13+ Attractive Airbnb Decor Ideas To Make Your Listing Stand Out

Want to make your Airbnb stand out to guests? There are a lot of factors like location, home size, amenities, and the decor that you choose. Stylish home decor at your vacation rental is an easy way to impress your guests. Use these Airbnb decor ideas to ensure your guests are happy every time!

In this post, I’m going to share some first hand tricks and tips that I have used when staging my Airbnb with decor that will impress your guests right now! These Airbnb decor ideas will be sure to make your listing stand out.

9+ Simple Stand Out AirBnb Decor Ideas That Guests Will LOVE and get 5 stars every time

1. Accent With Bold Colors

Accenting with bold colors can make your decor something to remember. We may not want to have bright colored pillows in our own home but when you’re on vacation, it’s kind of fun!

Adding a colorful or bright colored area rug is a great way to add color. In my Airbnb beach bungalow, we added a bright blue coastal rug and it really makes the space stand out. Area rugs can be purchased for pretty cheap too!

AirBnb Decor Tricks To Impress Your Guests - Accent With Bold Colors - 9+ Attractive Decor Tricks To Make Your AirBnb Stand Out

Use neutral colored furniture but accent with bright and bold colors. There are so many different color options for pillow covers that you can get almost any color that you want. Bright colors will definitely help make your AirBnb stand out from others.

2. Use Hotel Style White Bedding

Picking bedding for your AirBnb can be tricky. I wrote a whole post on how to choose bedding for your AirBnb – check it out for some more detail on this topic.

9+ Attractive Decor Tricks To Make Your AirBnb Stand Out

3. Add Greenery With Live Plants

When I first started renting my Beach Bungalow, I knew I wanted to add a fresh touch. Incorporating live plants into your decor and design is a perfect way to do this.

9+ Attractive Decor Tricks To Make Your AirBnb Stand Out

Just make sure you get low maintenance houseplants that don’t need much attention. Depending on how your AirBnb cleaning process is setup for your rental, if you’re not there to water the plants for a while, you want them to still stay alive.

4. Use A Customized Sign With Your House Name

Guests love to see personalized touches – it makes them feel like you really care about your space – which is true!

Customized Surfboard Sign With House Name - AirBnb Decor Tricks To Wow Your Guests

I purchased this surfboard sign and hung it above our Welcome table!

Customized Surf Board Sign Above Welcome Table in AirBnb

It’s the perfect addition right when you walk in the home. It welcomes your guest immediately, its cute, and it can be personalized to say your house name – mine is “The Beach Life Bungalow”

5. Add A Cute Luggage Rack

Hotels usually provide a luggage rack in their rooms, so why not include one in your short term vacation rental?

Use Cute Luggage Racks To Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out From The Crowd

With so many hand made decor pieces floating around the internet, you can get a custom luggage rack that fits right into your decor theme and is a piece of decor on its own!

6. Install A Fun Bold Backsplash

A unique backsplash will really grab someones attention. White subway tile is totally boring when you’re on vacation somewhere tropical.

Use a unique pattern or a bright color to make the kitchen in your AirBnb really showcase itself.

7. Use Vintage Pieces

Can we say character?! Vintage pieces add so much character to a space and guests are sure to appreciate this.

9+ Attractive Decor Tricks To Make Your AirBnb Stand Out

Are you decorating your AirBnb on a budget? I wrote all about how to impress your guests while sticking to a budget.

Vintage pieces can be found at garage sales or online marketplaces for a fraction the price of new furniture!

8. Add A Chalkboard Wall

I loveee a good chalkboard wall. I have one in my own kitchen and thought that my Airbnb definitely needed one as well!

A chalkboard wall would be a great addition in almost any room in your Airbnb. At my beach bungalow, we added one above our coffee bar that says “But First, Coffee”. We also leave some chalk and an eraser so that guests can customize it while they’re there.

If you have the time, adding your guests names that are checking in for a personal touch would really stand out!

Add A Chalkboard Wall In Your AirBnb Vacation Rental For A Unique Decor Piece

Find a spot for your coffee bar – it can be in the corner, on the countertops, or using a mobile kitchen island. But first….Coffee!

You can create your own chalkboard wall for less than $15.00 with some special purpose chalkboard paint. Just map out the area you want to paint and go to town.

9. Create A Welcome Table

If your Airbnb is in a vacation destination, a lot of people will be visiting the area for the first time.

A welcome table can include things like…

AirBnb Welcome Table - 9+ Attractive Decor Tricks To Make Your AirBnb Stand Out

Creating a welcome table with local tips and things to do is so important!

Use a console table that you already have and place all your fun welcome items on it!

10. Pick A Theme

Picking a theme helps narrow down what decor items will go with the vibe! In the living room of my Beach Bungalow, I went with a pineapple theme!

There are sooo many fun pineapple decor pieces that I see in store and online and I just couldn’t help myself.

Pick A Theme For Your AirBnb Decor - Tips To Help Your AirBnb Shine

Also, here is the definition of pineapple – how fitting!

Pineapples are also considered an expression of “welcome” throughout the South and symbolizes assets we appreciate in our home – friendship, hospitality and warmth

11. Paint Interior Doors A Fun Color

I painted the outside of these doors a bold blue color and loved it so much that I painted the interior as well!

This was a fun and easy DIY home decor project that really stands out.

9+ Attractive Decor Tricks To Make Your AirBnb Stand Out

Pick a bold color that meshes with your theme of the room. I’ve gotten so many compliments on the bright blue paint color – guests seem to love it! And they will always remember it.

12. Create A Welcome Poster With Local Recommendations

Jamie from The Cabin Host Etsy Shop has created such a fun and unique way to showcase local activities, places to eat or drink, and fun things to do in your area.

Having a landing space when you first enter your home with some sort of welcome table is key. You can hang your welcome poster around this table and also leave a Guest Welcome Basket here.

Welcome Poster With Local Activities - AirBnb Decor Tricks To Wow Your Guests
Welcome Poster With Local Activities - AirBnb Decor Tricks To Wow Your Guests

It’s customized just for you with your color scheme, fonts, and personalized hash tag!

Jamie Says: “Every vacation home rental needs a welcome poster! Perfectly unique and custom made for your rental. It is the perfect way to welcome guests to your rental and get them excited about exploring your city. It’s like having an on-site concierge offering recommendations to your guests! Travelers love tips from locals. Local businesses will thank you too.”

13. Create An Accent Wall

One thing that guests look for when browsing Airbnb listings is something fun and unique. An easy way to get this is with an accent wall! From wallpaper to a simple molding wall, there is room to get creative.

Check out the Airbnb living room space below. They added a fun blue and gray patterned wallpaper to make the back wall stand out.

california airbnb living room with blue accent wallpaper wall
photo source: airbnb listing

14. Add Guest Signage

This may not be a feature on your listing but adding Airbnb guest signs is a bonus! This may include bathroom signs, Wi-fi information, or house rules.

What are your favorite Airbnb decor or design ideas to make your space stand out from the rest??

9+ Attractive Staging Decor Tricks To Make Your AirBnb Stand Out

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