cleaning Checklist

Having a cleaning checklist is a great way for Airbnb hosts to stay organized and ensure that their rental property is always clean and ready for the next guest.

By creating a detailed account of the cleaning tasks that need to be done after each guest leaves, hosts can keep track of their work and ensure that nothing is missed.

Additionally, property managers or new cleaners can use the Airbnb inventory checklist as a guide to ensure that everything is properly cleaned and maintained.

Keeping track of their work through a cleaning checklist can be a good idea for hosts to maintain their Airbnb accounts and keep a physical inventory of their rental business.

Airbnb Organization Ideas That Will Help You Be Prepared For Guests

It may seem difficult to remain on top of things because you’re not only organizing your items but also thinking of your guest’s items and how they will store their belongings. One key benefit of staying organized is that your guest will take notice and reward you in their review.

airbnb organizational

Have House Rules

Include your house rules before a potential guest makes a reservation with your rental property. This will automatically weed out any undesired guests. House rules outline how you want people to act in your Airbnb.

Having well-written and clear expectations makes it not only easier to win disputes with guests but makes potential guests see you care well for your property and hold guests to a standard.

Restock Your Supplies

Ensure that you always keep plenty of supplies to refill toilet paper, paper towels, coffee, tea, linens, or any other personal touches you add to your Airbnb.

Hide the fragile stuff.

Don’t run the risk of having something important to you left behind in your rental property or a decorative item that you’d be upset about if it was broken. Just don’t take the chance and keep these items put away or better yet in storage facilities.

Have a Guest Manual

Make your guests feel at home with a thoughtful guest manual.  You can share day-to-day details, like how to turn on the hot water heater, or where to find an extra blanket.

Having a house binder with important information will go a long way to ensure you have offered your guest all they would ever want at their fingertips and will save you time from answering lots of questions during their stay.

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Use open shelving

Open shelving is not only trendy, but guests will love seeing frequently used items and having easy access to them instead of digging around to find the much-needed coffee mugs early in the morning.

Keep an Airbnb inventory checklist.

Keep track of your Airbnb inventory with a checklist to follow each time you have the cleaning service come in between your guests.

Airbnb Living Room Organization Ideas

airbnb organizational ideas livingroom


Create a great place for your guests to relax by providing a cozy inviting space.

Keep the space clutter-free

A well-organized living room can make guests feel at home. Keep a basket with your remotes with details on how to operate the television if a great way to help your guests during their stay.

Making open shelving organized

Making open shelving look organized takes some planning, but it can be done.

Try grouping similar items together, adding baskets or other decorative tubs, and/or labeling for a simple yet effective organizational space.

Remove family photos and other personal items

Keep personal items and family photos put away, and instead focus on more seasonal or thematic decor.

Using vibrant rugs, and comfy pillows

Using bright, vibrant rugs with comfy pillows is a great way to create a cozy couch that you never want to leave!

Don’t be afraid to use some Empty Wall Space

That said, you don’t have to fill every inch of wall space with hooks, shelves, or cabinets! If you only have a few things to store, don’t sweat it! Just a few well-placed shelves can give you the storage you need without cluttering the room.

Airbnb Kitchen Organization Ideas

airbnb kitchen organization


Put your cookware on display.

Pots, pans, and skillets can take up a lot of precious cabinet space. Who wants to be digging around for pans when they’re trying to cook breakfast?! Make the morning smooth for your guest by having your cookware on display and easily accessible. Your guest will love this!

Appliance Cabinet

If your kitchen is feeling cluttered, consider keeping your appliances stored in one space hidden away. While it’s convenient to have all of your appliances out and accessible, storing them in one space will not only free up countertop space but also hide your appliances if they are an eyesore.

Add Shelving

To create more storage, hanging shelving to hold items such as plates, cups, pots, pots and other cookware, or kitchen items.

airbnb organization


Use Kitchen Rails

If your rental has a kitchen on the smaller side, adding kitchen rails also known as bar racks creates a flexible storage solution that can adapt as your needs change. You can hook anything from utensils, pots, pot lids, and so on.

kitchen rails airbnb organization

Add an Under Sink Organizer

Have a spot for all your cleaning supplies not only for your guest but for your house cleaner who will be resetting your space. Free up the clutter and have all your cleaning supplies nice, tidy, and organized with an under-sink organizer like this one.

under the sink organizer for airbnb

Airbnb Bedroom Organization Ideas

Want your guests to walk into your bedroom and instantly feel like they could crash into a nice comfy bed?

Your bed makes a statement, so we suggest you start there first. Then tackle any clutter you have lying around to make the space more inviting.

organizational airbnb bedroom


Keep extra blankets and linens in the bedroom

If the nights are cold, or there happens to be an accident, you’ll certainly want to provide extra blankets and linens for your guests.

Use under the Bed Storage

Cram those extra linens and blankets in an under-bed organizer if you need the space elsewhere.

Add flowers for a personal touch

Flowers add a small but pleasant detail, adding an element of surprise. Be sure to ask your guest if they or anyone else in their party are allergic to flowers.

Decorate with interesting art, bedding, and other pieces.

If the guests wanted to stay at a boring hotel, they would. So, add some character to your space, and the bedroom is a great place to do this.

Airbnb Bathroom Organization Ideas

Organizing a bathroom in an Airbnb rental is crucial to creating a positive guest experience. A cluttered and disorganized bathroom can be frustrating for guests, while a clean and well-organized bathroom can make them feel welcome and comfortable.

With the right organizational tools and strategies, hosts can create a functional and stylish bathroom that meets the needs of their guests.

Keep Plenty of Clean Towels

Providing extra towels is so important! No one ever wants to not have enough clean bath and hand towels.

Not having enough clean towels can turn a good morning into a frustrating one, eliminate that frustration by providing plenty of clean towels on site.

airbnb bathroom organization

Linen Closet Organized

Keep your towels, and linens in an organized linen closet for easy access for your guests.

Provide Simple Bathroom Items

Small touches like providing quality hand soap, shampoo, conditioner, and bathroom items can go a long way in providing a great guest experience. Keep these items out on the bathroom countertop or on a shelf for easy access.

Fold over the bathroom tissue

It’s a small thing, but it feels fresh and shows you care. Plus makes you look fancy!

Refill Bathroom Items

A full and closed bottle makes the guest feel like the first person to use it. Offering items such as a hair dryer, extra toothpaste, toothbrushes, disposable razors, and cotton swabs. Most guests won’t use these items but for the one that does, it will make their stay.

Airbnb Organization Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

airbnb organizational ideas for outdoors


Grilling Basket

If you have an Airbnb rental with a great outdoor space, your guests are going to want to cook outside. Make it easy for them by providing them with all the supplies they would need such as a grill brush, and grilling tools.

A place for Kids Toys and Games

If your Airbnb rental property markets to families, providing some toys or games in your rental will go a long way to making those parents happy.

Having sports equipment organized like in this rack here will make using these items appealing and help your guest put items back where they found them making your clean-up easier.

outdoor organizational ideas for airbnb


Keeping your Airbnb rental organized is the best way to provide a great guest experience and run a successful rental business. Giving you a competitive edge by providing an organized space with plenty of personal touches to make your guest feel at home. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Airbnb Organization Ideas

The benefit of having an organized Airbnb for your business will alleviate additional stress and worry about keeping up with cleanings, and belongings in each rental property you have.

Will adding a co-host help me keep my Airbnb organized?

Adding a co-host to your Airbnb can be a good idea if you are getting overwhelmed by keeping your space reset in between cleanings or need an extra point of contact when your guests check-in. Only you can determine what your needs and limits are, but adding a co-host can help your rental business grow.

Is a hiring cleaning service absolutely necessary?

Hiring a cleaning service isn’t required to run an Airbnb business, however, you doing the cleaning takes away time you can be spending on your business. Training your cleaners with a checklist including photos of resetting your space will go a long way to reset your space.

Is managing an Airbnb property difficult?

Managing an Airbnb can be a lot of work because you must treat it like a business from the start. Outsource where you can, and communicate clearly with your team, and guests.

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